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Problem with Bangladeshi local software firms…

Posted on: June 8, 2008

I started my career with Alliance Creation. They used to do some local work. Now this company is simply dead. There is no existence of Alliance Creation anymore. I saw how this company was dying slowly. But, they had some talent guys including Ahsan , Rubel and Fuad. Now, all of them are taken by some out sourcing firm in Bangladesh. Certainly, this is a threat for our local software firm. I moved to Systech digital which was another company who works on local projects. So, I have a good experience of all problems they have with their developers. Let’s find out some problems that these firms got…

Ø They treat developers as garments employee.

Ø They are not up to date with the technology; most of them don’t even know what’s going on with the web world and whats new there! Indeed they keep using the framework they built like 4-5 years ago!

Ø They don’t ask developers to study.

Ø Companies are maintained or controlled by non-tech guy.

Ø Low payment scale.

Ø They don’t motivate their developers.

Ø Frustrating developers by paying their salary late.

Ø Financial problem with the company.

Solutions (from my very little experience).

Ø Learn how to keep developers. They are not garments employee. Now, developers are in such position that they can live peacefully by freelancing! There is a huge demand for developers from around the world.

Ø Ask your developers to study. Believe that if your developers are not up-to-date, then your company will go nowhere and soon it will see the graveyard.

Ø If you developers are still working on your own built Framework, tell them to change it now! Why the hell they have to use that old shit when there are smarter frameworks (e.g. CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Symphony) out there? And most importantly they are up graded on day by day basis with thousands developers from around the world?

Ø If you are an owner of your software company, please keep your eyes on all current changes and upcoming changes as well.

Ø Increase the payment scale if you think your employee is feeling unsecured! You are already under thread by outsourcing firm here in Bangladesh, one of the reason is that they pay higher salary!

Ø Please, don’t be late to pay your developers.

Ø Motivate them as much as possible. At the same time criticize them when it’s needed.

This is my views about our local software firms. I know maybe you have different ideas and views. I will love to hear from you. So please add your opinion here. I see lots of local firms are slowly dying when web technology is booming day by day. This is pathetic. Only upgrading ourselves from the traditional development method could help us to survive. Otherwise, I see the future!

14 Responses to "Problem with Bangladeshi local software firms…"

Nice post Junal. I appreciate that. It would be great if you post the same on http://www.jobsofbangladesh.com/

People should know about the software industry of Bangladesh like these posts.

Another important issue…..
There is no proper project management in most firms.Here same person playing the role for estimation,coding,designing,testing,documentation,deployment for the projects.
Its like they are being ….” Jack of all trades but master of none”.

Thanks. Its realy a matter of sorrow. I’ve suffered in two companies before.

Nice post. You are just point out the inner words of the developers of Bangladesh. I had also same experience to work in the local comapany. Here i just add some others experience i had to work in the bangladesh branch of the http://ecbb.jp

-> Management does not want that developers can learn to much as if developers may not leave the company. So there is no training, no latest technology, framework used.

-> They not only treat the developers as a garments but also whole the system they follow like the garments Like in the company there is no ceo,cto designation but there is MD,GM,Manager .

->Also in the local firm there is no salary structure , no performance monitoring.

However thanks to share this things.

I’m completely agree with Junal vai.

Nice post. I know how true your are. I was in a firm who wroked for local clients. I had to quit from there. And now im in a outsourceing firm where ive a day to study!

Nice post………

Completely agree with you.

I was thinking to write some think these….. 😀

I agree with this post. I have a similar type of post in my blog. U may visit and read if u get time.

Vhiya Apnar Likha Gula Choto Choto Porte Onak Koshto hoy :*-

Thanks Junal,
I want to add some points with you like
a. The job area for developer is not matured in our country till now.So there is no job security for the job area of developer.Any developer can lost their jod any time for some silly mater i have saw in my 4 years experience with two company.

b. The owner of software company treat himself as a oversmert guy so they allways understemate developers.

c. Company owners are allways used to pressurise developers to do work with more projects at a time against their poor salary.So the developers frustrate after some days and turnd move to other field.

d. This is a very growing field for Bangladsh,But there is no rules for software compay to controll them.So they are destroying this fields day by day for earning money as thay want.

I think if this situation continue moreand more,we will loss our our economy from this lightening field very soon.

We should create a association for Software Developer in Bangladesh.

I want to make a E-Commerce base web site, MLM software with included various kind of features.
If any body / any company here to fully support me i will glade to do. Let me know the contact details to explain my requirements.

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