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Twitter will be killed by facebook?

Posted on: August 20, 2008

When I saw the redesigned facebook like few days ago, first thing came in my mind was like “hey, status update is almost like twitter” and then I realized, that facebook would try to take away the popularity of twitter. And today, I saw they also updated the status options in home page which is almost like twitter! Tomorrow I won’t be surprised if I see my facebook IM is showing my friends status message with a pop-ups. Yes, it is just rewinding the same question. “Twitter will be killed by facebook?”

There could be some strong support if I say yes to answer this question.

First of all, they have billion of users. If I can do the same thing with my friends in one place then why would I use twitter? See, now facebook focusing all users status message by making it way larger than before. Their intension is clear.

Status message in my home page, looke like twitter

Status message in my home page, looks like twitter


I don’t think so! Twitter will remain as twitter if they don’t kill their system, if they can figure out how to maintain huge data load.

Why don’t think so, because my twitter friends and facebook friends are not same. I don’t want to share same message/status message with both category. Twitter message is related about what I’m doing, “I’m working on php GD library”. i know this status will be changed after a while in my twitter. But same message with different type of friends in facebook? Uhm …no, I don’t think so.

I’m not worried about twitter!

4 Responses to "Twitter will be killed by facebook?"

I think same like you.


sites like helloTxt.com are there for changing the status of all your status feed.

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I think facebook is one thinh and Twiter is absolte a diferent thing two diferent way to do social media and social marketing.

My point of view is Twiter is more fast and easy aplication than facebook.

[…] years ago i wrote a blog on twitter and facebook. I said twitter wouldn’t be affected by facebook because facebook couldn’t do what twitter was […]

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