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Facebook developers to bebo developers. Well, Bebo’s developers platform is a clone of Facebook platform. So what is the problem to move our existing FB application to Bebo. Luckily I got this task to move one of my company applications to Bebo. And after going through the Bebo API, I found it’s quite easy and almost same like Facebook API.

From here, I’m assuming you have already a developed application in Facebook. Now let’s move it to Bebo. First of all you have to add the developer application of Bebo and that will bring you here: http://developer.bebo.com/ next job is to download the PHP client file and paste it in a php file. And now instead of including facebook.php in your config file just add newfilename.php

That’s it! You are connected to your Bebo API. We are done here? Application setup and stuff all are same as FB. But one thing tag name is not fb for sure 🙂 it’s “sn” which means social network. So all you have to do is, replace your all tag name “fb” to “sn”. And to get the documentation of Bebo visit here: http://developer.bebo.com/documentation.html

Well, nothing else is needed to change once you are done all these I mentioned. Worried about FQL? No need, Bebo got SNQL with the same table name. What else you want to change?

Quite easy eh?



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