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It’s the seniors who get everything right, mama!

Posted on: September 6, 2008

Few day ago when I went to my hometown Sylhet, I met one of my school friends who used to be the first boy of our class. Who always had a distance between us because; I wasn’t that good student at all. He got his under graduation from SUST. So we had a warm welcome and I asked him what he was doing. He smiled back at me and then he gave me his visiting card. I went through it and realized he was in a private firm and his position is “senior”. I was a little bit confused why he didn’t give me the answer directly, but maybe that was the way he loved to introduce himself. “So what are you doing now days?” he asked me back. Well, im working in a software firm – I replied. You don’t have any visiting card? I was like, im sorry I don’t have any. Then he had such an expression like “ohh yeah, you are not supposed to have a visiting card eh!” – sigh!

Lately, I have been going through some profiles of our local developers, reading blogs, attending lightening talks etc. One thing always makes me curious to see what the designation of the developer is. And most of the time I see designations like “Senior Software engineer”, “CEO”, “Software Engineer”, “System Analyst” etc.

I’m lucky that I’m working with some nice people whose background covers Harvard University and Stanford University! I never see them using any designation at the end of their email; I never see them calling themselves CEO! They are not bothered if we have visiting card or not, whether we have any designation or not.

I’m not saying that designation that we are using is wrong! Or we are the only people on earth who use this kind of stuff, but! This is the thing that makes us proud! This is the thing we wait to be! And this is the thing that separates’ us from the juniors eh…

And this is not our fault trust me. This is our system that makes us to run for a designation, because I know, once I’m a developer with a title “senior”, I can get everything right. Whatever I do, I will always be right. I guess we got this habit from our politicians? My “wrong” work/word will always be kept as hidden. No juniors have the guts to say anything against me! Why I wouldn’t fight to be a senior eh? And once I’m a senior, I have to listen or learn from a junior?? – hell no! Sigh ….

Well, not that all developers got the same mentality; I know there are some nice people in our industry. I have that believe these people will make a change in our industry. Few people, I already worked with such as Hasin n Ahsan got some different mentality….and I’m sure I will work with more nice people and this number will increase day by day! Hoping for a better tomorrow in our industry.

9 Responses to "It’s the seniors who get everything right, mama!"

Nice post. I am agree with u at this point that seniors does not mean that they are always right.

hmm.. designation..visting cards..funny staffs ..makes the money bag fatty 😀

Thank you Junal for writing this nice post.
I personally learned a lot from Hasin vai and Ahsan vai. Though they are senior to me and much much knowledgeable, experienced and skilled, they are very open, frank and down to earth. I really consider myself lucky that I got opportunity to work with them.

চায়ের কাপ হাতে প্রতিদিন ভাবি
জীবনটা ছাই মাখা আকাশের ছবি

— 😀

i hate corporate politics but in our country day by day people get habitual with it. it’s a bad sign. we need to change our culture.

“SENIOR” word is getting popular in these days i see. Yesterday I read another blog where the blogger also showed his anger against a shadow senior developer, in pure Bangala “Tulo Dhuno Korlo”. Me myself is a very junior developer and a new face in our IT industry. When I read blogs of our deshi developer I found myself like an ant size programmer, means junior of juniors. But still I feel very proud when I learn new stuff, build an ant size solution. So I think as long as I am happy with my work, I have the ability to do my jobs correctly, I am happy learning new stuffs (and getting paid well according to my level 🙂 ) there is nothing to worry about my position. I believe the “SENIOR” word will stick with my designation as soon as I will be eligible and ready for it. And I dont care working with a junior or senior developer. If a fresh graduate has something special that I can learn from him I dont think second time to ask him to teach me his special knowledge.

So Junal, dont get dishearted. The world is getting tough. Only a designation will not hold you up forever 🙂

@Moshfiq : of course im not upset or hopeless. I’m always hopeful and im sure our industry will get better n better day by day ……

Hello Junal:

bhalo lekhsis.. but you shld put the name “Sh***n” INN!.. hehe kidding. take care and Have a nice Fatafatti and Chilling Eid. Say Hi to your Family 😀 tc..

Thanks Fuad bhai 🙂 Mama, you are one of the finniest guy i have ever worked with 🙂

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