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Dear Bangladesh, i love you but….

Posted on: April 22, 2008

One thing I always do when somebody comes from abroad, and that is I always try to know which country they prefer to live-in. Because they lived in Bangladesh and they are living abroad now! I know what they will answer but an expectation in my little mind never ends! I always expect them to say like “doesn’t matter where I live, my Bangladesh is always best!”. My expectation always dies with lots of tears in its eyes. I know they are being honest. And I’m trying to realize why our beloved country is becoming a place of non-human!

Let me consider 3 small stories that I have heard recently. I know you don’t want to listen to this. But telling these will help me to get rid of the pain that I’m feeling inside.

Story 1: Yesterday, my friend jewel told me that one of his relative got cancer and doctor said he will live at most 3 months only! Now this man is about 50 years old and he’s leaving 3 daughters. He earned some money during his life time and he is going to keep them for his 3 daughter’s wedding.

Story 2: Today, I was standing in front of this local store in Uttara and a man was showing me a mango juice which expired date was after 1.5 years. He asked me like “if it is real mango juice do you think it will stay 1.5 yrs more??” – I had no answer.

Story 3: My mom just called me and she was telling me how she spent the day! Today she had to go to neighbor house to take shower after waiting all day long at home! Because she didn’t get full one hour electricity to get WASA water in the storage.

Each and every story is pathetic and very much relative to our country. Most pathetic is the first one. A guy who spent his entire life without any joy and at last he is leaving everything for his family. Where is our government? They are supposed to give us medicine – isn’t it? Foreign people don’t fear to invest their income or spent the all 5 days income in 2 days because their life is secured! Who is giving us this insurance of life?

We are fed up of eating poison! Government took this initiative against these poison makers in Bangladesh. But I don’t know why they are not continuing it! No idea what is our country’s people average life time now. Can you image how long we gonna live?

Third story is so common right now. This year is worst than any other time! We are boiling at office although we have IPS at office. How you expect me to work like other people in abroad? Including too much extra expenses of goods in daily life just making our life simply hell! No idea how this middle class and low class people are surviving.

Dear Bangladesh government,

We love our county! There is no other place can be sweeter than our own home but please try to understand we are human being and we want to live here! We have survived enough and got the best patience on earth. But this patience is breaking down. Try to understand the future of this baby who’s born today! Where he will go? How he will he will live? If we can’t provide him/her a good environment to do something better for our country? There will be no hope for future if you can’t do it for today’s baby. Or if you can’t do it then give me an empty room to cry loud! So loud that you never hear!

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