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Trippert Labs (BD) – A ship with real crews!

Posted on: April 18, 2008

Day before yesterday, I was coming to Dhaka from Sylhet. A government job holder (middle age) set besides my seat. One thing I really hate when somebody asks me what I do! Because I just can’t get over with a small answer “I’m a web application developer”, it brings lot more extra questions as well. There wasn’t any exception in that case. Once I said what I do, he kept asking me where is company? How many employees you guys have. How many boss you have, how much salary you get. Well I was prepared for that kind of questions so I wasn’t that tempered for a while. He was surprised when I said my company doesn’t have any official website. His eyes were getting bigger and I’m sure he was kinda confused if I was telling him the truth! So what happened next? After a while, I realized he wasn’t satisfied with my company’s background, because we don’t have any official website?!! What the Fuck!!

There wasn’t any intension to show him like, see we have these that blah blah …but sometimes I feel like why not? Why we shouldn’t share this experience so that other can know us and follow the model we have developed. So today I would like to talk about my company called Trippertslabs.

My teacher taught me not to use a word called “best”. Why? Because you never know somebody else could be better than you. So what to use then? He was like “One of the best”. I always have my teacher’s lesson in my mind. Otherwise, I would start this blog like this: “Trippert is the best”.  Why would I say that? There are some reasons:

>> We have got one and only Hasin Hayder in our team as a team lead!

>> We have got 3 Zen certified Engineers out of four in Bangladesh!

>> We have different culture and practice in our office

>> We have expertise for each level of SDLC.

>> Developers with full freedom

>> We have certain work process – our PHP guy doesn’t work for CSS/HTML.

>> We don’t have any hierarchy in the team – we work as a team!

>> We have sessions on particular topics in each week by the developers.

>> Work means fun in Trippertlabs!

>> We work for EA (electronic arts) sports!

>> We have healthy salary scale for developers.

Well, that’s all about Trippertlabs Bangladesh. But Bangladesh team is a small part of Trippert Company. We have 5 more teams around the world. Most importantly, we have 3 Stanford guys in our company!

I was in 2 more software firm before Trippert! I easily can say I have never seen this kind of environment in any other company! When I sit in the round table and I feel like how lucky I’m to be in this team. All talents guys around of me! They were chosen by the man named Hasin. They can’t be any normal guy. Trippet is getting bigger. Trippert has certain goal and dedication to make a change in Bangladesh .Trippert is a heaven of developers. And I can tell you trippert is going to be the pioneer in Bangladesh.

Trippert will always welcome fresher/experienced guy if they have potentiality, eagerness of learning new things. So if you are interested to be in this proud team please don’t hesitate to communicate with us. Or if you want to consult with me personally, please drop me a mail.

Human is main resource of any software firm. Trippert got these talent people who are making this company so unique. Proud to be at Trippertlabs!

3 Responses to "Trippert Labs (BD) – A ship with real crews!"

Wish one day we can rock the world. Thanks for a nice blog post, Junal.

Hi, Vaia,
I need some guideline to become ZCE. currently i am working as software engineer in PHP.

Please reply me some guidelines.

Thanking you

Sheikh Neyamat

Just wondering, why is it so hard find the web address of such a SHIP? Could anyone of the real crews help me find it, please? 🙂

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