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What if i don’t wake up tomorrow?

Posted on: February 24, 2008

it’s 4.00AM here. I’m trying to sleep but sleep ain’t come! decided to leave my bed and write all these down. A question kept coming in my mind “What if i don’t wake up tomorrow??”.  so what might happen if i never wake up again !?!

  • All my family members will cry for few days
  • My relatives will cry for few days
  • My friends will write some blog or they will email to each other saying some good things about me ….

and after few months ? yes, everybody will forget there was a guy named Junal ! This is very natural. but it makes me emotional how human life goes off like this ! And more importantly it makes me emotional to think that my dream will be uncompleted!

i’m very unready to go like this ! i aint go now!

  • What I’m bringing for almighty ? what i will answer to him …no idea !
  • What will happen to my movie ? What will happen to my movie script that i have written ? it wont become a movie ?
  • I can’t visit some dream software company around the world ? i wont meet those geeks i have in my head ?
  • what will happen to my family?
  •  I wont be able to do something for this human kind ?

this is pathetic to imagine, i can’t go now. I’m thankful to almighty to keeping me alive now. and i’m promising if i wake up tomorrow,

  • i will be a better man than today !
  • i will try to take a good care of my health !

good night !

3 Responses to "What if i don’t wake up tomorrow?"

Still you have something that you should feel lucky like:
Nobody may not know you as a common bad person and You are not dieing after long suffering.

We dont know whether we can reach our goal, but we can ensure that nothing is done bad by us however we may not contribute something good to the mankind.

Best wishes.

Btw, i did not know that you are a playwright !!

@aman bhai : you are right, and well i have written a script …hoping one day it will become a movie inshallah ….

hey man, don’t feel like that. believe me, we all feel the same. [at least i know i do].

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