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My sweet “Google Reader”.

Posted on: September 11, 2007

Google Reader’s Search Bar Every day I get home at 12am! Main reason of being late is, after office I go to my friend house directly and work there till 11..45pm. But this is not the main story im going to tell you. My friend insisted me to stay with him tonight. We work together. So today we had lots of works to finish. He kept insisting me and I kept rejecting. There was only one reason why I didn’t want to stay that I knew I wouldn’t be able to read my “Google reader” with his fucking slow GPRS connection. You may call me crazy! Well that’s me. I’m addicted to reading. If I don’t read the articles and stuff, I feel I’m missing something.

I can remember, I used to visit my all bookmarked pages. Honestly, I dint have any idea about this kind of reader. Ahsan bhai showed me how to use readers. So I got my sweet Google readers which made my life easier.

If you have passion of reading and habit of visiting sites then Google reader is an excellent friend for you. It’s really fast and user friendly. Very easy to use of course. Its updates all information according to your feeds updates. Recently they added Search bar on the top of the page. I was waiting for this shit for long time. Because I have huge memory problem. I read something and I easily forget where I read it from. So this new feature will certainly help me more.

So again, if you are still not using any readers for reading then please start it from today. You can get it from here I guess you already have a gmail account. Other hand, you just have to sign in the readers and start exploring.

Well, lastly I would like to say one thing that im still missing something in this reader. As im signing in to use my google reader then I should also be able to see my gmail inbox in the reader. I don’t see any option for it. Because if you set your readers as your home page then you don’t want to open another page to log in to your gmail.

8 Responses to "My sweet “Google Reader”."

Personally I don’t like messing up my mails with feeds.

I do the following: I made both my reader and gmail my home pages, by opening them up in different tabs, when the firefox starts. In case if you don’t know how, you goto Tools >> Options >> Main Tab and add all the pages you want as you homepages by adding them to home page, separating each by a ‘|’, e.g. http://ahsanity.wordpress.com|http://mail.google.com

This will open up the two pages in different tabs when you open firefox.

Ahsan bhai, thx for your comment. I didnt know about these multiple homepage things. but again, if i have two different types of homepage its gonna take alot of time. so i guess i will stick with one homepage with all feeds. and when i need to check my emails i can just open another Tab.

I am just wondering have you people heard about iGoogle, the google personalized homepage? You can add these stuffs (gmail, google reader) and much more to your homepage. Check it out (http://www.google.com/ig) and please stop complaining without searching and knowing.

Anupom, thx for your comment. I guess you saw me using iGoogle !! so i just didn’t hear about it i already used it ! you should know there is some different between iGoogle and GR. i wanted email options for google reader not for iGoogle. iGoogle personalized homepage was way slower that GR. specially at loading time.
anways, that was missing features in GR. that wasnt any complain at all, and of course we are not supposed to know everything. thx again for your comment 🙂

Hi Junal,
You have disappointed me.. Yeah, I think you have used iG but that was actually of no use! If you add everything like ‘Today in history’/’Joke of the day’/’Your horoscope’/’Comic of the day’/’Love quotes’ etc. then no wonder the page will load slow. Please remove everything from there and just put gmail and google-reader widgets and I bet it will load much faster.
Actually the problem is not in iG, it is you who missed out the coolest widgets and used the useless ones.. and now you are again complaining about the load time of iG (I think it is the fastest of all in its category).
Anyways I really appreciate your reply, keep up the good work mate. 😉

Anupom, i should call you “shobjanta” ! because you dont only guess anything but also you are 100 % sure about something even if you have no clue about it! things that u mentioned i used, i guess that came as default. not all the things you mentioned though. i think i had history of the day and horoscope. but hey you juss saw all these bullshit didnt you see other stuff related to web technology? i dont mind [nindukere bashi ami shobar cheye bhalo ;)] . i guess you know i have about 18-20 feeds on my GR that i read almost evryday. can you juss imagine what will be the situatioin if i use those feeds in my iG? i will be lost in all widgets. so im using GR according to my need. try to understand that ! thx for your comment buddy 😉

Hi junal,
I am upset again! you got it all wrong. I am not asking you to add all the feeds in iG, if you add like this (like a dumb) then no wonder soon you will get lost in the jungle of widgets.
I have like 100 feeds and having no problem with iG as there is only 2 widgets are there (gmail and reader). Be smart man, just add the reader and gmail widgets!
you know I am becoming a great fan of you as you just called me ‘Sobjanta’. But why ‘ninduk’ man! 😦

Nice to see nice interaction among bloggers and readers..:P

Am i supposed to propose any new topic so that you people can post more? 😀

Well, Junal… Why aren’t you using netvibes (www.netvibes.com) as startup ? 🙂

Now let the show begins…:P

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