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Hasin bhai – you will be greatly missed !

Posted on: June 26, 2008

I have been working with some awesome people since I joined trippertlabs. It wouldn’t be possible without hasin bhai, because he is the guy who brought all these nice people under the same roof. Where trippert is standing today with a wonderful team, is a result of his hard work and directly involvement of building an exceptional team here in Bangladesh. With his leadership we have developed a model of software company here in Bangladesh. He is the guy who broke all the barriers between colleagues. Out of his leadership, he was an excellent human being. A guy who smiles with everything and its always pleasure to work with him …………

today we have said “goodbye” to our hero! Certainly, this pain inside can’t be expressible. He taught me a lots of things by making himself an example. I was always inspired by his work and mouth word – I enjoyed each and everyday with him since the day I met him. We worked together in the same table since trippertlabs office started and from tomorrow i’m gonna miss his presence…

A gift for hasin bhai from all trippertians
Happy ending.....

Hasin bhai, you will always be a part of our team. And we will never let go down your team model that you have presented us in Trippertlabs. We will do extra work to make sure that we keep ourselves on the right path  you showed us……I wish you all the best from bottom of my heart. Please don’t forget us….and remember you will be greatly missed !

1 Response to "Hasin bhai – you will be greatly missed !"

Hasin vai, is our hero. He is a model of us in Bangladesh. He showed us how to conquer the world from a third world country. We love hasin vai. May Allah swt bless him and give him the best success than ever.

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