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PHP tutorials for beginners

Posted on: December 24, 2007

There are tons of PHP tutorials in the web. But a good tutorial depends on how easily it’s written and of course example is very vital to make a tutorial better. I have just read this tutorial from here, which are actually written for beginners. This tutorial that I’m talking about has three parts. I’m pretty sure if a beginner just read it carefully and practices, it will be really help him/her to understand what PHP and how it actually works. Well, this tutorial will give a good idea about php Framework concept as well.

First part: it starts from the very beginning. It includes database design and describes how to create some basic functions for the application.

Second part: you will see how to create a dynamic menu using php. I did the same thing with CakePHP for my garments ERP project. So, second part will give you some idea about framework concept.

Third part: it says about how to handle multiple items. So you will get a concept of foreach, for and while loop concept.

My requests, if you read these tutorials then please start from the first part. And of course if you run the code in your localhost you will understand it more.

7 Responses to "PHP tutorials for beginners"

Exactly, if the tutorial is good then it is easy to discover the substance. And if it is for newbie then it is urgent.

Really the tutorial is a great one for beginners.Thanks for guidance.

I am going through all the part and coding it by my own hand.I am learning.
Thanks , Junal

the tutorials a great. thanks

it is not use

That link is not working

the tutorials a great for any framework beginners………

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