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Rewinding 2007

Posted on: January 13, 2008

I can’t remember a single year of my life that I have learned so much as this year .2007 was the most memorable year of my life. Became graduate, got job and one by one I worked in 2 companies and right now I’m in third software company! So, my story is going to be long. I’m gonna memorize all sweet and sour moment I passed in last year. There are 2 reasons excite me to write it down, first of all it will always encourage me to read it what I did and how I did. Secondly, I feel this might help someone- especially newbie!

So let’s start how I got internship! Because this was my first job…..

Alliance Creation: Alliance Creation was my first software company where I got internship. My friend jewel worked at DataSoft.
I requested him to talk to his project manager.. so that he could help me to get internship there. I had a friend at SouthTech– I told him too. My teacher Dr. Rokonozzaman called somebody at Spectrum – ohh god nobody wanted to take any intern student. I used to visit Bdjobs.com almost 3/4 times in a day. But everybody wanted at least 1 year job experience guy. But how could I have experience without work!?! Well- I know your company will never listen to this. So I was becoming frustrated. Because I really wanted to join a Software farm! Ahsan bhai joined Alliance Creation. If I was a PHP guy he would have called me to join him earlier. But he knew I worked with .NET, I didn’t even know that echo “hello world” will print hello world in PHP. I was that much stupid in PHP 🙂 – all these because I thought I would be a .NET developer. So I never touched PHP..Anyways….

On 14th January, 2007 – ahsan bhai called me! “Junal , come to my office , you gonna give an interview”. I was pretty excited because this was gonna be my first job interview. Well in my head I was like its internship interview – so I wasn’t that scared actually. But I was scared what if they ask me about PHP? Anyways – Mr.Sabur Chowdhury (shumon bhai) called me for interview. I dint know when I entered in the room I felt so confident. He asked me some technical staff and normally I failed on them. But fortune was there. He recruited me for 3 months internship. For this I will always be thankful to shumon bhai. So I started my journey from 15th January. Once I entered in an organization I felt exactly how happy was university life. So hectic and stress life just begun eh. First day – I was assigned to design a webpage. Holy shit! – I never did that but as it was first day I couldn’t say NO. at the end of the day, I mean at 6pm I went to my boss to say “Im going home now ” – because I thought I could leave when its 6pm. So he was like “you are leaving means what ?!- have you finished your work??”. I said ok you come to my computer and see what I have done. He came and saw. He was like “this is so disappointing design- I’m giving u one more day – by tomorrow you finish it or your internship is over here !!”- I was totally fucked up- I was thinking like shit at last im becoming a loser! So next day I mean second day was really challenging. I integrated a css menu on the page, added a banner and fixed all layout problems. At 7pm shumon bhai came and that was the acid test moment for me. I was so scared cuz I didn’t leave the software company job! He had a look and he just left the chair dint say anything. I was so much confused! I couldn’t sleep all night because I didn’t understand whether he was happy or sad. Next day I went to office after a sleepless night. I couldn’t seat on the chair, my boss called me in his room. He was like “junal im really upset with your output– this is not even near to profession!!- tell me what should I do ?”-no word came through my mouth so I was all silent. After a minute he was like “ok- I guess you better leave us and find internship at different place!”- I felt like a loser. But I wanted to say something before I leave. I was like shumon bhai – im totally fine with it. But that wasn’t the right way to judge me! Because I never designed a page. I worked with .NET – so I have some programming concept. Here I’m leaving not as a loser because I know I never can fail on anything!

I was walking from his room. He called me “junal!!”- come here! You gonna continue your internship here! – I felt a great achievement that time! I felt so happy. was assigned to a project directly. This was mainly a Garments project. And I had to do it with CakePHP?!?! Holy! Mission of bugging ahsan bhai started there! “What is Framework? – What is PHP? What is MVC? How to create an array in PHP? Why the hell echo (hello world) shows an error??”- uff I had lots of stupid questions like that. And this guy – ahsan bhai never was bored to teach me. Although he never missed to give me “jhari”- but I knew it was gonna help me. He used to discuss with me whatever he studied last night ! that was actually encouraging.

Time passed and after a month I got hell again. My shumon bhai wasn’t happy with my performance at all. He was getting pissed and this time he called ahsan bhai to inform him that he was gonna fire me! That time was like nightmare. Because I wouldn’t get a job anywhere else at that time. At the same time I decided to do senior project for my internship. So that was extra pressure. I had to meet my internee supervisor at least 2 times in a week. So I became hell busy!

There was a time when I wanted to jump through the window! I wanted to be free from that stress life. .. didn’t want somebody comes to me every day and make me upset with his disgusting face. i used to look at the window and in my head i would be like “why the hell i cant jump from 3rd floor ??” – But I had responsibility to keep. Internship was a headache for me. I didn’t want to leave until I finish 3 months. So I hang over there to see where I lose actually. It would be an agony for rest of my life because I would become a loser. There wasn’t any night I slept more than 4 hours! I promised myself that I would leave Alliance Creation once I have finished the assigned tasks- because then I wouldn’t think I was a loser. So I was waiting for the moment when I could show something at least. I was fighting with each moment- I had good output but my boss was never satisfied… became crazy to complete my tasks anyhow. After 2 and half month I finished first module called “Production”. I was satisfied in my mind cuz I went to a garments factory in Gajipur and installed that module in their pc. Certainly that was a great feelings and experience. I saw real use of my application. After 2 days Shumon bhai called all colleagues and he was telling them how I finished that module. He told everybody to learn from my work! I felt so emotional in my mind. When I finished my 3 months time period, I didn’t want to be late to quite from the job! So I went to my boss and gave him a resignation letter! Thank god he accepted it ! I didn’t have any job at that time. I just wanted to get out from that organization anyhow. I was that much tired – mentally and physically. I never regreted for that.

Ya! Finally I became a free man! But that didn’t last too long man! shumon bhai called me just after 5 days- offered me a good starting salary – and he promised me to leave me free and he would never tell me to do what and how !- I don’t know I went back and joined there ! By that time Ahsan bhai left AC and joined Trippert. I was so shocked because he was my excellent friend and teacher. I became lonely for a while. But I guess im a luckier guy! At that time Rubel bhai joined AC! And I felt he was an excellent PHP professional guy. Most importantly he was so much friendly and never hesitates to teach me about PHP. Trust me he has a good knowledge on PHP. So, i speed up my learning more after getting this good opportunity. I’m very much thankful to him that he taught me a lot of techniques and gave me more confident.

Hasin bhai was like a hero to me always. I used to read his blog. I used to be wondered how he could manage all these stuffs together- writing books, maintaining projects and stuff. I never saw him but I was a big fan of him. When hasin bhai joined Trippert, I always had a wish to meet him because Anupom and ahsan bhai were working there. So I told anupom if he ever could manage to bring him at our house.

One day hasin bhai came to our home! And that day was Friday! I didn’t miss the opportunity to meet him. I wrote a blog on it here

thanks anupom for helping me to meet him. That was inspiring actually- I was inspired to study more- work more hard yay! After 9 months job at Alliance Creation I had to leave and move forward. I don’t want to say what kind of problem I had to face to leave the job. And I guess if you are a developer you know this pain. But I was determined to leave…felt there wasn’t anything to learn from that organization. I know it sounds kinda selfish but I wanted to run plus if i get better opportunity why shouldn’t I leave!

Systech Digital: one person in my career life had a great impact! And that is hasin bhai! Truly he changed my path all the way. I guess he was observing me since he met me and that was mainly inspiration from him. I got his guide and just tried to follow it. I don’t know how to say that im really thankful to him!

October 1st, 2007 – I joined Systech digital as a group leader. They actually assigned me to a big project of MIST which is called “university automation system”. Ya that was a big task definitely. I had two wonderful guys with me. Zakir bhai and rakib bhai – guys, I really had a great time with you two. You guys were wonderful. Systech was way better company than Alliance creation. They have some good developers on Oracle and .NET. I got all support from Systech’s boss – they have passion to grow up and bring all necessary stuff in the company. Well, after joining Systech few things changed for me. First of all I had enough time to sleep. Systech is located in Uttara – so it was plus point for me.

But sleeping time changed when I joined a freelancing company called “Allomatch“. That was actually night job for me. Omi bhai was our group leader and me and rubel bhai were working in the project. This French project was really something different for me. First of all – I learned about freelancing – I mean outer work, because all other time I was working on local project. So this project gave me a great idea about smarty, PHP, and some JS libraries. And I learned how outer people care about every single pixel. Moreover I was happy to work with Rubel bhai again. But must say that it was hectic again like Alliance Creation. Because it wasn’t easy to work 16 hours in a row! And comparing other tasks Systech work was relaxing because our project analysis was going on. So I got enough time to study at day time. Working with Omi bhai was fun. He’s one of the funniest and free minded guys I have ever met. Anyways – time was flying for me. I went to my hometown sylhet for last “Eid-ul-Fitr” break . That evening I was walking in our local school field with my friends. I received a call from an unknown number. From other end person was like “junal- ami hasin bolchi…”. I was wondered- After sometimes he was like “junal- are you interested to join us?“. I guess that was the most surprising question for me in 2007 😀

I was out for a while ! yay ! definitely hasin bhai ! honestly I didn’t think I would be considered for that. So I gave interview to one of technical director of Trippet [thank GOD it wasn’t hasin bhai :D]

so ya, I had to fight again for leaving …i hated what happened that time with systech !!

by the way – you are still reading this post ? thank you so much !

Trippert labs: so ya! Finally I joined Tripper labs from December, 2007. I can’t actually express my feelings about how happy i’m to be a part of this team. I said it many times but still – I’m feeling very lucky to have a part of trippert. It’s simple because – we got most chosen guys from around of Bangladesh. We got highly talented guys in our team. I’m learning some quality stuff. Believe me I didn’t imagine that it would happen to me so early. So im very much thankful to all these wonderful guys. I like another reason that this is the first time I got chance to work with excellent developer anupom. I like the fact that I’m working with the best Hasin bhai and another thing is I got ahsan bhai back 😀

This is the story of my 2007. At the end I must include on my great friend’s name here. A guy who never say “no” to anything and a guy whos always there for you whenever you ask for any kind of help. Yes, im talking about my friend Jewel. He’s such a wonderful person. You won’t know him, until you meet him. So I would like to thank him for his excellent company.

Yay ! this is where my long boring story finished. At the end I gotta say one last thing that I have learnt from my little experience.

“If you want to be a good developer, you don’t have to memorize everything or anything – all you have to know where to search!”


3 Responses to "Rewinding 2007"

Well I wish that 2008 will be an excellent year for you. I wish every success. But remember, we all have to study very hard to survive in this industry.


Thanks hasin bhai, you are absolutely right!

Hey Junal.. nice to heard ur story 🙂 I wish that 2008 9 10 11 12…. will b very succesfull year in ur life.. 🙂 have a nice journey!..


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