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2 things that just made me happy….

Posted on: May 19, 2008

I have just read this article where a Father wrote a letter to his son. His son is only 3 years old. Probably he will not understand what his dad is talking about but one day he will realize this truth that his father wrote on the letter. Really touching and why I liked it because I believe each and every work of this article he said. I believe life is a journey and it’s not a competition. Life ain’t be a competition. All its about enjoying the journey on our own way and loving people.

So what is the other thing that just made me happy? Well I saw it before but It was late to come in my little head. It’s about facebook chat client. See if you go to your facebook account with IE6 then you will see a message like the following screen shot.

Facebook Chat

So what is good about it? It says “To use the full version of Chat, please upgrade your browser” – so you gotta use IE7 or Firefox. I’m happy that this will force some IE6 users to get upgraded. Thanks facebook for such thing. This is what we can do to get off from the IE6 [a shit]. I hope some other big company can do so. See, service pack 3 has been released. I thought they would ask users to upgrade the browser to IE7. Instead they updated this security shit for IE6! grrrrr….

2 Responses to "2 things that just made me happy…."

You’ve given an extra “http//” while linking the ZENHABITS site… but I managed to visit the letter… yeap it’s right – “…Life ain’t be a competition. All its about enjoying the journey on our own way and loving people.”

whoopss ! thanks maq bhai …. i have fixed it.

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