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if you are using WAMP, you may notice that your phpMyadmin allows you to import only 2mb file size. well yesterday i had to  import a file which was greater than the limit. my project database size was 6mb so i had to split the whole file in three. that was time consuming and annoying ! so i edited some stuff in phpMyadmin libraries! this is very simple. you just have to find the right file and increase the size limit..

so if you want to increase the size limit of import file then follow this ………….

go here first www\phpmyadmin\libraries

now find the file name “common.lib.php” and open it ……

goto line # 183

you will see something like below ….

$scan[‘MB’] = 1048576;
$scan[‘Mb’] = 1048576;
$scan[‘M’] =  1048576;
$scan[‘m’] =  1048576;
$scan[‘KB’] = 1024;
$scan[‘Kb’] = 1024;
$scan[‘K’] = 1024;
$scan[‘k’] = 1024;
just increase the size of’ all ‘M’ . now run your phpMyadmin again and see the change .:)

Update: @All : please don’t follow this original post as this is not the actual (indeed stupid) way to solve this problem, Please follow all the comments in this post that have the solution of this problem. Thanks.


Day before yesterday I reinstalled my OS. So after reinstalling the OS I had to install WAMP [to continue the work] and Skype [to communicate with my project manager]. I was in numb for hours with WAMP. This tray icon won’t get bright anymore ! it kept showing yellow color and localhot didn’t run. I didn’t know what to do. Asked my friends, they couldn’t give me the proper solution. I uninstalled and reinstalled all shit. Nothing worked!! Went to command prompt just to see if I could do anything different way. Tried with “telnet” à”o” à“80” it said port 80 could not be connected. Then I tested port number 80 from WAMP tray icon. It says something like “port number 80 is used by something else <might be skype>”…What?? Skype?!? Then I remembered I read something about port # 80 and Skype!! but where I read it ?? uhmm…ohh I read it in hasin bhai’s blog. I read his post again and found the solution. Oh ya ! by that time I installed XAMPP ! Don’t know why but I just wanted to see if XAMPP works. Because I kept wasting my time to start working! Anyways, I had to quite my skype shit! And then ran the XAMPP. It RAN!!! Thx god I got the release. But hey! Another thing how about if I can run WAMP besides XAMPP?? Crazy idea i know. I know there is no necessity to use both at a time but had curiosity to see if I can make it work somehow. I started WAMP and tested port number 80. It said it was busy with XAMPP. Correct information. So I turned off the APACHE from XAMPP controller and tested the port # 80 again. It said “port number 80 is not actually used”… i know these both shits are same thing ….just with different interface..!!.well my curiosity was gone by that time. YET, I want to find out how to use both WAMP & XAMPP in the same pc. Let say I can turn off and on depending on my use. Any idea? I know it’s unnecessary, just because of my curiosity.

Ok, I uninstalled the XAMPP and stared WAMP again. Because I prefer WAMP than XAMPP. Now it’s running fine …..:)

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