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Why i love Google too much….

Posted on: October 26, 2007

My Google

I’m a great fan of Google. There is not a single day I don’t read something new about Google. This company is so restless. Certainly they got some talents who are digging all possible area to rich the Web technology. Sometimes I get amazed to see their innovations and ideas. Have to tell you that their each and every idea being admired by the users. If you ask Bill gates who is your biggest headache I don’t think he will say its “Apple”. Now days Microsoft losing the race against Google and Apple! Ok now let me tell you why im a big fan of Google. I will try to give you some ideas about their features/products [and a comparative study on Google Tool bar with Live and Yahoo tool bar] and stuff. Although it really difficult to collect them all but still…. first of all if you want to know how Google works then please visit this page

Now let’s see what Google is offering for web users:

Google with searching, shopping and browsing the web:

Google with emailing, chatting and socializing:

Google with creating, organizing and sharing your stuff:

Get help connecting with customers through Google

Help locating places and getting info on the go:

Google to your site or intranet:

Reference: http://www.google.com/support/?hl=en

Ok now get some ideas whats going on Google Lab

For latest news visit Google official blog

quick and easy way to find any type of information about the world according to Google. Visit here

Now, as I promised earlier that I would compare Google Toolbar with Live and Yahoo toolbar, here you go. Recently I have noticed that Google toolbar got excellent features. I just didn’t want to use because im a fan of Google. I also compared with Live and Yahoo. Here are features of these three, first have a look at Live Toolbar:

>Start a search from anywhere

>Chart a course with Windows Live Local

>Help protect yourself against phishing scams and viruses

>Make web surfing simple with tabbed browsing

>Personalize your web experience

>Stay informed about topics you care about

>Get instant information from every web page with smart menus

Cool eh ? ok now lets have a look at Yahoo !!

>Spyware Protection eliminates dangerous spyware

>Bookmarks keep your favorites at your fingertips

>Personalized buttons get you to your most used sites in 1 click

>Web Search with instant suggestions as you type

>Yahoo! Mail alerts let you know when you’ve got new mail

Now! Come to the Google toolbar!! One thing I have to mention that Google Toolbar doesn’t have any anti-virus software so they don’t have any option for that in their Toolbar. But wait and see. Im sure they gonna come up with such a thing that will beat all other competitors! they already have pop-up blocker!

>Google Pull down Menu

>Bookmark frequently visited pages

>Google Search Box

>New! Search Country:

>Search Site

>Search Images

>Search Groups

>Search Directory

>New! Search Froogle

>Voting buttons


>Page Info Menu

>Pop-up Blocker

>New! AutoFill – One of the cooltest features of Google!

>New! BlogThis!

>Translator – Another coolest feature!!

To get more idea about all these please visit here :

are you not tired yet ??? well im tired!! i know there are many more stuff that i haven’t collected !! if i run behind them now i wont be able to sleep tonight ! have to sleep bye !!!

2 Responses to "Why i love Google too much…."

is google paying you for this? lol. i heart google too!

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