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Thank you Tamanna! This is a great example of humanity!!

Posted on: November 19, 2007

I would like to share this email to you all that I have just got from my cousin Tamanna from Canada. I couldn’t stop myself once I read this forwarded email. She has done something that we [well, at least me] can’t even do it from here. I better paste her email here that she wrote to Mr.Morelli [her teacher]

“Hey Mr. Morelli,

Thanks again for dinner Friday, it was great. And thanks again for all your help for the planning and everything for H4H. It obviously couldn’t be done without the help of you or Mrs. Gambioli.

Anyway, I wanted to talk to you about MAD. I want to join, i know it’ll be great working with you again.

And i wanted to propose something.

First, just want to let you know that my home country is Bangladesh, although i was born here. ANYWAY, i dont know if you have been listening to the news, radio or reading the paper lately, but a HUGE tropical cyclone ripped through Bangladesh this past Thursday. And this cyclone has been “the country’s deadliest cyclone in a decade”, and the death toll has reached approx. 2,300 and it’s been only a couple days since, and thousands are still left homeless.

I was wondering maybe if we can fundraise some money at school through MAD, i dont know if this organization or club works fundraise money for this type of need, but maybe we can try?

I know how generous the school had been for raising money for the Katrina disaster, and maybe we can help overseas as well.

I dont know how it’s gonna be done, how the money is going to be sent, i’ve never done this type of thing before. But i would just like to help, even if it might make the littlest difference in helping my country.

I’ll come and see you sometime tomrrow, and you can let me know if it’ll be possible to do something for this natural disaster.

Thnx sir. See you tomorrow.

p.s. here are some online articles regarding this tragedy —


Well this is what she wrote to MR.Morelli.

in my email she wrote..
“Proposed something, I’ll let you know how it works out..i would really love to help…even if it makes the smallest difference! ”

I already informed her that I’m here in Bangladesh to help her anyway. She really touched me all the way. It’s a great example of humanity. I respect her patriotism. And I like to thanks her from bottom of my heart for this excellent initiative.

Thank you Tamanna !

20 Responses to "Thank you Tamanna! This is a great example of humanity!!"

In my humble opinion the idea is nice. The caretaker government is ruling, so there won’t be any chance of misuse of the donation. Even we can go to the victim area and supply the donations to the mass people. That much we can contribute.

Junal please let me know if you need me in this.

Thank you Omi bhai. Of course i will ask you for any kind of help.

Great!!! great ….Really I appreciate her initiative. This was such a kind of job that you had never ever thinking if you are not patriot. In our country we have lots of ‘Rajakar’ ….we know what were they did ….now…. what are they doing..…and

lastly I just give her a salute.

Assalamu alaikum to all,

It’s really very very good news. We are committed to work for our country and we will must accept our well wisher.

@ jewel : Dear Brother its not the time to see back. This is the time to go ahead.

We should collect something (donation) from our own country man.

Take care all

Allah Hafeez.

Awwwww dats excellent Tanna!!!…

After reading this, I think it will obviously make us to do something for our country.
Thanks omi vai for such a feeling.
Let us start jewel,junal , omi vai,rita and quazi on this “SIDRE” crisis.

@ Milan : i guess its not “SIDRE”…it’s “Sidr”. anyways nice to see this feelings is growing inside of us but we shouldn’t hold it inside. lets this feelings bring out and do something for these people. How about if we all spends some money from our own pocket and visit to disaster areas ?

right now main problem is not money. Government got alot of Aids. main problem is distributing among these affected people. so lets find a way to do that.

I think we, the web blogger’s community can donate our one day salary for the victims. It will be very helpful for them if we can manage some clothes because the winter season has just started and the people of that part are not only homeless they lost everything.

I appreciate you Tamanna and this is from my bottom of heart. I would like to participate here.

This step can save so many life.

Thnx guys for your continued support! I’ll keep you posted through Junal bhai about what we are doing here.
And I totally agree with Rakibul Islam, I think what people really need right now is not just money, but food and clothing. (as winter approaches)
So what we urgently need to be doing, is figuring out a way in which we can provide those necessities, although anything right now will be a great help!
Thnx again. And keep posting if you think of any new ideas, all thoughts are openly welcome.

Such a great idea to help the people, those who really need help. I do appreciate the ideas, keep it up.

Tanna,I also agree with Rakibul islam and you.I also think, this is the first step we should take and possible for us.Let us collect our oneday salary and also the clothes from all.
Junal ,can you manage this in hurry?

Yes, milan things are in progress and i guess soon we will get some news from Tamanna. on the other hand i’m consulting with Rakib bhai and jewel about clothes and stuff. stay alert, we will need your help soon. thank you.

Thise is a realy great ……………………………. I respect her patriotism………………She is realy great mantality humanbing

yeh a reali touching email and a very inspiring one 2, i hav donated money already bt 4 Tanna 2 cum up wiv this idea werby shes onvolving others 2 join is is wonderful. Even tho it may seem like there aint many caring ppl out there these days, its times like this that prove us wrong and show that there are lots of caring and helpful people out there.

MashAllah Tanna, n thanx 4 sharing it with us Junal.

Well, i would like to inform you all that this fund raise process is going on. Tamanna inform me that they asked how they can send money to Bangladesh. Probably they are willing to send money through Canadian Red cross.

This will take time i believe. We wish these affected people get some help as soon as possible.

really good thingg that you’re doing tamanna..but you’re suchhhh a lozzzerrrr..


but keep whatever it is you’re doing upp..

save them livess yo..

Mehdi shutup…I’m doing it for my country yo!…What u doing for it?!?!…

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