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.NET or PHP Framework??

Posted on: July 28, 2007

I have experience of programming using both these frameworks. I did few projects during my university life using .NET framework. I can remember I did a big project on an ad firm called Asiatic Ltd. When I joined at Alliance creation, I was assigned to garments software which was developed my by Php framework called CakePHP. I thought I would be a .NET programmer. But for my profession I had to learn PHP and code with it for my assigned project. I learned it fast. Doesn’t it mean PHP is easy to learn? Well its easy. Although this language has some weird syntax but still it was fun to learn an open source programming language. I had freedom to create things my own way. Which I didn’t get in .NET framework. Its kinds being in the cage if ur a .NET developer. You will get freedom in PHP for sure. I had some questions in my mind while I was using PHP. Few things u have to code with your hand and it takes a lot of time. But in .NET you don’t have to do that. Simply u have controllers to do that for you. Just drag and drop the options and use it.(i.e dataview, datagrid, CalendarView and so on.. ) In case of .NET programming all you have to know is how to use the stuff that are integrated in the package. Another good thing about .NET is you will get integrated stuff in it. Like you can us C#, VB.net, J# library code in your asp.net. and vice versa. I mean you can get help from other library functions .You can develop stand alone software by .NET on the other hand u cannot develop stand alone software by PHP framework.

Now, after using two types of platform im kinda confused which framework we should use for development!! Well, there are few things I want to discus here. It’s totally up to you which framework u want to use. From my experience, .NET is a kind of easy programming tools which gives you lots of programming friendly environment. It has very strong IDE. It has some controllers and functionalities that give you pleasure to make programming more easy and it saves your lot of times. Let see, what .NET offers you. Interoperability, Common Runtime Engine, Language Independence, Base Class Library, Simplified Deployment, Security

Well, what is the disadvantage of this framework then? First thing you have to have a healthy system so that it runs well in ur system. Because it requires a high configuration to run smoothly. You have to spend money [at least $200] for the .NET package. For distributing .NET application, client needs to install .NET framework and . NET application doesn’t run in all platforms.

Now let’s see what kind of advantage we have in PHP framework. Speed, Stability, Security, Simplicity

Very light programming language. you will always get a way how to solve a critical problem. You have freedom of using your own ideas and ways. Everything is open to you. If you are not a lazy programmer you won’t get bored of coding.

Final question is which framework should we use? From my view if you are working on a web applications then don’t use ASP.NET. You better use any kind of PHP framework (i.e CakePHP or Codeigniter). This frameworks are improving their resources day by day. I have seen some ASP.NET site which are really slow. Recently, I had to work on a site which was mainly a clone site. Owner wanted to move to PHP because that site was developed with ASP.NET and it was really slow. After redeveloped I found site was way faster than before. I can tell u that owner had to spend a lot of money for that ASP.NET site. At the end I have to tell you if you don’t want to storm your brain that much or you don’t want to be an enthusiastic programmer then use .NET. It’s easier and saves time. You will enjoy all drag drop options and features. Your lazy hand won’t become tired. You will get huge community support in 30 minutes 🙂


5 Responses to ".NET or PHP Framework??"

Dear Junal,
It is good to see that you devoted yourself into PHP and Open Souce Programming in general. I believe you might have a little details of how one can get CakePHP and begin learning. Let me share my learning objectives with you. Let’s say I came here to see how simply can I use the help of this discussion group. I know there are many such groups but they are not known to me and may be I expect quicker response from this group. So, if I just got into CakePHP I now would like to know from where should I download, what versions are there and what problems you faced…. those could be helpful in installing (We mostly know readme files are there), what else techologies are useful and where else can we get most helps (some URLs). You may let us know about what processes did you include in your projects completed and give us the site address to get idea of that. Further if one attempts to do something like that and faces problem, can ask you to help. I think if someone else tries to follow your path may face different problems and those we can address. Our surrounding groups of IUB and workplace could learn more from you.
Core idea of Open Source as I realized is about sharing the experiece already experienced and getting it reaching ahead. It takes a good heart to share knowledge and give others easily, what we achieved with hard work.
Keep working hard for self and surrounding. Enjoy!

Thank you Khalid bhai . It’s really honor to see your post here. It will definitely increase my confident level to have an honorable person like you with us. Im glad to see your learning objectives with CakePHP. First, I would like to say don’t worry about any kind of resource or help to learn CakePHP. Don’t worry about immediate response at all. If you cannot get response from a group or forum we are here to help you. We have experts in CakePHP who have been developing web application by Cake. So if you communicate with us personally we can give you the solution inshallah. By the way CakePHP has a huge group who response very professionally for your problems. Here is their email address. cake-php@googlegroups.com but I would like to request you to have a look at the manual first. So that u can get first idea about cake. This is the URL where you can get the manual http://manual.cakephp.org/
This is the download link where u can download the CakePHP package. http://cakephp.org/downloads there is a alpha version available in the CakePHP site. But I recommend you to use stable version. I found its really safer.
Just download the package and paste it in your WAMP www root. Give a name of your project. CakePHP itself is a project. But one thing u can do to avoid unnecessary problems to run Cake. Go to your wamp in the taskbar. Left click on it. Config files->httpd.conf open it. See there is a line called “LoadModule rewrite_module modules/mod_rewrite.so” just put off the “#” from the line and save the file. That’s it! Now you can run your cakePHP project from your local host. We will really appreciate to share our knowledge with you. Certainly you can teach us or advice us about lots of things. Im giving you a site address which was developed by CakePHP http://www.trippert.com/
Now there is another PHP framework called Codeigniter. This is almost similar framework like CakePHP . Few developers prefer to work with Codeigniter. So you can have a look at it before you start http://codeigniter.com/
At the end I would like to say I want to help IUBIANS. If they need any help on PHP or .NET I m here to help them! If you can help me to get involve with them I will be very thankful to you. Any IUBIAN who wants help from me or give me advice will be really appreciated. Thanks again. Keep posting 🙂

Why only IUBIANs? Share your knowledge to all. I know it will be hard for you to help everyone but don’t limit your domain please 🙂

Thx Anupom! Actually what i said about IUBIANs was a reply to this…..
“Our surrounding groups of IUB and workplace could learn more from you.”
I guess now you understand that I didn’t mean it just for IUBIANs. I m willing to share knowledge with everybody. Because this is the best way to learn…

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