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A sample Facebook application with CodeIgniter.

Posted on: January 20, 2008

I was searching a Facebook application example with CodeIgniter today. There weren’t many tutorials on it so decided to give a try for FB application with CI. So let’s see what and how I did it.

I’m assuming you know how to setup a FB application. If you don’t then please visit here, this is a great step-by-step process to start a FB application.

Well, if you are done setting up the process according to the instruction, you supposed to have few things in your hand: an API key, Secret key, Callback URL and base URL.

Now you need to Download the latest version of CodeIgniter and unzip the folder in your Base URL location. Set base URL from application/config/config.php

Example : $config[‘base_url’] = “http://apps.facebook.com/your-app-name/”;

Ok, now set your default controller from here: application/config/routes.php

Default controller is “welcome” – for sample application I didn’t change it. I just worked on default controller. You can change it according to your needs. If you want to use different controller keeping default controller as it is then add that controller name to your Callback URL.

Now let’s download the Facebook client library from here:

Once you have this package in your hand place them in your application/plugins (if there is not folder named plugins then create it) folder. Note that, you can also add the library in the library folder.There are only three files of FB client library- place them in your plugins folder. But don’t forget to rename your facebook.php to facebook_pi.php

Yay ! We are done all initial setting stuffs. Now need to see some actions!

Open you default controller (in my case “Welcome” controller).

First of all we need to create a __Contrust class so that it gets initiated for the first time application user.

So our construct class will be look like this:

  class Welcome extends Controller {
  var $facebook;
  //API and secret key that you got from your application setup.
  var $__fbApiKey = 'YourKey';
  var $__fbSecret = 'YourSecretKey';

function __construct()
  //load the client library that we added as plugin in plugins folder.
  // Prevent the 'Undefined index: facebook_config' notice from being thrown.
  $GLOBALS['facebook_config']['debug'] = NULL;
  // Create a Facebook client API object.
  $this->facebook = new Facebook($this->__fbApiKey, $this->__fbSecret);
  $user = $this->facebook->require_login();
	function Welcome() {
	// You should place your Controller's methods below.
function index()
   // Retrieve the user's friends and pass them to the view.
   $friends = $this->facebook->api_client->friends_get();
   $this->load->view('welcome_message' , array("friends"=>$friends));

So we have called Facebook API key and secret key and then we loaded the client library that we added as plugin in plugins folder. At the end we checked if the user is logged in or not. Well, you can avoid it by defining a Session key. But I found it was easier to avoid Session key problem with the application by allowing users logged in first.

We supposed to get connected with FB API by this time. So let’s play with FB API now. Create a function called index () and lets retrieve logged in user’s all friends from it.

So it should look like this

function index()
   // Retrieve the user's friends and pass them to the view.
   $friends = $this->facebook->api_client->friends_get();
   $this->load->view('welcome_message' , array("friends" , $friends));

So we got our friends list in “friends” array. Let’s go to “welcome_message” view in view folder to retrieve and show all friends that the array is containing. My view looks like this bellow.

<h3>Welcome to Sample Facebook application with CodeIgniter!</h3>
<div class="container">
< ?php
foreach ($friends as $id)
<div class='img'>
	<fb :profile-pic uid='<?=$id?>' firstnameonly = 'true' linked='true' size='square'/>
<div class='name'>
		<fb :name uid='<?=$id?>' firstnameonly = 'true' capitalize='true'  useyou = 'false'/>
< ?php

Two facebook tags are added here. One is for Profile picture of my friends and second tag is to show my friends name. I have also added three more CSS class to show it a little bit better.
Examples Output

They are:

 .img {
  float: left;
  padding : 10px 0px 0px 10px;
  overflow: visible;

.name {
  padding-top: 0px;
  text-align: center;


You can add this at the top of your view page in the <style> tag.

Now let’s go to the FB canvas and see what is my page is showing. From the above example my canvas page shows the output like this:

Okay, if you want to add database, you just need to configure your application/config/databse.php file. Rest of the things are same.

Ahh ! It’s cool. I guess if I use any FW for FB application first I will check the volume of the application. I think there is no meaning to use FW for a small FB application.

Update: This post is updated on 2nd Apr 2010. Thanks @gevork for updating the code.


151 Responses to "A sample Facebook application with CodeIgniter."

I was looking to try your code. And I’m running into problems setting up the welcome controller. Would it be possible for you to email exactly the code for that whole file? That would be great. Thank you. This is a great start.

you better tell us what problem you are facing.it will helpful for everybody. thanks. welcome controller is default don’t forget that…

hello can you send me the full code as well ..thanks in advance

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Your link for noobs on top is dead (tucows link )

[…] A sample Facebook application with CodeIgniter. (tags: codeigniter facebook development fbapp application php) […]

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[…] A sample Facebook application with CodeIgniter. « Junal on the run. Posted in General | […]

Great tut, really useful, thanks.

What’s up with the quotes? I had to convert them from curly to normal..


nice collection of technology …..

It would be great if you upload the whole code for the classes you mention. There are some inconsistencies in your post -probably you assumed that everybody is a PHP Expert 🙂

@Alberto: I already sent a mail to you 🙂

@Everybody: if you need full code please send me a mail ..


can i have the code plz?

the facebook code is not available pls can u send it to me with any neccessary code to keep it running my email is ojosconik@yahoo.com

I’ve tried to write the code from your explain… but I have a lot of trouble…
can you send me the full code please?


Hi junal,

Can you send me full code. Please send. Here is my email id:

plz send me the ful code.

I just added a post in my blog with detailed instruction set of how to include Facebook PHP client library into CodeIgniter 1.6.3 -clean and easy without hacking CodeIgniter 🙂

Thanks to Junal Rahman for all his support!


junal i want learn php from you. tumi ki amake shikhaba.


Can i have a copy of the codes including the facebook client library, Thanks!

I used all the code carefully but at last it is giving “Page Not Found Error”. I used the default Controller(welcome).

Please send me the full code on my email.
Waiting for your Reply



Hi….Can i have a copy of the codes including the facebook client library aswell, Thanks!

i have followed ur instruction but got following error when i access my canvas page:

“The URI you submitted has disallowed characters.”

i hav set call back URL as: (this is the test local server where i have put all my CI code)..


if ur having problems running this code: as in having errors like this :unknown tag ‘fb’, remove the space before the “:” to change it form this ===<fb :profile-pic== to this ===<fb:profile-pic===.

that should fix the problem. took me like 2hrs to figure!

nice article it helped me get up with my first facebook app, and I think I will wrap it in about three hours

This line was failing with unknown plugin method.

Per this page, I updated the code to the line below and everything worked. Thanks for this post!

Great idea! Thank you.

Two points are needed to modify in welcome.php file:

1/ As John mentioned:


2/ Array bug:

$this->load->view(‘welcome_message’ , array(“friends” , $friends));

$this->load->view(‘welcome_message’ , array(“friends”=>$friends));

Good luck!

I’m running into problems setting up the welcome controller
Would it be possible for you to email exactly the code for that whole file?
that would be great,thanks

Hye everybody,

when executing $this->load->plugin(’facebook’); a weird error is displayed :

Errors while loading page from application
Parse errors:

FBML Error (line 28): illegal tag “body” under “fb:canvas”

i placed the facebook client library in application/plugins.

help pliz

thank you


i solved the problem by adding _pi in the file name facebook.php as described above.

May google be with you.

It’s endless redirection. Redirect between my site and facebook. Here is my url: http://shopno-dinga.com/bdtourism/

any idea?

i am a foolish one the url should be http://apps.facebook.com/bdtourism/
ha ha ha. anyway, it’s solved.

can you comment on the resolution of the loop issue, please?

[…] Para aquellos que quieran realizar aplicaciones en Facebook usando CodeIgniter le puede venir bien estas dos guías y dos librerías. Tanto las guías hablan de lo mismo, y las librerías son para Facebook-Connect (pero en una de ellas la explican paso a paso). A sample Facebook application with CodeIgniter. […]


i am facing this error

A PHP Error was encountered

Severity: Notice

Message: Undefined index: REQUEST_URI

Filename: plugins/facebook_pi.php

Line Number: 298

Nice example simple yet informative.

Bugs can be resolved by reading the CI documentation, on how to include plugins and correct syntax when calling the “view” part.

nice one… thanks!

[…] Junal on the Run – A sample Facebook application with CodeIgniter. […]

[…] A sample Facebook application with CodeIgniter. […]

can anyone help ? I encounter a problem as below …

An Error Was Encountered

The URI you submitted has disallowed characters.

Can you send correctly code to me?


Everything seems to work fine but I am getting the following error on facebook

An Error Was Encountered

The URI you submitted has disallowed characters.

[…] A sample Facebook application with CodeIgniter. « Junal on the run – […]

I tried your steps but ended up with a facebook screen saying

“The URI you submitted has disallowed characters.”

what to do with that, boss? can you suggest something??

i follow step by step but something is wrong i think with the Canvas URL i am getting a infinite refresh auth_token GET onn the uri, when i enter to my app? ideas?

hello everybody!!!
i develop a facebook application with ci but i have a problem, when i send an invitation to a friend. my friend receive the invitation but when he clicks to access to my application, he must authorize the application and he arrives on a blank page!!!
i checked my facebook parameters and it seemed good.
Did anyone have the same problem?
please help me, it’s the last step of my application developpment.

my application url http://apps.facebook.com/shi-fu-mi/

Hi, have you solved your problem yet? We are experiencing a very similar problem but not all people is seeing the blank page, only some.

This tutorial is too old to be useful and misses some important information, such as allowing GET parameters to be passed from the facebook frame.

Too old. where I can updated one?

This Tutorial is very good, best for beginner. thnk.

Hi junal

Can you please send me the full code , i tried to integrate this, but seems many problems in plugin loading .. can you please help me to solve this issue , i m new in code ignitor



What exactly is a __Contrust class? Did you mean a __constructor method? :-p

A good article otherwise.

The construct is asking the CodeIngniter library to construct that window with the following params.


is telling it to consruct the window in the parent ie the current window.

$this->facebook = new facebook($this =>_fbApiKey, $this=>_fbSecret);

is pulling the keys from the top of the code listed under the variables VAR strings… where it uses your “login keys”

$user = $this->facebook->require_login();

is logging the application into facebook.

Sad to say none of this was written by him it was chopped and pieced from many different scripts

opps the fist line i added lang… it should be


Ok But WHERERE to put the CONSTRUCT part? In which file? Which line? Should we put it in welcome.php? between which parts of code?

Or give full view of welcome.php controller to understand. This construct stuff is headache….

And second thing. When you make settings for app. Do u user Iframe of FBML?




class Welcome extends Controller {

  var $facebook;
  //API and secret key that you got from your application setup.
  var $__fbApiKey = 'YourKey';
  var $__fbSecret = 'YourSecretKey';

function __construct()
  //load the client library that we added as plugin in plugins folder.
  // Prevent the 'Undefined index: facebook_config' notice from being thrown.
  $GLOBALS['facebook_config']['debug'] = NULL;
  // Create a Facebook client API object.
  $this->facebook = new Facebook($this->__fbApiKey, $this->__fbSecret);
  $user = $this->facebook->require_login();

	function Welcome() {



	// You should place your Controller's methods below.

function index()
   // Retrieve the user's friends and pass them to the view.
   $friends = $this->facebook->api_client->friends_get();
   $this->load->view('welcome_message' , array("friends"=>$friends));

Cool 😀 , i was looking for these .

Great info there! Now all I have to do is stop being lazy and actually make one!

I am realy impressed but I am in novice stage in php please send me full source code to study.

Hi ,
I create one application according to your steps but I have got error Message: Missing argument 1 for Facebook::__construct(),

[…] A sample Facebook application with CodeIgniter. […]

Really cool, great tutorial (you should update the post though to include gevork’s corrections as otherwise it doesn’t work properly)

Could you please email me your full php code? Thank you very much!

[…] Una semplice applicazione Facebook con CodeIgniter […]

Great tut, really useful, thanks.

Please email me the full code with facebook api.

I m facing a lot of errors…

wow, it is amazing how many noobs here asking for the complete code. If you can’t get started with this tutorial then maybe you need to read the docs at php.net and the docs at CodeIgniter.

This tutorial is obviously way over your head and you need to start of with maybe a Hello World App.

This article is very nice.i tried to integrate this

$user = $this->facebook->require_login();

but when i print the $user is is returning NULL. If Possible can you send the full code to my emailId.

Thanks in Advance.

hi I have tried your code but I get this error from CI “The URI you submitted has disallowed characters.” Can I have a copy of the complete code of the sample app?thanks.


i meet this error and the solution is in your config.php. you must put $config[‘uri_protocol’]= “ORIG_PATH_INFO”; instead of $config[‘uri_protocol’]= “AUTO”;

I hope this will help you!!!

i cant access the facebook API from your dite.There is no API from ur link..please check it

i m getting the following error while m trying to run the code

An Error Was Encountered

The URI you submitted has disallowed characters.



solved it 🙂

Facebook applications help to share

thanks good information

please tell me how to use facebook ajax in codeigniter
to develop a facebook app

I read your post. Its interesting and very nice to read. thanks.

Interesting post, but i have a problem, can you send me source code?


hi! i need a whole sample of this code. Can you send me a whole and exact codes for this application?

A sample Facebook for thanx.

A very nice tutorial for a start.
The code worked after working for hours.
Some points to keep in mind.
1. Use the older facebook client library (having 2 files + 1 folder).
2. Check out both the code properly for spacing errors.
3. $this->load->view(‘welcome_message’ , array(“friends”=>$friends)); not $this->load->view(‘welcome_message’ , array(“friends”, $friends)); as also pointed out by someone else.

You have two constructors in your first code example. And parent::Controller() from function “Welcome” and parent::__construct() from function “__construct” do exactly the same. Bad practise…

:S ?? Arjan, please explain a little bit..

I have written PHP example code for beginner Facebook application developers.
Easy to use
Easy to deploy

1. Configuration setting config.php
2. Built-in Admin panel, including following
Ads Module (Google, Images, SWF, Text etc)
Users Management, (send message, user listing, delete, etc)
3. Language Class
4. Categories management class up to unlimited hierarchy
5. Other features like ready made rating script built-in .

For Demo and Download Code

[…] a very good blog describes to integrate the facebook application in codeigniter. Here is the link Example facebook application with codeigniter. I was trying as the told. But there was problem with […]


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That’s great Lindsay! You wrote about that same spam to my blog too! Great work… It’s always nice to see blogs that approves clear spam messages.

Could you give me feedback if my logical game Pentomino on http://apps.facebook.com/pentomino/ is working for you?

old one but basic app love this post..

I am getting an error and was wondering if you could help me…

Fatal error: Call to undefined method Facebook::require_login() in /raid_drives/work/work/cliniqueshades.dev.trigger.co.za/system/application/facebook_app/controllers/welcome.php on line 18

I have done exactly as you have…

This methods apply to an older version of the api. Look at the new facebook api. This article was written in 2008

Hi, I need full code of codeigniter-facebook application. Please send me an ASAP.

[…] account the latest PHP SDK made available by Facebook. Create Facebook Applications with CodeIgniterCreate a Sample Facebook Application with CodeIgniter A tutorial by Junal on how to create a sample Facebook application with CodeIgniter. The […]

[…] Create a Sample Facebook Application with CodeIgniter […]

Is there any way i develop facebook like comment box which includes likes and all, or any place where i can learn how make comment for post like facebool

I am getting an error.
Fatal error: Call to undefined method CI_Loader::plugin() in C:\wamp\www\prijalteli\application\controllers\welcome.php. can any one tell me what is the problem?

$this->load->plugin(‘facebook’); seem to be the problem but why?

i am running my application in a local machine, and i get this error :

Fatal error: Call to undefined function curl_multi_init() in C:\xampp\htdocs\testing\application\libraries\facebook.php on line 122

this is the code :

function __construct()
$this->_mch = curl_multi_init();

$this->_properties = array(

thanks for help me.

[…] A sample Facebook application with CodeIgniter. […]

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[…] Create a Sample Facebook Application with CodeIgniter […]

hi, can you send me the full codes..i am interested to apply this application..thanks

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plz send me tha ful code with facebook client libraries.

i need the code,., please send me the code to this mail id mailtoshan26@gmail.com

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I prefere PHPforFB Framework for Facebook (http://www.phpforfb.com).

It works also with CodeIgniter, but is more powerfull than FB PHP SDK.

I blog quite often and I really thank you for your information.

This great article has really peaked my interest. I
am going to take a note of your website and keep checking for
new details about once per week. I opted in for your Feed as well.

This particular posting, “A sample Facebook application with CodeIgniter.
| Junal on the run” illustrates that u truly understand what you’re writing about! I thoroughly approve. Thanks -Madelaine

hi junal its an awesome tuts..:).. But the Facebook client library is not available at you specified link..:( can you pls mail me the Facebook client library to this mail id : samshanb4u@gmail.com Hopefully Nisam

I’m not sure exactly why but this web site is loading extremely slow for me. Is anyone else having this issue or is it a issue on my end? I’ll
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