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My Citycell Zoom and it’s recent service.

Posted on: December 21, 2007

First of all, Eid Mubarak everybody. I’m having a great Eid with my family in sylhet. Especially I love my mom’s delicious food :). I think she’s a great cook. Hm…I guess everybody’s mom is a great cook eh. He he…by the way today im gonna talk about my “Zoom” that I have been using for last 3 months.

From the title you probably guessed that I would say something negative about their service because this is a common scenario in our country. But recently I’m really satisfied with Zoom’s service. I had few complains such as slow speed, their online service. I called their call center and trust me each of this person really heard me what I really wanted them to do. They were really polite. At the end of each call they would be like “sir, are you satisfied with our service?” And I would be like “yes, im okay, but I will be really happy to see some action”. So I kept waiting for some real action.

Few days ago an engineer from Citycell came to my house! He tested the speed with my modem. All he said that my house was in bad location. So, zoom’s speed varies from location to location. So he called someone and asked him to increase the power of my location! Great, that guy did it immediately and I found speed was increased!!

I love citycell’s online service from where I can see my total bill and how much [as I use 500MB package] I have used so far. This is another great service from citycell.Data information from Citycell online sevice

I would like to give a big thanks to citycell for their excellent service.

Thank you citycell!


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Good to know u having great Eid and tasty foods cooked by ur mom.

Thanks for little review on Citycell Customer support/Service.

I’m planning to buy Zoom but i’m little confused whether I should go for Zoom or GP EDGE service. I tried GP EDGE with my Nokia N73 and the average speed is 18 kBps in my area(Elephent Road)

I don’t know ZOOM speed and how stable it is.
Will you please let us know, whats their average speed that you get? Also, From which area you are.

You may like to go @ http://dsl.webkishore.com
and write a full review on Zoom so, other can decide wwisely what they should buy.

** By the way, both this site and the dsl.webkishore site o found by searching in Yahoo!

hey, if you get 18 kBps with ur EDGE then you should keep it. as i said speed varies from location to location. so you better ask someone who’s using ZOOM in ur area. if they get higher speed than ur current one then u can shift. my location is uttara. right now im in sylhet where im getting around 18-20 kBps average.



Thanks for this discussion. I have a plan to buy a Zoom. Recently Citycell offering a new set with zoom enabled. http://citycell.com/cont/cont/newHandSets.jpg
Can you please give me idea. Will this fine for Internet use?

Roobon, I talked to Citycell customer care center to give you all these informations.
First of all, citycell C5320 is for Zoom. i mean you get all functionality they mentioned at the above in ur link image, so if you want to use ZOOM u have to pay 7299 taka for the hand set and 1000 taka for zoom connection. so in total you have to pay 8299 taka. no fixed deposit needed !

now there are few packages available for you to choose. let say you want to use 500 MB package right. for that you have to pay 600 taka+15% vat per month.

for internet use you dont have to pay any other fine. i guess you got all information you needed.

hope it helps you.

I got these information from their website already. I just wanted to know about the performance of their handset. You have experienced with the Zoom modem. You can not give the information about handset. By the by I have another question, when you use less than your slab (500mb) then what happen. The rest of bandwidth goes to next month?

oh, roobon im also using handset as modem. im getting enough speed. and ya if u use less than your limit then it wont be added in your next month limit 😦

Thanks Junal bhai. Nice to meet with you. Thanks for your information.

Junal bro,

How much speed you get in Uttara? Whats the avg speed in Uttara?

Also U live in Uttara sector no?


well, i get around 10kb. but sometimes download speed is awesome …like today i got around 40kb when i was downloading a software.
i live in Uttara sector 05.

BTTB sucks and should be kicked out .submarine cable is not their jomidari .And submarines cables high bandwidth is not their baper property.I think BTTB should be dissolved imediately.Sucker BTTB DIE as soon as possible for keeping the price of bandwidth out of reach for us and keeping bandwidth available for only corporate and enterprises.(I mean good and fast bandwidth).Die BTTB again.i have friends around the world getting 200 kb/s for 15-20 dollars and in that context we are paying so much more more money for what speed we get.Even in india i here people get 256 kb/s.so BTTB wont allow us to get that excess bandwidth they have sitting idle.mot”’fucker BTTB .

Thanks for your nice post.

I have an another query, if i do not use net but it is connected, will my bandwidth going to reduce.

If i want to use 4/5 hours daily and do not download anything without any exceptional and only browsing the pages(Like, newspaper, blogs, mail) , which of the package will suit me?

Thank you.

well, i had same question when i took zoom package. i used to use 4/5 hours daily to browse only[without downloading anything]. so i took 500 mb packet. it was perfect for me. i could use 16mb/day. which was enough for 4/5 hours browsing.

so you can take this package.

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Thanks Junal,
Ur comments were very helpful. I’m thinking of getting the Zoom service for my laptop. Have you used it for a laptop?? Is the speed different for handsets and laptops???

Yes, Mariam i use zoom in my laptop. nah i dont think there is any difference to use it in laptop.

Man! Tell me one thing. Can u have a package to download unlimited amount of data other than 1 gb etc. .1 GB is like nothing. If i download a movie its around 700 mb. So pls inform me if its possible and what are the costs.

Citycell provide at most 3GB for 1500 taka/month. this is what i know. For information you can call to their call center.

Thanks man.But i think i shud go for something else.

Those who is not happy with Citycell Bandwidth limitation can try NationalPhone wireless Internet service.

You have to pay 1200 taka monthly for unlimited download.
* Excluding 15% VAT

And for last 2 months my cousin getting 16 kBps on ‘average’. And he says he never gets download speed lower than 12 kBps. He lives in Maghbazar.
Just to be cleared 16 kBps = 128 kbps & 12 kBps = 96 kbps

So, its fair deal I guess.

For more information contact,
Mr. Kamrul
Cell: 01911341293

Also You can see the package at

Hope it helps.

Hey guys, i think im happy with my GP EDGE unlimited package. It has a connection speed of 115.2Kbps n’ im not sure of the download speed, my average is 6KB/s. I think its because of my Old PC n’ really slow operating system.

But im satisfied, having a low cost of 1150tk(Including vat) the whole connection fee, comparing to other operator. I also dont have to carry any xtra cost for Modem or CDMA phone etc. I have phone connected with PC by bluetooth. But the worst part is the dialing period, u hav to dial everytime u got disconnected. i dont kno if others like ‘zoom’ hav to dial everytime or not.

If any1 can tell me if im experiencing this slow speed bcoz of other reasons…. or If any better operator/Packages are available there Plzz let me kno.

dear ydd
i have purchased citicel zoom in 31 january from there authorized agent but found only 2 kbps average speed.I spend total tk 100 for help from ustomer care but not find it.

spending tk 5000 for usb modem +slow speed is very painful.i physically gone to customer care but they said to go to the dealer.but dealer said the warranty is from cirycell.Now tell me if anyone can where should i go.

This is pathetic Zonaid ! i feel your pain. please keep itching their customer care, i hope you will overcome this pain soon.

Brother junal, now i m using edge service n getting speed 2 – 3 kbps sometimes in bytes in my area lalbagh. Can i get better speed from zoom. Pls let me know. Thanks.

I have noticed that speed varies from location to location. So you better ask somebody from your area who are using ZOOM. currently my ZOOM service in Uttara is fine. thanks ..

Thanks junal.

No one told that,they use NP connection for internet.What about Rankstel?What is the system for NP,Like scratch card,coustomer care etc?dealers are not responding about the product.No marketing.Please clear me what about NP.

My Comment On net speed.

GP- Initially give speed later on slow (3-6 KB/s Maximum)
AKTEL-Really slow.
Warid-Modarate speed (6-7 KB/s)
BL- Bhua.
NP-??????????????( No real information).
Dhaka Phone- Bhua no-2.
Teletalk- Gov. means u can easily understand.
Citycell- Monopolly business,not good for all client.

at 1st everyone shows that they give much better then the others but after sold of there product they seems to be a lier.

hi guys, can anyone tell me weather speed of gpinternet depends on the no. of user in the particular area?

hi guys, can anyone tell me weather the speed of gpinternet depends on the no. of user in the particular area?

I’m using National Phone unlimited internet for last 4 months. At the beginning it was quite good with avaerage download speed 16 KBps(=128kbps). But later i faced a bit slow down of its speed. I still get 16 KBps, but not as stable as it was b4. I was thinking if I can get a better wireless service, but other’s speed is poorer as I saw when I used GP and Warid. Only thing that pained me with NP was dat, I was paying 1380 tk (including 15% vat) but I wasn’t getting 16KBps alwayz like I used to get. But surprisingly in this month I discovered they cut only 920 tk( with vat) in this month!! So finally NP has reduced the price!
So I’ll suggest to take NP becoz I think no other unlimited wireless internet is available which is this cheap at price yet giving a better service. And I heard soem ares get better speed than i do from Mirpur.
Still I want to mention one thing, there customer care ppl r not smart at all and finding the scratch card might b difficult in some areas.

I am new user of zooming but i am confused about it’s billing system one night i worked for two hours and found my bill 83tk. i didnot download anything. will u tell me the proper billing of zoom. if u advise me to contact with coustomer care they gave me provious billing.


@Riday: thanks for nice information!

@Nazrul : Did you use internet before that 2 days ? a little bit weird figure. I’m sure they don’t show any wrong data. and remember they count your MB, doesn’t matter how much time you used.

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Well, Great! NationalPhone reduced their rate this month. Riday is right, They now charge 920/= monthly (Including VAT) for unlimited use.

Their speed varies a bit these days. It used to be 17 KBps constant. But, I’m happy with average 15 KBps(120Kbps) for 900 taka or so..

Thats the best you can get from any wireless internet provider in Dhaka. (Best considering the monthly charge and speed) ..

NationalPhone webpage still not showing the new rate. But you can know more info from the follwoing 2 person..

Mr. Mahmud ( 0191-247-4684 )
Mr. Kamrul ( 0191-134-1293 )

Hope this informations help.

Happy NPing ..

I recently bought Citycell Zoom for wireless internet access. I was wondering how I may get billing information online. Then I noticed online self care in citycell website. But they are asking for Account number. I checked all my receipts and other papers they provided me when I purchased the post-paid zoom package. But I could not find my account number anywhere.

Can anyone please tell me how I can get “Account No.” needed to register for online self care?


No, nothing to register. Just call 121, and ask them for your account number. thats it.

is it possible to connect to the internet on pc using phone with gp edge.pls tell how.

Does anyone have any idea, about the average speed of Rankstel? and how much is their connection cost?

i used ranktels for some time, their speed was around 6-7kb. i used it in Mirpur, mayb its better in other areas

Salam Everyone..
Im staying at shewrapara and Ive been using the GP EDGE service for a year or so…..at first for 3 to 4 months I used to get around 26 to 22 KB/s but as time passin its decreasing exponentially.(I hav EDGE class 32 handset so I guess Im not bottlenecking anything)…..now Im having EDGE speed of around 8 KB/s to 10KB/s download speed….and a snail like browsing speed….I tried contacting 12115….but they are really uncoperative……right now Im pretty much f*cked up with GP..and thinking of other options……

Do they give high speed at first and then low normally or is it because they dont have enough bandwidth.bangladesh really needs another submarine cable!!!!

I got high speed(around 15 KBps ) at first time but now they provide very low speed( around 2KBps).

So guy’s, Can we say NP is better than all others and can be purchase but their hand set is not looks good as RanksTel.

hi guys anybody 0f you who lives in dhanmondi meena bazar area/road no. 7A area who uses National phone Internet service can you confirm me how much speed you are getting?and is the speed stable or constant meaning is speed goes up and down or stay same always?

and is speed on national phone depends on time of the day?if so when you get more and less speed?

please let me know cause i want to buy a national phone connection .But it costs 3000 taka.So i want to know if its any good.I dont want to buy anything that might prove to be a waste of my money.
I already used GP and teletalk but both are bad and in Dhanmondi too many people are using GP EDGE or other mobile internet service so its very slow speed here.

many thanks.

Hi! I am using gp internet about 2-3 month. At First their speed was so slow(about 3-7 Kbps) . But tomorrow I assumed to see the speed is above 20 Kbps. Now I can see internet tv too without any problem! I hope it is permanent. As I need to download a lots of stuff I can’t use zoom. Because my used data of the last month was 7 GB.

Hi I am using citycell zoom and I think their service is ok..by the way can you telll me how can i check my bill online

Call their call center and get your id and pass. and then visit here : http://citycell.com/onlineselfcare
hope it helps. thanks

hey guys
how much speed Nationalphone giving now?
can anyone tell me whether NationalPhone internet is stable?
like does their connection gets disconnected like GP or teletalk’s internet connection ?
And how can i configure nationalphone internet in my Pc?

i am using Xp and teletalk.should i buy nationalPhone or wait for Wimax or 3G internet service?i understand Wimax and 3G service may start from this year in Bangladesh.So is it wiser for me to wait for Wimax or 3G service or buy NationalPhone now?i am fed up with teletalk and Gp’s internet service.
please give me some advices bros..

thanks in advance

hello guys,
i have read all the discussion here. yes i also want a good connection having at least the downloading speed of 25kbps at the constant rate. but can any of you tell me where can i get it?
i have already used dhaka phone, gp, aktel. but none of those could satisfy me. it’s true that about 3/4 months ago in dhaka phone i got 16kbps almost at a constant rate but from 12 pm -2/3pm. then i downloaded some big files of 30 mb within 32-35 minutes. but it was just for 8-9 days and after that i have not got that speed yet.

and now i am using zoom prepaid connection for last one month. it’s not bad at all because almost everyday i got an average speed of 16-18kbps. but yes i am using internet download manager too. as far as i used it the speed was good and still it’s going on well with me. at least i can download my necessary soft from net now. i don’t know what will happen next? i won’t be happy if speed decreases.

i don’t have much idea about other isp but i have heard from one of my cousin that therse’s one isp called ZIP that provides good speed at a constant rate all through the day. but yet it coasts 3000 taka (as far as i know, i haven’t used it) for a connection speed of 128kbps. you can check whether it’s true or not. nothing to say more n at least at present i am happy with zoom prepaid.

good bye

Every body Comment write English.But Ami bangla te likchi. Zoom ki vave use korte hobe ami jani na. Kintu ami use korte chay.Jate kore Amr poribarer shoby amr sathe All time jogajog korte pare.So kao ki amy help korben A bapare?

Amr Email Id

Allah Hafez

I already have an broadband connection which averages around 7KBp/s. They told me that it is a 64/128 connection and I pay @ 900 per month. Would you kindly deign to tell me that whether they are giving the promised bandwidth or not, as I am a perfect novice in this area. With regard to the amount of money I am paying for the connection, would it be better for me to switch to wireless connection? If so, then which telephone network shall be most suitable for me? I prefer unlimited usage. Emailing me a reply can make someone ever grateful to you.

Sadi, i guess its better to stay with broadband. Infect you can change the ISP (truebd could be an option), and BB is always better than wireless connection (IMHO). thanks

Do I pay too much?

I am alauddin. I live in Lalbhag. Last month I bought a national phone connection. I got download speed 16.5kbps sometimes and its down at least 5/6/7 kbps.
My question now at that whose service is better?
National phone/ Rankstel/Dhakaphone/Zoom/Gp/Warid/aktel/teletalk.

absulutely zoom.

hey guyz..
following the discussion for quite some time &i must say it’s very helpful for net users like us.but 1 thing i’ve understood that there is no number 1 connection for everyone,IT VARIES PERSON TO PERSON,PLACE TO PLACE.citycell zoom(havn’t used) may be good but that limited download is just crap.I AM USING NATIONAL PHONE FOR PAST4 MONTHS(khilgaon chowdhurypara)…it gives me constant 15-16 KB/S speed from 3 am to 3/4 pm.then it decreases most of the time & become 1-3 KB/S @ night!!!but last month they gave 15-16KB/S through 24hrs!!!!!!!!!!!!but again they resumed their previous speed as i mentioned first…
i shared my experience with u,now if u can suggest me any better option for my location that will be very very helpful for me & others..thanx

Thanks to all. I read all the comments. after all I want say National Phone is best. ZOOM is good according to speed but it has limitation in using or download. I am using NATIONAL PHONE last 6months but I never get download speed less than 8KB/sec. and avg is 14KB/sex. Total cost for NP is 800 +15% vat=920 per month unlimited use. ZOOM’s speed is better than NP according to speed but cost ???????? 3GB cost is 1500+15%vat =1725. Now u all think which is better NP or ZOOM. Now what abot other like GP, AKTEL …………… all these are VUA ……………………

sorry 14KB/sec

WOW…that’s great!!!where do live ehsan bhai?& do u have any special software or something like that?cause i have 2gb ram so my machine is no problem..i searched for newer version of modem driver but thay don’t have any..do u use any of those net boosting software(as they claim!!).if u please explain how do u install & other specifications for ur net set up…then it will be very very helpful for us…thanx in advance….

by special specification i mean MTU/RWIN VALUES or something like that….

@Sanin and Hasibul Ehsan thanks lot both of you for sharing infos about your experience with national Phone internet..
Please can you tell me is your National Phone Set(i mean phone set) restarts suddenly when you browse or download .
i am asking this because when i use mobile internet my mobile set(nokia) restarts sometimes without any reason .
Does this same thing(set restart without any reason) happen with national Phone Set?

oh i use my mobile set a lot/heavily(for hours continuously) to browse and download files from internet. i guess that can overheat my mobile set and that may cause the restarts of mobile set.
Do you guys experience same problem with national phone set?i mean does their set restarts sometimes when you browse or download?

And finally do national phone set has built-in battery or it runs on Ac electricity(i mean no battery)?

thanks a lot again guys. P

@sanin hey friend i quote you ”

I AM USING NATIONAL PHONE FOR PAST4 MONTHS(khilgaon chowdhurypara)…it gives me constant 15-16 KB/S speed from 3 am to 3/4 pm.then it decreases most of the time & become 1-3 KB/S @ night!!!but last month they gave 15-16KB/S through 24hrs!!!!!!!!!!!!but again they resumed their previous speed as i mentioned first…

in your post you said they resumed their previous speed as i mentioned first…so does that mean you getting 15-16kb in from 3 am to 3 or 4 pm or 24 hours everyday?can you clear he confusion please?

@Habibul Ehsan vhai where you using the national phone internet(which area)?please tell me because i live in dhanmondi 15 no. around meena bazzar.
and i have heard internet service can be fast or slow from area to area.

@sanin and Habibul Ehsan guys i want to know one last thing.
when i use gp or teletalk internet their connection frequently drops and my download get broken and i have to restart the download.

does national phone internet connection also get disconnected frequently when browsing or downloading like grameen/teletalk?

thanks a lot again 🙂

@shamim bhai…
1.my net speed decreases @ the evening..worse @ night say right now it’s 11.05 pm & im downloadin right now @ 2.3KB/S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2.no the set doesn’t restart itself…BUT YES IT CAN GET DISCONNECTED, not frequently..but it does…
3.The set has a built in battery just like mobile set..but i use it through power adapter,cause the charge ends in no time…
4.yes…net speed of same company varies places to places,person to person…due to location of the tower, high rise buildings ..etc etc..my friends who work in all those mobile companies said that they give their best speed to their special/executive users…& even sometime they monitor & control the speed of heavy users like us!!!
5.i have called the help line of national phone thousands time & each time they ask my location & say very politely that they will look into the matter of low speed BUT GUESS WHAT…YA U R RIGHT …NOTHING HAPPENS…!

thanks a lot sanin.:)

thanks to you now i know a lot about national phone internet service.i asked their customer service and they could not provide details like these.

i would advice you to keep using national phone internet.i thinks its the best value net you can get at that price presently.

i am wondering whether this 3G service will be made affordable to general users like us.yes i am talking about the ongoing 3G testing by Ericsson.i know this testing process also includes grameen/aktel/warid.

but who knows.maybe they will only provide 3G service to only corporate users at a high price.

its possible they may provide us with 3G service but whether they will provide this service at a reasonable price or cut throat price i wonder.

Very much glad to hear that…in fact i first came to know about NP@ this awesome place..where we actually get to know those ISP’s..not some corporate ad crap…
i m not too unhappy with NP..it bothers cause i know that they can do much better!!!& i don’t have better option yet…
& about that 3G…dream on bro…cause they actually might get real…we should remember that there was a company name GP who was dedicated @ the service of the poor people like us & charged only 7 tk/min as mobile bill & yet people used that with a happy smile..so bro may be one day services like 3G&HIGH SPEED INTERNET will also be available for people like us….SO DREAM ON

you know this 3g can be bulls***.these mobile companys can not even provide enough bandwidth that can fully utilize EDGE network.

you know that EDGE supports 232 kilobits/sec or so.that means we should at least get 29 kilobytes/sec.

But grameen gives around 2-10 kilobytes/sec.

So how the hell they can give users 384kilobits/sec=48kilobytes/sec.

I am in a dilemma right now.after reading your posts i am willing to shell out 4000 to get national phone Internet.But the dilemma is i don’t know whether National phone is providing same speed(15-16kilobytes) here in dhanmondi.If i was sure they are providing 15-16 kilobytes even from 3 am to 3/4 pm here in dhanmondi, i would surely buy national phone.
But i am a bit worried whether national phone provides same speed that you are getting in khilgaon chowdhurypara.if not then me spending 4000 taka for national Phone would be a total loss for me.
Btw Sanin have you used any USB EDGE/GPRS modem?If so how good are they?i mean do they provide same performance as mobile set does?i know they don’t require charging.that’s a good thing.

If u think so then u can go for NP…or can wait untill i sell it 2 u in cheaper price..haa..haaa..any way i think u will get 15-16KB/s @ daytime surely..& if u r lucky then @night also(as i got it last month)..
i didn’t use any gprs/edge modem…but i think their performance is slightly better cause if we use net through mobile the performance depends upon the quality of the handset which can be a problem for some people…
i think u can do one thing..go to the nearest dealer @ dhanmondi..tell them that u wan to buy NP, so want to talk to somebody who really uses it..They have all those papers of the customers..ask for them & if u r lucky then they might show some of those papers..there r contact no …& u can call one of them to verify the speed .. ..sounds like a lots of trouble but that the best idea i can give u right now…

hehe good idea sanin but i tried it already.thanks though 🙂

@shamim—haa…ha… better luck next time….

@Habibul Ehsan….plz help us bhai about ur net settings plzzzzzzzzz….

Hi.I think gp is better than citycell zoom.If you use citycell you always think about limit.But gp hasn’t any limit besides i don’t know how much speed citycell provides you but by using gp u will get 20-25 KBps .You should browse and download by using mozila firefox.And sometimes when you will get slow speed please reconnect again.You can use tcp optimizer also.

hai people all this connections are fucking. no problem take the broad band connection. then if any problem u can slang the provider. but u cant not make slang like fucking service to GP AK Tel TT Warid or zoom.

Could anyone tell me about Smile BD internet ? I heard they are giving best service with very low cost. Is the speed very good ?


hi, i amm using rankstel. I am not sure what is its bandwith. i am having some time 5kilobyte but in average 2.2 to 2.6 kb/s . IS ANY BODY USING RANKS AND GETING BETER SPEED ANY WHERE IN BANGLADESH? PLZ let me know at


ya i also tried to contact them…but they don’t have connection for my area yet…so u have to call them & ensure ur connection status…Their price rate seems very good but to tell the truth DON’T GO WITH THE ADD..cause the speed u will actually get varies with so many factors…the nearer u live from the main connecting area,the faster u go & vice versa….
that’s REALLY POOR SPEED..how much r u paying???if more than 500 tk then GET RID IT..

as i cried about my national phone speed…they said they r going to set up some new towers or something like that for my area(khilagon),then i will get more speed @ night also..SO I M JUST DREAMING FOR THAT TO HAPPEN…..

i want to know what internet connection is the fastest. i am currently using national phone connection for internet provider, i have used Dhaka phone also but can not get the speed that i am looking for. is citycell zoom internet connection faster then what i am using??? please let me know. i am looking for a fast internet connection.

thanks for sympathy.
now i am going to ***** my local dealer.
i will give them one month time to improve their speed or ‘Allah Hafez’

use good modem and like gprs 32 modem than use any gsm line.
if want to use cdma use citycell.

Dhaka phone speed is equal to National Phone in my lalmatia area.Max 17 Kbps min 5kbps from 3am to 9pm.Other times its too low to use.I currently using Smile Broadband Connection and took the 2mbps package 12hrs connection for 1800tk.24hrs cost 3000tk.The Download minimum speed is 29kbps and at maximum reaches 200 or more kbps.

This September getting 90kbps constant from 6pm to 1am and from 3am it reaches 200 or more kbps.Enjoying Internet after a long time boring use of dhaka phone.I started using Smile from the start of this month.Smile want 2 give internet connection in whole dhaka but isnt fully completed yet.They also have 4mbps connection package didnt use it but its extreme cus better than my 2mbps package for 12 hrs connection 3500tk per month and 24hrs connection at 6000tk month.For 1mbps package 12 hrs 1000tk per month and 24hrs 1800tk per month.Thus dis beats all DP,NP,GP,ZOOM,TEL,WARID,and AKTEL.If u want to anything else email me at

hey Bryan Razor( that’s a cool name!)…help me out bro,cause i m little confused with ur download speed,is it 29kbps(kilobit) or 29KBps(kilobyte)????cause the amount r paying it is supposed to be faster…@ lowest speed how much time does it take to download a 100mb file? i suppose aprrox 1 hour right? & where do u live,i mean using this connection?is it available @ khilgaon chowdhurypara??? man i m using NP & i really need a good speed internet @ good cost..

I think lots of people have wrong information about Gp Edge. They never gave 2-3 KB speed. It was about 1.5 yrs ago when GP used to have such speed. I am using Edge p2 service for more than 2 yrs now. And I think it is the best internet connection of Bangladesh at the moment. Why?
1. Average speed of Gp is around 20 KBps
2. It is quite stable. Although recently it becomes slow after 12 am till -3 am
3. It has no limit for download and browsing
4. You dont need to splash extra money if you have a Edge enabled handset.
5. You can take your connections to anywhere in bangladesh and use there

Also before Gp launched that p4 service Gp used to give a maximum speed of 25+ KBps!! which was only available in rural area. cause i get that speed in my village n when i came back to my sylhet town i again started to get that same around 20 KB speed…

But still people complain about Gp cause its speed vary in places. specially in dhaka where there are lots of customer.

But from my experience I can say that Gp is best.
And i always reommend people to use Gp.

Citycell zoom sucks. Their service sucks. Now the line speed is very slow. They are suckers. Their service is bad. Now, those who are willing to buy their internet service, please do not. They are now bad very bad. Service sucks. Citycell zoom sucks.

Yes, Mehrin apu you are right. One year ago they are good but now their service is very bad. Now they must have to improve their service or they will loose the market though they are looser. When I want to download a file from rapidshare the download speed is only 2 or 3 kb even sometimes 865 bytes (using citycell zoom) but my friend using a smilebd internet service he got 34 kb download speed to download a file from rapidshare using free service.

Citycell zoom sucks. They suck.

Which is the best wireless internet service?????

It entirely depends on what you want to do online when you prefer a provider.

For Browsing Only:
(12-16 KB Avg)
(500 Mb @600 Tk or
0.25 Tk/Min from 12am-10am)
I use Alcatel OT805 (3200Tk set+Connection)

For Chatting(text) with less Browsing:
Any Dial Up Service
(3-6 KB)

For Heavy Downloading:
Any Broadband
(Keep changing ISPs until you get around 20-25 KB download speed with Max 40-60 KB)

For Mail-Checking(only):
Simply use BTCL PREMIUM By your BTCL (TnT) Connection and a Fax modem
(3-5 KB)
Username: bttb
Password: bttb
Access No:0101234
***No Card,No Additional Payment Local call Charge only,Nationwide service
(but Better in Dhaka)

Those Lucky Guys who lives in rural areas and house is nearer to Cell-Operator Towers might use the unlimited wireless of those Mobile Operators will get Extremely Great service
(25-30KB) I recommend using GP if and only if you are in Rural areas where a few people know about Internet.

If you travel too much throughout the country with laptop
I prefer GP/ZOOM

1.Chose the ISPs with less subscribers so you get a good bandwidth.
2.Use atleast 2 ISP (Bro Band/Dial up/Wireless)
if you can affort
3.None can give you the same quality all the time so keep cool

Thanks……. Shahariar vhaia.

Is there any free service for wireless internet? For example,,
dial up has a free service named btcl.


@shahriar…really great suggestions…will be very much helpful for the starters…

as a heavy downloader…still searching for a moderate quality ISP…but my area ( khilgaon chowdhurypara) can’t offer me much… does anyone know about the progress of WIMAX???

Hellllllooooooo I live in mirpur and there is a gp gsm near my home.It’s distance is about 2-3 Meter.So do you know how much speed can I get?

Hellllllooooooo I live in mirpur and there is a gp gsm near my home.It’s distance is about 2-3 Meters.So do you know how much speed can I get?

Hellllllooooooo I live in mirpur and there is a gp gsm near my home.It’s distance is about 2-3 Meters.So do you know how much speed can I get from gp wireless internet ?

beta….it’s a plus point that u live so near…but that’s not all…mainly it is the number of gp net users @ ur area which does matter…the more user…the slower u go…
& the quality of ur handset matters also…& NO ONE CAN TELL U HOW MUCH SPEED U WILL GET…THAT’S UR LUCK…hope that helps…

I am a new net user and use btcl.I have used it for 20-30 days.But now I can’t use it becoz when I dial to the service the service can watch my request but after sometimes I saw that thare is an erorr no 718.Can anybody explain what is going on and what can I do? And the other services example bol,aftab still can access to the network. But btcl has better speed than the others.

the quality of smilebd is poor already????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!& they have only started…!!!!!!! i thought only NATIONAL PHONE was PATHETIC…NATIONAL PHONE is giving me 5-6 KB/S max!!!!!!!!!!!! even @4 a.m..I HAVE HAD ENOUGH…GIVING UP NP RIGHT FROM THIS MONTH…WILL SELL THE SET OR THROW AWAY WHATEVER…..

ha ha ha…………………………………
he he he,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

[…] get opinions from all of you people who are using a Bangladeshi ISP or looking for a better ISP. In my old blog I wrote on Citycell Zoom, and I was amazed to see the responses from people here in Bangladesh. Mainly, it showed that […]

Hello all you nice people. I have moved to my new blog and i have started another discussion on Bangladeshi ISPs, mainly asking people to suggest better ISPs: hope you will also join here http://junalontherun.com/2008/11/12/bangladeshis-isps-suggest-me-which-one-is-better/

Thank you!

I have a national phone internet connection. When I use this phone it shows 230 kbps and utilize 40%. Is this the real spead?
Is citycell zoom better than NP?


hahah-u guys r so slow in speed 😛

i live in Kalabagan n get download speeds like 25-55kb/s

n at night I get around 120-280+ kb/s

& I only pay 1000tk/mon>connection>broadband-10/100Mbps

there is no restriction or something-I download whole movies in DVD format every night>I CONNECTION is awesome

so if any of u guys live in kalabagan jst gimme a call

or better worth call my ISP>01918448080 😀

are there any1 in mirpur11 using gpedge and if,how much
speed u get? pls reply me.
and 1 mor thing,is a modems speed is faster then mobile modeem,i am usinng Histone edge modem and its tel that max384kpbs.

any1 pls help me,

i have used ranksteaktel internet also in the past.


Citycell Zoom’s new tariff plans

[b]Zoom 2GB[/b]

Monthly limit : 2 GB

Monthly limit : 450 Tk only

[b]Zoom 5GB[/b]

Monthly limit : 5 GB

Monthly limit : 700 Tk only


i live in buet hall and using net from smile @ 575tk per month and it is unlimited.
next month i will leave my hall.
so i m thinking about my net.
i m thinking to use citycell zoom 2GB @450+vat.
is it a better decision?

I live in azimpur.

I am suffering very much in net browsing.
I heard about citycell zoom.
I want to use citycell zoom 5GB @700+vat.
But I dont konw much about this.
Can u please give me necessary information about zoom???

Hello Friends!!!
Now a days I’m using CityCell ZOOM (5GB) plan. Its really great. My Average DW speed is 16.3 KB/Sec & Upload Speed is 6.9 KB/Sec.

If anyone want to know details then mail me.

the zoom internet modem is awesome , high spped but the only prob is that it takes away a lot of money

Dear frdz,

hv read all of ur nice posts nd would like to add some thing. i am 4m mirpur-1,using smilebd @ 575/- per month, for the last 3 months, The 1st month it was very good relatively my cousins one of another isp,in baitul aman shemoly. But from the last two month I fall in deep problem as the smile bd is not giving the service as previous. I headr dat bd govt (BTCL) has rooled a case against them and ordered to close their service untill a clear decesion has been taken by the govt regarding the bandwith they will use get permitted to supply toward the users they have.

My id has been changed from smilebd.com to ggnn.com. and the speed has dramatically reduced. some time I get the connection and some time not. it seems like a load shedding.

In this case, the people of mirpur area or all da smile users i think looking for the alternative isp within the cost effective boundary like smile.

My personal Idea is to swiss over in zoom package with 2gb@450/- other wise recent GP modem offer of unlimited package@700/-

In term of service National phone is still good there is no doubt but i clearly noticed that the rate 900/- + is still high and is not that much afordable as most of us internet user are student.

This is not only my request toward the govt to reduce the connection rate, Eliminate the security diposite against the broadband connection and let us use internet hassel free. cant you see how much heartily we all are trying to have a good connection? Shouldnt the induviduals get as much prerority as the corprrate levels get? If not, why? dont you think that per individuals are not that much potential?

any way frdz. wish you all the best and hope that within two months we will have some declaration regarding new constant rate from the govt for all the net users, which will be effordable and high speed ofcourse.

Md. Raihan Tanvir

here is a correction of my previous post dat, Gp current packege is not unlimited but it is restricte ti 3gb for the 1st 3 moths…

what does the monthly limit (i.e. 2Gb or 5GB ) means. is it download amount or upload amount. actually i dont have idea . please if u know let me know this issue. how the limit is calculated.

Well Guyz its seems you are happy about Citycell Zoom service!

The Fact About Citycell Service:

I am using Citycell Zoom for last 3 months. I am currently using Zoom 2 GB Postpaid Now.

After 1 month i have realizing that the zoom internet speed is extremely slow..I have sent several email to customer care..i have also call their call center and explain my problem.

I have also visited Customer Care Point that was near to my house.

I am surprised that when they give the Zoom related advertisement in news paper they claim that they are offering High Speed Internet with affordable rate!!!

They are just doing fraudulent activities and cheating with every Bangladeshi people by spreading those ads in news paper.

They even don’t mention how much internet speed they can able to provide their customer. [Location No Matter]

It will be funny matter if citycell claims that 10 kbps to 50 kbps is the highest internet speed!!!!!!!

According to the international standard, internet speed should be more then 200 kbps. No matter weather you are getting it from cell phone or land phone or cable line or wifi technology.

Now if we look our neighbor country like India and Pakistan they are already getting high speed internet more then 200 kbps from cellphone operator and other companies.

Experience About Customer Care Executive: When i call them frequently and send emails to them about slow internet they said that you have to let us know the month,date,time so we can solve your problem.

But the truth is i already mention it in the email and requested them to check them. 1 of the female Customer Executive is very angry on me because i did not tell her the specific time about the slowing internet.

Now the citycell customer care executives are extremely serious about me either i am paying full bill to them or not rater then solving my problem…

They are now sending me too much sms bill reminder so i can clear all my zoom internet bill dues!!!

They are also giving me the threat by sms if i failed to clear the dues they will disconnect the internet.

I don’t understand why citycell customer care executive acting like a bunch of joker? According To Citycell Terms And Condition the line will never disconnect if the credit remain less then 600!!

Citycells Terms And Condition: If you look carefully the terms and condition of Citycells their are no rights for subscriber!!! Thats means citycell definitely Violate the subscriber right…Their Terms And Condition Is Extremely Strict And Complicated.. They don’t mention anything clearly…

As For Female Customer Care Executive their strategy is convince the the subscribers somehow that they solving their problem desperately!!!!!

Finally i think citycell should change their name and make a new name Cheating Cell!!! Beware From Cheating Cell And their Bunch Of Clown Executives!!!

GOOD Luck!!!

Captain Pricard

Star Ship Federation

leave it allllllllll
get a broad band connection an be relaxex


LOL i used 256 kBps speed my bandwith is 2mb.my line is BRACKNET,ITs very cool,.

I am using Zoom Internet (2GB@450/month)4 last 2 monthes & i’m quite happy with it..i get download speed around 16-18Kbps here in Uttara..dat means i download about 60MB/Hr…where as most of my broadband user friends who use the cheapest @1000 get MAX 12Kbps

as i’ve seen d bill ..ur 2GB is calculated including download+upload+browsing

b o o b s and p u s s i e s and a s s e s and d i c k s

never been f u c k e d by a freak

NOW TELL YOU WHAT ! gRaMEEn Ph0nE IS THE F U C K I N G FREAK.Citycell Zoom is the Best. I download movies songs games porns (from Rapidshare) within my 5 GB limit and its still hard to finish 5 Gb in a month.

Ha Ha Thats Really Funny , Zoom Freak !!!!

All these mobile broadbang (or narrowband) just sucks !

Internet service in BD simply the worst from rest of the world
In UK the download speed is 1MB per sec.
That means a movie of 700MB is down in approx 12-15 min

in uk download speed is not 1mb, virgin provide some conection at high speed but it not exeed 1 mb, I try so many connection 02, AOL, Bulldog, BT (expnesive £50 a month), Orange and Virgin no i am stick with orange £15 for unlimited downlad, Two land phone with 28 counry free call. Download speed is average 500KB,
I try mobile internet from 3g, Orange, o2, Vodaphone. vodaphone is best, with up to 100KB download speed. with nokia n95 modem conected to pc.

junal dude, ur just over positioning citycell zoom .. it’s cdma technology but still it has the half speed of Gp internet. i have been using zoom from 5 months. but my experience is so horrible , i get byte sometime rather than kilobye 😀 . when i call the citycell help they take my complain and then never call me back . 😀 .

the best interent is GP in Bangladesh. i made a great mistake taking zoom internet from citycell and now im suffering a lot.
Don’t use zoom !
It sux really

zoom is not good.this is too bad.no speed of this internet.i m not happy in this internet.sorry.*******this is true*********

jodi speed na barai tahole r use korbo na.1 kb/h r u trust this??plz speed thik moto thaou plz plz plz

odi speed na barai tahole r use korbo na.1 kb/h r u trust this??plz speed thik moto thaou plz plz plz

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Jha-ka na-ka


????????????????????????????? lines and words to be recovered

i want to buy a citycell alkatel handset with zoom.is it work well as well as zoom.

bhai zoom prepaid e net er account kivabe dekhbo?

Bhai keo ki amare janate paren..? Dhaka phone handset (ETS-2258) E ki ami onano CDMA network jemon CITYCELL rankstell etc. use korte parbo R kibhabe…? Janate parle donno hoboo.!!

yes, its possible, if set is unlocked, you can try inserting other operator rim in to your set.

uNLOCK KORBO KIBHABE BHAI; KONO IDEA, OR STEP BY STEP INFORMATION DAWA JAE. rangs tell network off hoe jaber por amer alap package er 2 ta phone pore ase. can I use those for city cell??

Amar Broadband Internet access e bhalo. 256KBps individual at 600/-

how i can activ zoom ultra 6

my rum number 01197367822

bai zoom ar koien na halar zoom lagaiya dehi obosta gumer moto, kokon ze zege utbo sei asay akono aci,

Thik.. Amar o ghum paitese. Can anyone tell me wht iz d best internet package in BD? How abt smile?

CityCell Zoom is FRAUD.

I activated Ultra 8 plan, which is a UNLIMITED plan from 0100 to 0900 and they cut all my balance repeatedly although I didn’t use the service other than that period!

Also, they say it UNLIMITED plan and PREPAID, but they won’t let you connect unless you have SOME balance, and your balance will be empty as a result, even if you don’t use the service other than the specified period.

I’ve an Australian brand Chinese made ‘Neo-Pad’, what I can’t connect with any 3G dongle. The compatible list contains WCDMA: (Huawei E220, E230, E169G, E160X, E1750, E173, W8,) CDMA2000, (Bora9380, AWIT-U8, Rate EC186, ZTE AC2736,) TD CDMA: (TD368). Pls share me any idea as to what can I do to get connected. ‘mahboobnm@gmail.com’

Now i active ultra 8 but network not connect.

সিটিসেল কী 3G তে যাবে না please replay me and ans me

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