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Forward Yahoo mails to Gmail.

Posted on: January 15, 2008

Recently, my friend asked me how I forwarded Yahoo mails to Gmail. He was telling me how he was facing some problem to get Yahoo emails to Gmail. Oh, then I remembered the same problem i faced. Actually, when you try to get other account (i.e. yahoo) emails to Gmail from Gmail account, probably you will see this bellow message:

There was a problem connecting to pop.mail.yahoo.com POP access is limited to Yahoo! Mail Plus subscribers. Please contact Yahoo! Mail’s support team for more information

Uhm – so you need Yahoo mail Plus eh? Crap!

Ok then let’s go to Yahoo mail, let’s see if we can forward emails to our favorite Gmail!

First of all, Yahoo’s new mail service doesn’t support forwarding yet! So what you have to do is, go back to classic version. Then follow this …

Go to here:

Option -> POP Access and Forwarding

Screen shot from my account

: select forwarding, write down your email (i.e. example@gmail.com)where you to forward your email. Just follow the procedure. A link will be send to your Gmail account to activate it. Once you activate it, you are done 🙂 – now you can go back to your previous version of Yahoo!

Hope it helps!


59 Responses to "Forward Yahoo mails to Gmail."

Remove your email address from the post and never post anyone’s email address like that. Bots are out there to send SPAM to your box. 🙂

Good writing.

Forget about it man, he’s an idiot and a clown

what the fuck….?

it has been changed omi bhai 🙂 thanks …

There is 2 things to be noted.
#1: If you used Yahoo Mail Plus Before you won’t have this facility.
#2: You have to be a user of Yahoo UK. Long ago I wrote and article about changing your territory: http://omi.net.bd/?p=161 . You can follow that to make your territory UK and use the facility.

@ Omi, do u have any reference against number # 1 point? if i’m not wrong, that yahoo requires Yahoo! Mail Plus to forward emails from other account or receive emails from other account.

but this is really weird that person who got UK territory (i.e. example@yahoo.co.uk) – can have this option without Yahoo! Mail plus !

that really sucks !

কিন্তু Yahoo! Mail Plus যাদের নেই তারা কি করবে?

Hey….i cant do this ….My yahoo…classic version has all the options given below…..Now tell how i can do that….What the fucking way u described…

* Colors
* Mail
* Address Book
* Calendar
* Notepad
* Account Information

@Mehdi : Those who dont have Mail plus, have to have other domain name than .com …like i had co.uk and thats why i was able to do that. I hope you get the point now ?

@milan : i guess you should read the whole post carefully 🙂

his message clearly says that you can do this from yahoo CLASSIC, not PLUS, in fact he says you HAVE to do it from the classic. Like Milan above wrote, there is no “Options – POP access and forwarding” in the yahoo classic. It has nothing to do with reading the whole post carefully, the option does not exist. Even if you follow the sub-options, there is no POP access or FORWARDING. any help????

You’re wrong bro, as of May 12th 2010, Yahoo requires that users have Yahoo! Mail Plus in order to forward emails.
Click on Options then Mail Options, there is a POP & Forwarding option, it just refers you to Mail Plus.

@tcoff : you got it wrong. i also use classic version but one thing has to be cleared that my email ends with co.uk. and that is why i get this option – so if u want to get this facilities then u have to move to .com->co.uk. hope its clear now.


thanks.I was looking for this 🙂

@ Junal: Is there a way to transfer (forward) your emails from an existing American or “.com” Yahoo account to a “.co.uk” account???

Once a Yahoo address has been created, it cannot be changed. If you want a different address, you have to sign up for a new one (by going to the usual sign-in page and clicking the Sign Up link) or by creating an extra address within your existing Yahoo account. If you use the New Yahoo Mail (formerly known as Beta), go to Options > Mail Options > Accounts > Add or edit account, and look at the bottom of the page for Extra Addresses. If you are still using the old Classic Y.Mail, go to Options > Mail Addresses and look at the bottom of the page for Extra Addresses. thanks

I get that junal, but u didn’t say if there’s a way one can forward emails from a yahoo.com account to a yahoo.co.uk account

Thank you. Onme question. does yahoo retain it’s copy?

@Abel: nope 🙂

uhh…. once you have the uk yahoo address you also get pop access not only forwarding.
since the email is better organized if you import it into gmail by using pop i set it up that way.
make sure to enable pop in your yahoo account, note that the port is 995 and the login is the full email address

really there must be better laws in the uk regarding email, i dont see any other reason for the difference.

how do you get yahoo uk?

Go to the website and click sign up. Lol that’s like common knowledge.

Delete this post NOW and rewrite it correctly. People shouldn’t have to go halfway through your comments to figure out what to do.
-some guy who doesn’t know jack about stuff.

funny side note…

I had to come back to this post on four separate occasions, all being very helpful.

I am currently suffering from foot-in-mouth disease.

the above answer is not perfect. when forwarding to gmail, the mail doesn’t remain in yahoo. the mail should be in yahoo and as well as foeward to gmail.

First thing.. Gmail is awesome. Second thing.. you’re an idiot. Third .. your post is crappy.

Now tell me why the *beep* would i use yahoo.co.uk when i have yahoo.com and if you you think that this is helpful to all the yahoo users then i guess you’re just another clown. Instead you could mention that this post is for yahoo users from UK who could forward mails from yahoo to Gmail.

Get a life loser …

Hey be nice.

Except for USA, yahoo give users: free forwarding and POP. In the USA you must pay for the premium service to get these services.

how about for yahoo.de

Thanks so much for this.
Certain mailing lists make you go through yahoo, and I wanted it on my pop client, so this works great for me.

Yeah, this doesn’t work… I live in Oregon and when I go to POP and Forwarding, it says I must upgrade.

i cannot forward my yahoo mail to gmail account ,because there is no option of pop Access & Forwarding …….. pls provide some other option .

i think the yahoo have change it,do not allow this anymore…

Thanks…its very helpful.


Yahoo did not change the option. If you are in Yahoo classic your can not view that option. So go to the All New Mail with Mail Plus Option

Yahoo doesn’t allow this, so I’m leaving yahoo. F-them, oh, and I’m not dead, I was only sleeping,
Bob Ross

So Yahoo wants money, and dont respect her oldfriends so I give them a ****. And go use Gmail!

tried that, still says i need y plus 😦

Yea yahoo is not repsecting to old friends,for the basic forward i’ve to switch to yahoo plus and pay MONEY!….so I am sending yahoo to the shit and switching to Gmail without forward 😀



I wanted to forward the mails that I’m still getting from an old Yahoo account to a new Yahoo account. I don’t want to pay for Mail Plus.

This is what I did:

I have a Gmail account, so from the Gmail settings under “import from another email address” I filled the old Yahoo account and pass to import all my mails and contacts and the mail that I will be receiving in the future. After that I went to “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” tab and under “Add a forwarding address ” I filled my new yahoo email account.

So I made Gmail my forwarding online client: P because I don’t like installing third party software (like ypops) that runs in my startup 😀

[…] های وبلاگ1 Forward Yahoo mails to Gmail. Can I forward my yahoo mail to gmail without buying mail plus for POP? – Yahoo! Answers […]

All you need to do is log into Gmail, then click on “Settings” in the top right corner. Click the “Accounts” tab. Now under the “Get mail from other accounts”, click “Add a mail account you own”. It will bring up a box. Type in your email address, “Next Step”, fill in your password and make sure the port is right.

Simple way is , only if you want to have forwarding, go to your account profile and change the country of residence to any other country than USA, and save the settings and come back and see the pop and forwarding option working. It works for me.

hi james.you know that thing about being a moshi member for free.my did’nt work.can you replay to me on edel3@live.ie.thanks.

How do you change back to Classic Mode?

y.v.chenna reddy,permanentadress-etur(village),khazipeta(mandalam),kadapa(district),present adress-chilukur balaji institue of technology+ECE-B SECOND YEAR,near appa junction,hyderabad.cel 9948070590

Just disable java script to switch to classic
to have pop and forwarding, go to account settings and change locale/region to English United Kingdom

Hi Junal, thx for your hard work, switching to classic worked for me…

This worked for me. Thanks.

I am sorry. I am not an English native Speaker but I have the same problem that I have been using Yahoo Classic Version for 7 years. I would like to know if I could do/set up the forward email from my version to another account? If yes, please tell me how to do easily explain, please. Thank you.

This did not work for me. I tried changing all my settings to UK, then Germany. I switched to Classic. When logged in to Classic with JavaScript disabled, it told me that Mail Options was not available on browsers without JavaScript. I re-enabled JavaScript, but stayed with Yahoo Classic. The Mail Options screen there told me I needed Yahoo Plus if I wanted forwarding or POP access, the same as it does in the “new” Yahoo Mail interface.

Hi! I could have sworn I’ve visited this blog before but after browsing through a few of the articles I realized it’s new to
me. Nonetheless, I’m certainly happy I stumbled upon it and I’ll be bookmarking it and checking back frequently!

I’ve not had any luck with any of the suggestions as Yahoo keeps referring me to upgrade to plus. There is no way I’m paying those buggers money to LEAVE them. … I did read through all of the posts and I found this thread to be more informative than anything I’ve come across regarding this issue. Thanks for sharing!

Oh my goodness! Incredible article dude! Thanks, However I am going through issues with your RSS.
I don’t understand why I cannot join it. Is there anyone else
having similar RSS problems? Anyone that knows the solution will
you kindly respond? Thanks!!

Hi Junal….

This article is of no help anymore…. The solution to activate yahoo mail forwarding is outdated.

Apps download problem

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