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To my cousin- hey, we have got anjans.com!

Posted on: May 27, 2008

You are not supposed to understand what this title means 🙂 – so first, let me make it clear. My cousin who lives in Canada was looking for some wedding cards sample for her elder sister’s wed. So she asked me like “hey give me some web sites address from where I can choose the card and you can order them”. Thank god at least she didn’t say like “I will pay online with my credit card”. But pain started as soon as I started looking for a website that shows the samples! I was searching for “Azad products“, “Ideal product“…. After digging with several queries I gave up. And I was shocked in my mind honestly. Didn’t have any answer what should I tell her. I managed her somehow but my agony started from there….

Immediately, I called my friend jewel! Jewel I have got a fucking idea!! What idea, he asked! I was like; well let’s develop a site where we will allow all departmental store/gift shops etc to upload their product to display and then visitors once they visit the site they will get all necessary information according to the categories!!

After thinking a while he asked me few questions like

How money transaction will work?

These store owners, most of them don’t have any internet connection how they will upload their information/products sample?? …etc.

I was shocked again! Pain inside started amplifying. Why we have so many problems man?? Why there are so many limitations. Anyways, I tried to get rid of it by thinking something else at that time. When I failed to give a website address to my cousin she understood that.  Yesterday, she was like ok forget it, can you collect some “gaye holud” shari? This time she didn’t ask me for website address. So today I went to Banani to get some samples of Sharis. I went to Anjan’s . took some pictures of some sharis so that I can email her. When I was talking to the receptionist he was like “well why you are taking this picture, you can see all of them in our website”. I wanted to ask him again like huh ? are sure what you are talking about? He gave me the card and you have no idea what I felt inside. My all pain inside turned into joy once I visited their site. Man, at least I can see some samples eh. It’s a nice site. Not just information but I can see the samples – things that really needy ! now, im pretty sure we have more website like this and im confident we are not that behind- inshallah soon, we can use this information technology like other countries.

1 Response to "To my cousin- hey, we have got anjans.com!"

Yes, you’re right. Bangladesh is a long run away from Internet yet. Neighboring country India has already been entered into the world of internet completely. We are not active enough. We should be soon.

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