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“Spider-man suit” will make you real Spider-man??

Posted on: August 31, 2007

Spider-manEvery time I watched Spider-man movie I wished I could become a real Spider-Man! I know like me other people might feel the same way. We always want to fly without wings. We always want what we don’t have. This is the nature of human beings. Our fancy remains in deep freeze as a dream. But some people work on it to bring them in reality. Some of them are get success some of them don’t. So what people are trying their best? Well after all we got technology and science to help us to bring our ideas in reality.

Ok don’t get tired let me go to the main subject! So how about if we can climb the side of a building or hang upside down from a roof? Feeling excited?? Ya personally I’m excited because I believe it’s possible. Natural technology used by Spider and Geckos [what we call ‘Tiktiki in bangla’] could help us to do that. This is what found from recent study. The findings are published in the Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter. Both spiders and geckos possess tiny “hairs” that allow them to stick to surfaces. Some studies suggest that geckos can hold hundreds of times their own body weight. In 2002, US research suggested this adhesion in geckos was due to very weak intermolecular forces. These are produced by billions of hair-like structures of different sizes that are arranged in a hierarchical structure on each gecko foot. The intermolecular “van der Waals” forces arise when unbalanced electrical charges around molecules attract one another. The cumulative attractive force of billions of gecko hairs allows the reptiles to scurry up walls and even hang upside down on polished glass.

Well, now you just got to wait ok? But hey! One thing I can’t rid off my mind what about thief huh ? don’t you think it will make their work easier? well everything has positive and negative side. Now we have to find another way to protect our home from bad people. I hope scientist will also think about it .



5 Responses to "“Spider-man suit” will make you real Spider-man??"

hey man all that what you wrote was really good words for SPIDERMAN fans i think its possible to do all of the movie does……………..what if you and me become heros protecting the city……….write back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

im making a suit of spiderman im a becoming a real life superhero look up real life super heros its real sum of them are wimps but wot to change that

i belive it,

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