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Let’s do it for our country.

Posted on: July 31, 2007

Other day I was coming from office by bus. On the way a ticket checker got in the bus and after checking he found 3 persons were going extra than their ticket distance. He fined them each by 20tk. One person was arguing and saying that he wouldn’t pay extra. Ticket checker didn’t let him go. He had to pay. Passenger did wrong so he was punished. I was sitting besides of that passenger. Was observing who’s gonna win. I was happy that justice won. We really need to practice this thing for our country. Two political parties left us in a grave. I can remember I used to avoid reading newspaper. There were all about AL and BNP who says what and shit like that. They were fighting and we innocent people where just watching them. What else we could do. They were so powerful. People fear those who don’t care justice ,not their power.

Few months back I was really hopeless about our country. Thought it would never be wake up again. I know other Bangladeshis were also frustrated like me. Did we really think that one day these politicians would be caught and send them to the jail?? No we never imagined. We never even tired to think that way because they were that scary. We never had any interest on them still they were so powerful. They used to say people were power but they never allowed or listen to people what they really wanted them to do. We never expect them to change cuz it was impossible for them.

God blessed us! At last he saved us by this present government. These politicians are in jail at last! Yes we are watching it with our own eyes. This system that was developed by narrow minded people can’t be changed by few months or few days. We have seen some changes and most of them are positive. We see these people are getting serious about our Bangladesh and getting their hope back. Now we are not hopeless about our country. But it’s always hard to maintain a good system. First these people should be educated. All people should realize that we have responsibility for our country like we have responsibility for our own family.

I salute this shoulders who saved our country. This government showed we have good people and when they get chance and environment they can work for country. We really have good people in our country like these government people. Im happy to say that I spent few years of my life in village. That’s why I have seen rural and urban people and their life. I can tell you rural people really respect educate people. They quarrel with very silly thing but at the end they live together. They expect these educate people will visit their villages and teach them how to live and how to work for country. I can tell you whatever you tell them to do they will just do it. Don’t you think if we just can show the right path they can work for themselves and for the country? They are about 80% of total population. How can we grow without them? We really have to think about organizing these people. Our country’s progress depends on them.

As a developer, I have this feeling that we can rise. We have those potentialities. We have got talents. Our boys showing that they can play cricket. Our ACM programmers showed we can get the higher place in the rank. We got Dr.Younus who showed we can get Nobel. He showed other country how to follow our ideas. We have hundreds Zafor iqbal and kaykubad in our country. We just have to find them out and give them a place so that they can help our country. Our developers are showing that they can work like Indian programmers and can earn a lot.

After all, we have to be honest in every case of our life. Recently, I worked in a project which was from a UK guy named Paul. He gave a project to a BUET guy, he took $1000 from him n then lost. He never met paul again. I really felt shame to hear that!! It’s not only shame for that guy but also for our country. A foreigner getting wrong idea about Bangladesh. We educate people should be honest in every case of our life. Because nobody expects us to do anything wrong. Neither they want to see anything stupid from us.

This is the right time for us to wake up. Wake up with everything. Let save our country. Let’s forget our all weakness. See all positive things that we have. Let’s start fight with all these. Let’s think positive. Trust me we really can win this poverty; we really can show this world that “we can”. Come up with ur all confident. Let’s just do it for our golden Bangladesh!

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Hey,Junal ,
Nice motivational speech !!!

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