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A great moment with Hasin bhai!

Posted on: August 11, 2007

Well, im proud to say that I got some talent developers like Anupom, Ahsan bhai and Rubel bhai. A good developer doesn’t just show you the right path but he also helps you to meet some great people! Like today (Friday), I met Hasin bhai because of Anupom and Ahsan bhai. I guess I don’t have to introduce who is Hasin bhai. To me he’s the best developer in Bangladesh. That was a great moment when he gave me a big smile with a handshake. Got to say that this guy is really friendly, he doesn’t have any intension to show that he knows a lot. Most importantly, he’s very much inspiring. Especially for those who are willing to work hard and become a good developer.

We had lunch together. By this time we had some good discussions about web development. Well, I asked him what would be the advice for a developer like me. He just answered by saying 2 things…

  • Follow current trend (i.e Web 2.0)
  • Read (i.e forums, articles, blogs)

Nice to get advices from this talent. Really inspiring. This is Hasin bhai who gave me a great moment today …..

4 Responses to "A great moment with Hasin bhai!"

And junal, definitely it was great meeting you that day. You are a very interesting guy!

Thank you bhaiya !

I can understand why Hasin told your name when I ask him for a PHPxPERT. 🙂

Hasin Bhai is just too much friendly . 🙂 And he guides many ppl all over the world as i know 😀

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