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How to speed up your website

Posted on: August 24, 2007

I have Spent a busy week following some different tasks. Had to do some family work and I had an official tour in sylhet. My assigned task was to train some people how to use the software that we sold to them and gather all bugs that are still in the software. Well, that was great experience indeed. By this time my “Google reader” was piled with lots of interesting topics and our damage sub-marine cable cost us 2 days!
Well, this topic that I m going to talk about is really important for those developers who are not aware of these facts that are slowing down our websites. I found this article is really helpful to improve the website speed. Lots of important factors that slow down your website are explained here. I’m picking some important points from the article to give you idea what factors are actually explained. But to get the whole idea and learn from it you must visit here http://www.roscripts.com/How_to_speed_up_your_website-175.html
Some important points from the article:

    • Reduce the number of colors in your graphics
    • Avoid using flash as much as possible
    • Remove the HTML comments from your pages
    • Use caching
    • Combine multiple files into one
    • Do not use images to display text
    • Use CSS to call images used for decoration
    • Use shorthand CSS properties
    • Use relative url’s
    • Remove unnecessary META content
    • Try to have less HTTP Requests
    • Use image maps to combine multiple images into a single image
    • Add an Expires Header
    • Multiple Servers:
    • Put CSS at the Top
    • Move Scripts to the Bottom
    • Avoid CSS Expressions
    • Make JavaScript and CSS External
    • Don’t use regular expressions where you don’t have to
    • Avoid Redirects
    • Remove Duplicate Scripts
    • Use CSS For Faster Pages
    • Use External Scriptsa
    • Avoid Nested Tables
    • Keep Your Code Clean
    • Faster Images? Reduce Their File Size
    • GIF vs JPG vs PNG

That’s it! You may not find any interest to see these points only, I’m sure you will enjoy reading their whole article with examples. So, take your time and read the full article. I am sure it will help you a lot.
Reference: http://www.roscripts.com/How_to_speed_up_your_website-175.html

7 Responses to "How to speed up your website"

Really good topic you could bring for web developers. Some time we become lazy too follow some important issues.
I am influenced by this topic and also want add w3 validation. We should check our site how much validate it. Suppose if you are not using meta for encoding then browser try to auto detect it what is time consume. So we should follow minimum rule which increase the value of the website.

I appreciate you
Rubel 🙂

add another one –
never use php/perl/ruby script to load any binary data. for example loading an thumbnail picture.

Good one..
While you are at it.. take a look at some other ways too:

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Check out the video they have on the page.


Marko Fando

@ rochakchauhan i read your post. very simple but needy. thanks….

Great,but aint one of the good things with webbpages that they should be nice to look at?.

thats another thing Pelle. Things that i mentioned were all about how to speed up your website 🙂
but, i agree with you. Web page should look nice and neat.

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