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Me, little Shakil and…

Posted on: September 30, 2008

We have this common restaurant called “Italy” where we all friends sit to give “adda” in every evening. I really miss this adda after going to Dhaka. Anyways, there is a little boy named “Shakil” who comes every evening in the restaurant. He is the restaurant owner’s son and certainly he is not doing any job there. I guess he just comes here to spend his spear time as his school is off now for Ramadan month. Yesterday, i just wanted to do something, I really like this kid, he looks cute :). All other days, he was staying away from me because every time I see him, I ask him to spell something – I know he doesn’t like it!

Yesterday evening, when I saw him, first thing came in my mind was “Shakil, spell thirteen!” and then he would be like – ok, im coming in 5 mins. I was waiting and waiting. After 10 mins, I realized he already left the restaurant. And then after an hour he thought I left, so he came back! But his bad luck I was still there! I became desperate to make sure that I wasn’t a scary person for him. So first I assured him that “don’t worry, if you can’t spell I will help you! ” – He felt a released when I said that 🙂 I asked him to bring a notebook and a pen! He went to his dad and his dad was so happy that his son was gonna reinvent the rocket! Anyways…

He was giving his 100%

He was giving his 100%

So shakil, can you spell all the numbers between 1-20? – I asked! Nah, I can only spell from 1-15 , he replied. Then I was like, ok no problem at all, go ahead, and write down all of them! Then shakil started his journey and after finishing them he made 7 spelling mistakes out of 15! Oh by the way, he is a student of 2nd grade. So I dragged him to near me and asked him to give full attention. “shakil you made 8 correct answers – congratulations!” he was so happy at that time 😀 “But shakil you made 7 mistakes right? So let’s correct them all – what do you think?”- I asked! “Ok- let’s do it!” – He replied. So I made him to spell all incorrect numbers with me and I was writing one by one! Once I was done, asked him to go through all corrected spellings! He gave his full concentration. And after a while when he was done with reading all corrected spelling, I asked him to write down them again! He started and I can tell you, I realized his memory was sharp! Out of 7 he made only 2 mistakes! And then I corrected him again! Finally, he came up with all corrected spellings! I was surprised and for an unknown reason I was feeling great!

Shakil got his confidence once i said CONGRATULATIONS

Shakil got his confidence once i said CONGRATULATIONS

At the end, I was like now; you are ready to write down all spellings between 1-15? He was like “Sure”! – I really liked his confidence! And then one by one he wrote down all spellings and it was written in a good manner. Of course there wasn’t any mistake!

Today, if I go to restaurant again (which is almost sure), I’m sure shakil wont scare to come near at me and I will love his company again!  Because, he reminded me again that “practice makes perfect!”

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