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Heaven on earth..

Posted on: February 5, 2008

Few days ago I was dying to visit my village. There were 2 reasons that were itching in my head to go there:

1.I was getting tired of this regular working life

2.I spent almost 12 years of my childhood life in my village – so if I don’t visit there for long time, I get frustrated.

As my grandma became seriously ill, I got an excuse to go there. I didn’t make any late to visit my village.

Well, that was hectic visit.

Friday night: arriving in sylhet (my home town)

Saturday: arriving my grandfather house (in Sunamganj)

Sunday: coming back to sylhet

Monday: I’m in Dhaka and got back in action

So yea, it’s been really hectic. But I forget everything when I remember what I did and how I enjoyed this journey. I love kids. So whenever I get their hold, I never let it go. We got lots of kids (around 3-5 yrs) in our grandfather house. Man, I really had a good time with them. Let me give you all an example. I had lot of chocolates in my pocket for all those kids. So whenever I got a kid in front of me , I gave him/her a chocolate. This is not main fun you get from it. Main happiness comes when they look at you. They can’t express it. Neither you can express by your writing. Its heaven! I had few chocolates left in my pocket after distributing among our relative kids. So I moved to my neighbor house to finish them. I heard 3 kids were crying. So in my head I was like this is the right place to distribute these chocolates! Amazing thing is that they stopped crying once they saw chocolates! When I was giving it to them – it seemed like they never cried before and they will never cry again! I was looking at them constantly and in my head I was like thank God for letting me see this heaven. Certainly I won’t see it easily anymore!

At night we were watching BTV world with some village people. Usually I don’t watch TV, but that time I didn’t feel like leaving my seat at all. Instead of looking at the TV screen I was looking at those viewers who believed all sights of the Drama that was going on! I know it’s weird for me, but that expression was something that I don’t see often. Most importantly they believed the story! That drama name was “churer bou” – a perfect drama for village people. Liked how they enjoyed it. Village people don’t smile often. That was another heaven for me to see them smiling. One thing I have learnt from this experience that “we gotta be with them to feel it“.

My village and our village people are in my blood. I have responsibility for them. I just wish I never forget these people who loved me and taught me lots of different things of life. I wish one day i can do something for these people !


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