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Facebook Profile cleanup tool and what I thought today…

Posted on: January 13, 2008

I’m a regular user of Facebook. There is not a day I don’t receive invitations from my friends. And on average I receive at least 10 invitations! So what will be my profile page size if I accept these all invitations? No, I don’t want to lose interest on facebook. If my page takes too much time to load – it won’t help me to visit my profile page every day. Well, I believe in simplicity. So most of the time I ignore my friend’s invitation.

So today, I was telling my friend jewel that facebook should remove application if the application is not being used in 10 days! That means user is not interested to use it – so why should I keep this in the user’s profile to make it clumsier? And most of the Facebook users don’t care how these applications are getting his/her page look clumsy n heavy. So I thought facebook team should take this initiative. Was thinking I might write it in their blog or something….and you know what happened. I just read this news from here

Weird eh?


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