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What makes Linux so great ?

Posted on: July 14, 2008

I installed my first Linux distro in 2003. to be honest that time I just started using my own computer. Reason behind installing Linux was to see the difference between windows and Linux and well, there was another reason ! At least I can tell my friends that i’m using Linus eh ? 😛

So after clicking on some unknown territory I realized that Linux wasn’t for me, well that time Linux wasn’t that friendly like now days thats for sure.

BTW – after a long time I have moved to Linux and this time I’m doing my all daily activities (official work, entertainment, study) on my favorite Linux distro UBUNTU. Certainly, Linux have come up with such a powerful package that will make you think “why we shouldn’t use Linux instead of Windows?”.

So what is that making Linux so great ? Well reasons could be as follows…

  • First of all It’s free!
  • Better performance than windows
  • It’s friendly !
  • Lots of Plug & play features
  • Secured !
  • No virus tension

and many more…………………..

but to me it’s something different than the points I mentioned above. After installing Ubuntu this time I faced lots of problems (you know i’m a dumb user :P). and there wasn’t any problem that was unsolvable! Main reason was Linux forums ! There wasn’t any problem that I didn’t find in Linux forums even by a wrong query string. Doesn’t it show the users activities on Linux forums and how many people are working behind this ? Let me show two examples that I have solved recently from Linux forums! After installing FireFox 3 I have found out that my “Bookmark” of my Google Toolbar is not working ! It kept saying “loading..” and nothing appears at the end ! So I just searched and found other people were facing the same problem 😀

so here is the solution, how to get Google Bookmark back for Ubuntu FireFox 3.

just simply type the following command and then re-install the Google Toolbar…

sudo apt-get install libxul-dev libstdc++5 gcc-4.2 libstdc++6

Now restart your FireFox and check the Bookmark 🙂

second example will show you what type of Linux user I’m ! 😛 well, often I lose my “Panel” and reasons are unawarely I delete the panel or I do something that makes the panel so weird he he. Like today I was dragging an Image to make another copy but instead of dragging it on the same folder I dragged it on the Panel 😛 as a result my panel got it as Background and all my items on the Panel went faded. Crap ! Now I went to forum for help and here is the solution how we can get the Default Panel back in Ubuntu….

enter the following command at the prompt:

gconftool-2 –shutdown

(Note: There should be no spaces between the two dashes before shutdown.)

Then enter the next command:

rm -rf ~/.gconf/apps/panel

And enter one more command:

pkill gnome-panel

That’s it!

I got my default Panel back 😀 thank GOD ! Anyways, these 2 examples show that we never can get stopped with Linux because forums got all solutions for our problems. So why I give it the most number to make The Linux so great ? Well, this has another good reason that makes you read for your problem, that makes you dig the internet and this is where you learn. So this forums is not only giving you the solutions but also teaching you how to solve a problem and of course it makes you more nerd 😉

God bless Linux !

1 Response to "What makes Linux so great ?"

I think the linux users like made linux so great by helping out many people like me 🙂

Thanks for the useful post 🙂

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