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The “Live Web” Making Web World More Ajax Place

Posted on: October 20, 2008

Day before yesterday night I was watching this movie called “My Fair Lady“, I got to say movie was quite interesting. It had enough fun to hold me but something was distracting me badly, there was live twittering going on, there was live friendfeed going on in real time! Specially, enjoyed the fun comments on American Election 2008. As I was watching the movie on my laptop, I kept the movie player at the right side and the web browser on other side. Time to time I was getting confused which one to watch. “Live web” was that kind of fun so I gave up watching the movie, unfortunately!

We know Facebook “live feed”[please check it out from your FB home page] was launched few days ago, so now we can see the activities of our friends in real time. This is something really interesting, even my friend is not online, I can see what he/she is doing with their profile 😉

Similar thing has brought by Friendfeed and Twitter! Unlike Twitter’s page, which only shows Tweets, FriendFeed’s “real time web” shows you everything that people are doing on the Web. Seems like chat room eh? But hey! You can also comment on these live tweets and friendfeed comment and note that you cannot comment on facebook live feed!

So, where this web is going really? Now, I have something more to keep me in front of my laptop, when im not working and bored I have got something to watch in the web! Isn’t it amazing?? This is not something that is stored somewhere and web page is playing it for me. This is something that is going on in REAL TIME. No doubt, this web world is becoming more AJAX place. It’s becoming interesting day by day…and I just can’t wait to see what’s going to happen in next couple of years…


2 Responses to "The “Live Web” Making Web World More Ajax Place"

ajax it’s preety cool 🙂

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