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New metrics in facebook to monitor your application success!

Posted on: June 22, 2008

Certainly it’s a good news for facebook developers. Now, facebook exposing 7-day and 30-day application metrics on the application insights page. In addition, they have also added a new API method, admin.getMetrics, and FQL table, “metrics“, to expose these metrics.

An example of the new API method (admin.getMetrics) that I have taken from the developers’ wiki is here:

// Fetches active users and canvas page views for the two 7-day periods ending June 19th and June 20th. $result = $fb->api_client->admin_getMetrics(1213858800, 1213945200, 604800, array(‘active_users’, ‘canvas_page_views’));

Where first parameter contain he start time in Unix, 2nd one contains the end time in Unix ,3rd one contains the period of length you want to get and the last one is metrics that contains A JSON-encoded list of metrics to retrieve (e.g. [“active_users”, “canvas_page_views”].

So what this metrics is going to include?

  • Number of canvas page views (including the number of unique viewers)
  • Number of API calls (including the number of unique users on whose behalf your application made the calls)
  • Number of active users for the past week and the past month
  • Average HTTP request and FBML render times for canvas pages

Well, I guess now it’s clear how this will help developers to get a clear view of success of their applications. From my point of view I believe this will help me on to understand…

  • Which part of my application users like the most.
  • It will help me to understand the choice of users.
  • Users’ activities with my applications – more specifically what user did with my application!

By the way, there are going to be lots of changes in upcoming f8 conference which will be held on Wednesday, July 23rd, in San Francisco. Let’s see what happen there. Personally, I’m very excited to see all changes or announcement they make. And hope it will all be good for both developers and users.

2 Responses to "New metrics in facebook to monitor your application success!"

It will help me… Thnx.

but i have trouble understanding those data. can someone explain?

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