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A true ISP in Bangladesh!

Posted on: April 6, 2008

It’s been a month since I started using true net (www.truebd.com) service. I’m glad that after using several ISPs, I have found a stable net connection! So what is good about True net?

>> Stable net connection (no fluctuations).

>> Bandwidth never goes down except BTTB problem.

>> Excellent customer service.

I guess, nothing else is needed after these above points from an ISP in Bangladesh. But what might bother you about True net? Well that might be there installation charge. They take 5,000 taka for installation charge. But I guess it’s reasonable because they give you the fiber optics connection directly to your computer! And I know fiber optics connection is expensive.

There are three packages available from True net.

>> Silver (800 taka per month with 64 kbps)

>> Gold (1200 taka per month with 96 kbps)

>> Platinum (2000 taka per month with around 200 kbps)

Well, this speed is minimum, like I use Gold package and I get around 180kbps all the time! If you are interested to get this connection you can contact with Mr. Rubel (+880 1916 007007) and I guess I can help you in installation charge. Recently I received an email from them asking me to refer people. So if I refer you, you can get it with 25% less. You can drop me an email if you want.

And I believe their website has all information regarding all matters.

34 Responses to "A true ISP in Bangladesh!"

Hi Junal,

I am thinking of coming to Bangladesh to stay for a while, a few months from the UK. i get 20mb of speed so far, but this is mostly for downloads. I guess if I come to bangladesh I would have to restrict myself as to what I can or can not do.
I would be living in Sylhet, in the heart of the city, I got an apartment built on top of a building that has been rented to a medical centre, so I guess accessiblity of a centralised location is there, however what to I do about Internet access? Is there any stability there and what speeds can I look at. What is the best soution for me?

Hi Azzam Bhai – where you will stay in sylhet ? Cuz im also a sylhety – he he so i might help you i guess. Anyways, i heard there is an ISP provider called DOMINOX which is located on Manru shopping city. not sure if they are still providing ISP service – but i knew they were the best in sylhet.

if not then you can take Grameen phone or Citycell Zoom connection. both of them have good speed in sylhet. but that good means for us please dont compare with your UK ISP 🙂

Is there any download limit in Silver package. What download speed do u get? Currently I am using ranks tel @ download speed 15-18 Kbs.

download speed is not bad. around 20-25 Kbps

It is a very helpful article.
It was 4 am at night and I was searching for the True ISP website.
I searched google.com for the company’s website
and you blog came first in the result.
From you article, I quickly spotted the company’s website.

And all other real life information you mentioned is really helpful.

I have extracted information from this article
and is planning to call True ISP guys soon
as I am suffering from fluctuating Internet speed which is painful.

Thanks for writing the article.

hey dude, r u able to use P2p softwares? and do they monitor MAC addresses? i would like to kno bcz i use the net in my psp also. i included my email address, please send me a reference email

There is no restriction for p2p but yes they monitor your MAC address. i have sent an email to you regarding all information. thanks

thanx for replying, and sorry for my late reply. i contacted them, but they dont distribute in my area yet. now i gotta find another isp. and do u pay tk.2000/month? coz in their brochure it says 2500, but on the site its 2000

Nah, i use gold package /month 1200 taka. and i guess their brochure is old one.

Junal dude…. wats da download speed of da gold package…

u get 20+ speed for 1200? dats gr8, wonder how much u’ll get with the platinum package

Well, My friend took their connection n a place beside DOHS Baridhara and he was not happy. A mate of mine took the connection in Gulshan 2 some days back and she is also not so happy. 😦

wat problems r they having? and if ur DOHS friend is considering switching isp’s, tell him to avoid ZIP as their distributor there is not good at all

Is there any download limit in Gold & Silver package? What download speed do u get in both usually? what is the minimum and maximum speed?

No, there is no download limit. usually download (95% time) is 20-23Kbps. i guess you got your all answer 🙂

Howz the speed of true bd now

@Arif: As it was before 🙂

Thanx to junal bhai & others for such informative discussion.but as omi bhai wrote that his friends were not so happy with the package,amar kache mone hochhe eta jeno luck je ke valo speed pabe r ke pabena!!!karon kono isp betader kotha r pore gie thik thakena!i’ve recently swithced to National phone after hearing good things like constant 15-16kilobyte/s speed etc etc about it.it gives me that speed but only from 3 am upto 9-10 am.chinta koren!!!rest of the time it’s 4-5 KBPS & in the evening it’s even worse!!! i spent tk3000 to get it & the line rent is 800+120(vat).so i have some questions if u guyz could help me….plz….
1.i live in khilgaon chowdhurypara…so which isp can be my best option under tk1000?
2.the lines like national phone or ranks tel.actually what kind of connection they r?dial up/isdn?
3.there r some tweaks for broadband connection over the net.have anyone tried it?i did but didn’t understand much difference..what about u guyz?
lekhata bohut boro hoye gelo,sorry 4 that..thanx

THE worst ISP in bangladesh is Spark BD. They have the slowest speed in BD. Poor customer service, if you have a problem on friday you have to wait till sunday. AND as for the best ISP, my search continues……………………………………..

True ISP is a joke. Did you notice their site says “You need IE (!) to browse the site properly” ?

Bandwidth prices are much higher than other ISPs at the same time. BTTB decreased their prices, but doesn’t seem like True ISP did.

Either way, good luck on the referral, their site doesn’t even come up on the front page !

Hey guys,

I just found http://www.ispbangladesh.com .

You will get Bangladesh ISP list, reviews, rating, forum, news, articles.

junal bro is truebd available in farmgate ?

i m from mirpur…I actualy confuse to see the rate of bandwidth of the ISP company in Bangladesh…Can you tell me the rate of the real bandwidth which is alocated by our govt….??

where r u brother junal…give me a feedback….

Hello Bikash, im really sorry for late reply, first of all i dont maintain this blog anymore, my new blog is junalontherun.com

Anyways, actually all ISPs in bangladesh suck, but i can name some of them who are better among all these bullshits, true isp is one of them, X-net is good too, you can also try with a zip connection.


actually ami btcl er bandwidth rate ta jante chassilam……tader prize rate ta kemon…ei r ki…



Use this line beshi jose akbar use korla u won.t change IT True to believe it just too awesome go for BTCL man other are expensive in all broadband connection provider in 512kpbs price high but there is download limit with this line u have no download limit as much as u download just go for 512 infinity monthly u pay 1500 TAKA guess what your average speed range 60 -70KPBS u get average what ever u download file

Hi Junal,

It’s a good blog indeed. I agree to some of the ppl writing here that true should decrease cost as because bttb lowered its rate about 70 to 80 percent. I’v just spoken to true’s ppl, Their call centre service is truly good. But I felt the installation charge is too high (once u spend 5k in a line u r stuck with that).

I would really appreciate if anyone in uttara gives me a good isp’s address. I’v tried about 5 to 6 isps here but all of them at some point or other fails to keep their promise (even without counting accidental problems). Recently, one isp gave me a v good line with minimum 8K unlimited with 575/month. But this guys were caught with illegal VOIP and now their service has gone far down.

Thanks to all and keep posting.

Where should I post ISP issues in your new site, Junal?

@Mahmud: Thanks for your comment. you can try X-net isp, one of the best isps for individual use. here is the web address http://www.xpressbd.net/ and if you would like to leave isp issues plz visit here : http://junalontherun.com/2008/11/12/bangladeshis-isps-suggest-me-which-one-is-better/


@ Junal
hey bro didn’t you notice my earlier comment ?? would you please tell me if true is available in farmgate area??

Upol TrueSpeed is available in the Farmgate Area. You can easily know this by calling to the phone number from the Article.

But remember the Registration charge is 5000tk. i think it is non-refundable.

Salam 2 all….
Moha problem ISP niye ki korbo bujhte parchina…
Bangladesh e shob ISP Kbps (Kilobits per second) use kore but ISP gulo KBPS (KiloBytes Per Second) er Bill nicche. Jemon 128 (16 KBPS) Kbps er price 4500/= Tk, but ata hobe 128 KBPS (1 Mbps) Megabit per second not Megabytes per second…. Plz visit…

Top Rated ISP in Bangladesh


Accroding The best Speed I get so far and awesome service is Bcube with no problem Follow the link http://www.bcube.net.bd/tariff.html

I am useing 512kpbs infinity no download limit as much as u download no warning I pay monthly 1500 taka awesome speed average I get like 70 Kpbs no matter what File I download the average remain as 70Kpbs

I think this is among the most significant info for me. And i’m glad reading your article. But want to remark on few general things, The web site style is wonderful, the articles is really excellent : D. Good job, cheers

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