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A software company and Employee’s satisfaction!

Posted on: September 16, 2007

Other day, I was talking to my colleague who has been working in marketing department for a year or more in our company.  He looked so disappointed. I knew there was something happened with our boss. This guy is always frustrated not only about his salary but overall work flaw of the company. He was telling me that he would get at least 3 work orders in a month. He has that capability to bring them! He has been working in this sector for long time. So he knows a lot of people where he can get those orders. But he’s not interested to bring more work than one! I was laughing in my head while he was saying all these. I know in a sense its stupidity. Certainly, had curiosity to ask him why he wouldn’t get those work he could. His reply was like this “Look Junal bhai ! I have been working for this company more than a year! What I have got from this company? My salary stills same as I started. I can’t do anything by the payment I get. If he just increase my salary to present salary+5k then I can tell you to  get those extra 3 work orders, I can bet about it! I got few work orders and they couldn’t deliver products on time…what will I say next time when I will ask them for next work order? Who will take this responsibility? On the other hand my boss told me that he would pay me 10% of income of my work order! He sold them all but he didn’t pay me a single coin!! Why would I do that you tell me! ” …. Well by that time I stopped laughing even in my head. I was thinking if I were in my boss position I would certainly consider it! Maybe my feelings and my boss feelings are not same. But one thing I can tell you that employee satisfaction is a great factor in a software company.

This is a field where you work with your brain more than your physical activities. Your thoughts and ideas are company’s asset.  Let say, your sucked with your family problem, you had some problem with your friends/girlfriends and those shit are stocked in your mind I can tell you that you can’t work. You will pretend if your boss is around otherwise nothing will be done. So let’s think about the marketing guy I have mentioned earlier. Do you think he can be an asset for your company? If I can get 3 more work orders buy paying 5k extra then why shouldn’t I do it? I don’t know, maybe our bosses have different ideas.   

I have noticed one thing that your employee must be satisfied and responsible for the company if you want your company to grow and shine from time to time. You don’t work for company you know that. Your developers are those who get the work order done. Your marketing guys are those who bring work orders and roam door to door. You just have to be responsible to gather some smart guys in your company and then you have to know how to motivate them. It’s not all about salary.  Personally, I feel satisfied when I go throw a roles and structures. When I see my boss himself being committed and keeping them not only for me but also for clients. If your own work is flawless then how can u expect me to keep the work flaw in a motion?

 Remember you can follow different tactics to get your work order but you never can cheat on your clients. Because once they find out about your cheating they will never come to you again.  So, honestly comes first not only with your clients but also with your employees.

I guess there are two kinds of employees in a software company. One of them are born smart. You gotta know how to utilize their smartness. Other one is not that smart, but have to be responsible to build them on your way so that they can become an asset for your company. I can remember a guy from my company who’s name is Zakir. He told me how to convince clients! He was like, you can deliver all false to your clients but you have to have that mentality to turn those false into truth. Zakir, I really appreciate you and hope one day you become a best marketing guy!

4 Responses to "A software company and Employee’s satisfaction!"

Thanks Junal bahi for looking at me. I reed your article which is “A software company and Employee’s satisfaction!” You are right. You know I got a client and it is my first client to beginning carrier. The client value is above 3lak’s. At last I want to give you thanks to gave me motivated.

Zakir, Congrates man !! I knew you would do that. wish you all the best for your bright career 🙂

here in our country most of the people are not satisfy with their job and career. most often i found they are blaming their company and staffs.

i found two parties are involved here –
1. the company management
2. the dissatisfied staff

most often, staff got a big stomach, whatever they get it into, it needs more. thats mean they won’t get them satisfied. this stuff will continues forever.

the most company management are just like none sense. they try to draw a line with IT business and garments business. they always mixed it up.

in your case, your colleague is working around 1 year. but he didn’t get any increment.

i got a question –
1. how long has he been dissatisfied ?
— if it is for more than 6 months, i can pretend, he got a bad attitude 🙂 never mind, just my personal thinking.

why an employee should be dissatisfied when he gets what he deserves. what our management tries to do is, they want to keep an employee with low payment. this is what makes our employee dissatisfied. when im giving you more output then what you are paying then certainly a queestion will arise in my mind dont i deserve more? at the time if you pretend with me not to incrtease the salary then it will make me upset surely. this is what i have seen in my case. my colleague is recently being dissatisfied because he thought his boss would increase his salary.

by the way, i guess we see this situiation in software company mostly. because most software company have lack of facilities and other employee support.

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