Junal on the run

What i’m thinking and what i’m wishing

Posted on: July 9, 2008

I’m thinking..

  • What will be the affect of new facebook design that is releasing next week (14th july).
  • What surprises are coming from f8 conference that will be held on 23rd July.
  • How long Facebook can dominate in social networking. Is there any strategy that Google is planning to beat Facebook?
  • How can I run Nokia PC Suit or get an alternative of PC suit software for Ubuntu!
  • When I can write a review on “Mastering PHP MyAdmin” for http://books.slashdot.org/
  • When me and my friend jewel will be able complete our personal Facebook application.
  • When Google Map will have a closer view of whole Bangladesh.
  • How can I expect less, so that I can become more happy !

But i’m wishing…

  • Every morning I wake up, I go for a walk instead of sitting in front of my Laptop .
  • I can go back to my village to spend sometimes freely, there will be no time limit to get back at work
  • I can spend the weekend with my friends with full of joy instead of sitting home all day and working on personal project.
  • I can go to bed with no thoughts in my mind so that I can sleep at least 5 hours !!
  • I can spend sometimes with my family, at least once in a month.
  • I can talk a little longer with my mom on the phone !
  • I can give more time to my friends (including my girlfriend), so that they don’t blame me for anything !

I wish I can do more things and get out of this life that is making me bored…..but i’m addicted !

Update: i’m going to my home town Sylhet tomorrow(Wednesday night). Hope I can spend some different times over there.

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