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My friends on “why Google? Why not yahoo?”

Posted on: December 19, 2007

Recently, I asked my friends why they use Google for searching instead of yahoo search. There were pretty good responses which I would like to share here.

Rakib says:

“Google is fast because of fewer images in the page and also in the search result page. But yahoo has many ads in their page. And google also looks neat and clean, which is very nice to see but yahoo is ugly”.

Milan says:

“Why i use google.com?I didnt think of it earlier. But i could find out a reason that it is really too good for searching with its effective search result. As well as i have lots useful menu available in the top left corner on google.com.

The most useful feature would be the loading time is less than yahoo.com of various feed from google.com

Shakil says:

i use google search engine for searching. Actually i ve nvr thnking like in tht way why i use google not yahoo for searching. Though now im thnking on it n fnd out some points.

  • i feel google is much faster thn yahoo search engine.
  • google has less advertisement.
  • i feel google is more structured thn yahoo.
  • google introduced some novelty features like google earth, google reader, google checkout.

Finally, simply google is best…. and thts no doubt...”

Tarik says:

Google is simpler.

It may be good or bad from yahoo. (Definitely good but how I don’t know!)

Now a day, I would like to say that everybody use to google search!!! Most of the people don’t know why the use this. Even many people don’t know there are many alternative of google.

You can say I say like an illiterate people. But it’s true. How many people properly know about the different between google and yahoo????????”

Well, thanks buddies. I’m sorry that I couldn’t post all of their comments. I just took all important parts of the opinions which carry the most average things.

From the comments few things are cleared ….

  • Google is neat and clean. [So people like to see simple pages].
  • Google doesn’t have any ad
  • Google is faster
  • And Google brings accurate result.

Okay, I agree with all these comments that my friends commented. But how many of us actually tried yahoo search to compare with Google? Do we know if we use this URL[http://www.search.yahoo.com/] for yahoo search it gives us a very simple page exactly like Google? You can try it now! I just feel yahoo might do something like this ….for their homepage they would use www.yahoohome.com and for search www.yahoosearch.com…i know it sounds funny but it does separate the things that are actually making people confused .

Although, I use Google search for searching but I had some confusing experiment [certainly that wasn’t enough to compare something like google and yahoo] other day with yahoo and google. I was searching with a keyword “Bangladesh” and I found google took 16 sec and yahoo took 12 sec! Hey, can you try it now and see the result! Who is fast? I use google for accurate result. Result that I want. I guess this is where yahoo is failed.

I loved what my friend Tarik said. He’s absolutely right that most of the people don’t know why they like Google or why they don’t try with other search engine. Here I’m not saying I like yahoo or other search options but who knows maybe other search could be better in some cases. So why we shouldn’t have a try? What do you think?

1 Response to "My friends on “why Google? Why not yahoo?”"

I think google is very simple and clean. After the “basic search” the user can create a profile and add other service (mail, calendar, bookmark … etc) in only one site. It’s fantastic because all service it’s simple and clean how google 🙂

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