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It’s here – got to bring it out.

Posted on: March 16, 2008

Yesterday,I had another day out and this time it was in Fantasy Kingdom. After day-night work in a row, it’s always a refreshing when day out comes. It feels like I haven’t been there in the crowd for so long time. Went to Fantasy Kingdom with some of my friends including Jewel. Indeed, our main purpose was the “Mega Concert” that was supposed to held in Fantasy Kingdom with LRB, NagarBoul, Shironamhin, Topu, Feedback and Momtaz. You know what was funny? We couldn’t enjoy the Concert just because yesterday it was too busy and we had to wait at least one hour in the line for each ride we wanted to…! Crap! That’s shit made us miss the whole concert except LRB.

But the rides were exciting. Specially Flying Carpet, Roller Coaster and Giant splash! One thing I have noticed from Fantasy Kingdom yesterday. I was staring at all joyful faces.  I didn’t see any single person who looked upset or sad. There were all generations’ people. Now there were two kinds of mood of same person…

  • Before the ride
  • After the ride

I saw the both moods and so the significant differences of them! There were several cases I considered. Like when a person was going to ride “Flying Carpet” – he/she was just in normal mood, once they done riding they seemed so happy !

So what I was thinking then? Yes, joy is there- we have all fun stored in Somewhere, I don’t know where – but now I know it’s there hidden. I noticed it from these people and they tought me that we can smile when we want, we can be happy when we want – all we need to know how to bring them out and make it work.

3 Responses to "It’s here – got to bring it out."

I don’t want to blaze the hidden story ??? got me !!! what u did in the Roller Coaster 😛

Hey…what u did…pls let me share..

জুনাল ভাই,
আমাদের ফেলে একলাই ঘুরে আসলেন !! 😦 😦

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