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Taking an interview of a little boy at sylhet rail station…

Posted on: September 2, 2008

Today, I met this little boy at Sylhet rail station around at 2:30pm. I came 15 minutes earlier at the station and I had this following conversation with this small kid. He came to me and he just laid his hand in front of me….

Me: what do you want?

Boy: I want to eat…

Me: what did you eat in the morning?

Boy: nothing!

Me: what?! You haven’t eaten anything till now?

Boy: hmm….

Me: are you not hungry?

Boy: hmm…. [He was just looking at my hand when I put that in the pocket]

He gave a nice shot when i was taking a pic with my cell phone

He gave a nice shot when i was taking a pic with my cell phone

Me: So you haven’t eaten anything yet?

Boy: I ate chips from train [passenger that leave with the ships packet]

Me: you lied! You said you didn’t eat anything till now!

Boy: I said, I didn’t eat anything in the morning, but I ate chips few moments ago

Me: Oh! I see, so what you gonna eat now?

Boy: I don’t know, when train comes, I will look for chips packet and coke cane

Me: hmm…this is how you eat everyday?

Boy: hmm…..

Me: where is your parent? What do they do …?

Boy: they do nothing!

Me: your dad even doesn’t do anything?

Boy: hmm…. give me money! I want to eat … [I know he was losing his patience]

Me: ok, let me take a picture of you …

Boy: [he was looking at my mobile camera…]

Me: Take this money, go eat something…..

He didn’t stop for a second once he got some money in his hand. When he left, I was looking at his back….was thinking if there was anything I could do for him….but he saved me leaving like that! Maybe that was all I could do for him ……

2 Responses to "Taking an interview of a little boy at sylhet rail station…"

have you listen sami yusuf’s song? their I listen “why not we pray for them”.

whatever we can do – we should do. if we couldn’t at least we should pray for them, normally we don’t.

it makes me so unhappy to this posts and conversations. thanks to share with us.

বাংলাদেশের সব জায়গার চিত্র একই রকম।

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