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Windows Live Hotmail fucked up with Bangladesh “time zone” !

Posted on: January 19, 2008

I had this argument with my friend that he didn’t send me email when he supposed to! And he would keep saying that he sent me but I didn’t reply on right time? I went to my live email box to have a look at receiving time and then I would take screenshot to make him understand – “see this is when you send me email! ”

Time zone option

He was like hell NO! I sent email at 2.10PM and how come you received it on 7.10PM??? That was really weird – I thought I chose different time zone so I went to change it (option – view edit your personal information – edit register profile). HUH? Time zone is ok! I selected Bangladesh time zone then what the fuck is wrong with it!? Then I emailed my friend Tapos to check if he gets the right receiving time! Holy! He has the same problem.

I guess if you are a Bangladeshi Windows Live user, you are facing same problem. To solve it you have one more option right now! You can select GMT time; it shows you the right time! So when you receive any email you can add +6 hours with your receiving time.

I have emailed to windows live team. Let see what they say. I will inform you all.


10 Responses to "Windows Live Hotmail fucked up with Bangladesh “time zone” !"

Did you noticed the spelling of “Dhaka” isn’t it funny too. you can also send a mail to windows live team 🙂

I sent 20 emails to the windows live team with no response what so ever. Hot MAil sucks major ass!!

Update : Mr. Ryan from Live technical support emailed me today and he told me to change my Time zone and get back in the BD time zone again. i did what he asked – but its still same. he told me if its still dint work then i should email him the Header Info of the receiving email. this is what i did , so lets see what comes next from him ….

Update : Well – at last Windows live team realized that BD timestamps is wrong! today they emailed me to confirm that, they are working on the issue to solve it as soon as possible. i also suggested them to correct our Capital city name.

hope, soon they solve this issue!

They never fix anything until you can convince them. I’m working with them from a long time and I know how painful is that. Try searching উইকিপিডিয়া and উইকিপিডিয়া on live.com and see the results are not same. I cannot say here why, but they are not fixing it, but Google says it will take a couple of month to fix that. 🙂

No company is going to do a fix for anything unless you convince them.

Thanks for the advice because I’ve had the same problem here in Britain and I couldn’t think how to sort it out. Thanks! And hope it all works out for you

Same problem i am facing. I send couple of mails to Hotmail team and no response found from them.

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