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We have released our facebook application “Fallywood”!

Posted on: September 15, 2008

Have a big passion about movie. Especially on making a movie and as a result I have written a movie script! I believe one day it will become a movie through my hand. But I know I have to study on it a lot, for now, all I know how to work on web applications. So, came up with this movie making idea like 2 months ago. I called my friend jewel to get his opinions on it and gladly he liked it! But still we brainstormed on other ideas too, we included 15 university students to give their opinions, had some different ideas but finally we chose the very first one! Me and my friend jewel didn’t look back once we decided to develop this facebook application. So what is this application is all about?

Once you added the application, you become a director of a movie where you can hire your friends to play the key role of your movie. So direct your dream movie on ‘Fallywood’ by casting your friends to play key roles. Or be the next Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie by being casted in movies directed by your friends! You never know you or your movie might just be the next HIT at the Box Office!

Movie banner from Fallywood

Movie banner from Fallywood

Here are some general roles ….

  • You have a total of $100,000 to make your movie.
  • To cast an actor in your movie costs $1000. An actor’s value increases by 20% every time he/she is hired in a movie.
  • You can become a ‘Top Actor’ if you are hired in the most movies among your friends
  • Your movie can be a HIT at the Box Office depending on how many people have watched your movie
  • Your movie will not make the ‘Top Ranked Movies’ list if it has not been viewed by your friends.
  • A friend can watch your movie several times in one day, but it will only be counted as one view.
  • With each movie invitation sent to a friend, $1000 will be added to your budget!
  • For each invitation sent, you will earn $500. Once a friend has accepted an invitation, you will earn an additional $5,000 for your movie!

Hope you have a good idea now? So let’s add ‘Fallywood’ from here ….. http://apps.new.facebook.com/fallywood/

Enjoy making movie with your friends. Decide who will be hero of your movie, who will be heroin of your movie! And of course make such a way so that your friends watch it! Otherwise It won’t go to the top ranked movie page you know 🙂 wish you all the best for your movie!

We tried our best to make something funny, to entertain people, for that we have sacrificed all weekends of last 2 months! Just to make sure we make something good, but I know an application is never completed, we have plan to extend the features of this application! We need your suggestions here. please let us know what do you think about it, please report us bugs!, we are considering this release as BETA release, so please let us know if you see any problems with the application. We will love to hear from you, we will really appreciate it. Thanks and enjoy!

4 Responses to "We have released our facebook application “Fallywood”!"

It does not support bangla.

@Rakib, we will check it out – thanks for reporting…

Nice work junal bhai!!!

I liked that so much.. its really a great fun in a creative way…. bonding my friends together 🙂

btw, plz introduce ticket system.. i.e. the director will get some money on each view… cause otherwise i will be very tough for busy director like me to continue their work:( due to lack of funding 😦 😦

and plz introduce critic award based on how many user commented and viwer choice/rating 🙂

best wishes 🙂

Aman bhai, we will add these features in upcoming release, we will increase the options to earn more money…. thanks

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