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My bald head fun in Bangla New Year 1415!

Posted on: April 14, 2008

Today was completely a fun day. Certainly main reason was our Bangla New Year; in addition my bald head as well! I didn’t have intension to become a fun guy but literally I became. Like this is the first time someone stopped me and wanted to take a picture with me! Felt like a star for a while he he. This is the first time a girl commented in front of me and that was like “what a stadium!!” and as a reply I was like “thank you!” – What else I would say eh? He he … there were lots of comments around and I had to get them out through my ear but in my head I really enjoyed it! But one thing was really helpful when I was lost from the group of my friends in the crowd! Their task was quite easy! What they did? Well they were just looking for a bald headed guy and they took very short time to find me! What an optimized query eh? It wouldn’t be possible without my bald head …:D

Ok, I would like to share 3 pictures of fun – picked up with my cell phone, sorry for bad quality pictures!

4 Responses to "My bald head fun in Bangla New Year 1415!"


tomare to jotil lagtase!


ami jantam Nere du’bar bel tolay jai na…..
But this is your 5th time….. 🙂

Congrats dude,
run the loop….make it infinite loop….. 😀

আপনাকে তো বেশ চমৎকার লাগিতেছে,,,, আহা বড়ই সৌন্দর্য 🙂

[…] and at least for this day I don’t stay at home. Last year I was in my hometown sylhet. I wrote a blog on last year’s experience though it was mostly about my bald head fun This year I stayed here in Dhaka and went out with […]

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