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I have moved from here to my new blog: http://junalontherun.com/

I would like to thank you for visiting my blog, I really appreciate it! Hope you will keep visiting my new blog. See you there…

P.s: I will not maintain or update anything in this blog anymore. From today, it’s deprecated!


আমাদের Trippert এ একটা নিয়ম আছে, কেউ যদি কারো নাম ভুল করে উচ্চারন করে তাইলে লাঞ্চ অথবা ডিনার করাতে হবে! নিয়মটা কে শুরু করছিল, আমি না হয় নাই বললাম…তবে, এই নিয়ম (ফাউল নিয়ম) এর প্রথম শিকার ছিলাম আমি!!!! শাহিদ ভাইকে “শহিদ ভাই” ডেকে প্রথম বাম্বু টা আমিই খেয়েছিলাম। কি আর করা সবাইকে লাঞ্চ করাতে হইছিল। কিন্তু আমার নামটা সবাই ভুল উচ্চারন করে, আমি কিছু বলতে পারিনা 😦 কারন এর জন্য দায়ী আমি নিজেই!! আমার নাম ইংরেজিতে “Junal” বাংলায় উচ্চারন করলে “জুনাল” ই হবে তাইনা, তাই কিছু বলতে পারিনা, কিন্তু আমার নামটা ইংরেজিতে হওয়া উচিত ছিল “Junel”, যেহেতু এই স্পেলিং(junel) টা সব যায়গায় use করিনি তাই আর চেঞ্জ করা হয়নাই।

একটা request  থাকবে সবার কাছে, আমাকে “জুনেল” বলে ডাকবেন, পিলিজ 🙂

We have this common restaurant called “Italy” where we all friends sit to give “adda” in every evening. I really miss this adda after going to Dhaka. Anyways, there is a little boy named “Shakil” who comes every evening in the restaurant. He is the restaurant owner’s son and certainly he is not doing any job there. I guess he just comes here to spend his spear time as his school is off now for Ramadan month. Yesterday, i just wanted to do something, I really like this kid, he looks cute :). All other days, he was staying away from me because every time I see him, I ask him to spell something – I know he doesn’t like it!

Yesterday evening, when I saw him, first thing came in my mind was “Shakil, spell thirteen!” and then he would be like – ok, im coming in 5 mins. I was waiting and waiting. After 10 mins, I realized he already left the restaurant. And then after an hour he thought I left, so he came back! But his bad luck I was still there! I became desperate to make sure that I wasn’t a scary person for him. So first I assured him that “don’t worry, if you can’t spell I will help you! ” – He felt a released when I said that 🙂 I asked him to bring a notebook and a pen! He went to his dad and his dad was so happy that his son was gonna reinvent the rocket! Anyways… Read the rest of this entry »

Have a big passion about movie. Especially on making a movie and as a result I have written a movie script! I believe one day it will become a movie through my hand. But I know I have to study on it a lot, for now, all I know how to work on web applications. So, came up with this movie making idea like 2 months ago. I called my friend jewel to get his opinions on it and gladly he liked it! But still we brainstormed on other ideas too, we included 15 university students to give their opinions, had some different ideas but finally we chose the very first one! Me and my friend jewel didn’t look back once we decided to develop this facebook application. So what is this application is all about?

Once you added the application, you become a director of a movie where you can hire your friends to play the key role of your movie. So direct your dream movie on ‘Fallywood’ by casting your friends to play key roles. Or be the next Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie by being casted in movies directed by your friends! You never know you or your movie might just be the next HIT at the Box Office!

Movie banner from Fallywood

Movie banner from Fallywood

Here are some general roles ….

  • You have a total of $100,000 to make your movie.
  • To cast an actor in your movie costs $1000. An actor’s value increases by 20% every time he/she is hired in a movie.
  • You can become a ‘Top Actor’ if you are hired in the most movies among your friends
  • Your movie can be a HIT at the Box Office depending on how many people have watched your movie
  • Your movie will not make the ‘Top Ranked Movies’ list if it has not been viewed by your friends.
  • A friend can watch your movie several times in one day, but it will only be counted as one view.
  • With each movie invitation sent to a friend, $1000 will be added to your budget!
  • For each invitation sent, you will earn $500. Once a friend has accepted an invitation, you will earn an additional $5,000 for your movie!

Hope you have a good idea now? So let’s add ‘Fallywood’ from here ….. http://apps.new.facebook.com/fallywood/

Enjoy making movie with your friends. Decide who will be hero of your movie, who will be heroin of your movie! And of course make such a way so that your friends watch it! Otherwise It won’t go to the top ranked movie page you know 🙂 wish you all the best for your movie!

We tried our best to make something funny, to entertain people, for that we have sacrificed all weekends of last 2 months! Just to make sure we make something good, but I know an application is never completed, we have plan to extend the features of this application! We need your suggestions here. please let us know what do you think about it, please report us bugs!, we are considering this release as BETA release, so please let us know if you see any problems with the application. We will love to hear from you, we will really appreciate it. Thanks and enjoy!

Few day ago when I went to my hometown Sylhet, I met one of my school friends who used to be the first boy of our class. Who always had a distance between us because; I wasn’t that good student at all. He got his under graduation from SUST. So we had a warm welcome and I asked him what he was doing. He smiled back at me and then he gave me his visiting card. I went through it and realized he was in a private firm and his position is “senior”. I was a little bit confused why he didn’t give me the answer directly, but maybe that was the way he loved to introduce himself. “So what are you doing now days?” he asked me back. Well, im working in a software firm – I replied. You don’t have any visiting card? I was like, im sorry I don’t have any. Then he had such an expression like “ohh yeah, you are not supposed to have a visiting card eh!” – sigh!

Lately, I have been going through some profiles of our local developers, reading blogs, attending lightening talks etc. One thing always makes me curious to see what the designation of the developer is. And most of the time I see designations like “Senior Software engineer”, “CEO”, “Software Engineer”, “System Analyst” etc.

I’m lucky that I’m working with some nice people whose background covers Harvard University and Stanford University! I never see them using any designation at the end of their email; I never see them calling themselves CEO! They are not bothered if we have visiting card or not, whether we have any designation or not.

I’m not saying that designation that we are using is wrong! Or we are the only people on earth who use this kind of stuff, but! This is the thing that makes us proud! This is the thing we wait to be! And this is the thing that separates’ us from the juniors eh…

And this is not our fault trust me. This is our system that makes us to run for a designation, because I know, once I’m a developer with a title “senior”, I can get everything right. Whatever I do, I will always be right. I guess we got this habit from our politicians? My “wrong” work/word will always be kept as hidden. No juniors have the guts to say anything against me! Why I wouldn’t fight to be a senior eh? And once I’m a senior, I have to listen or learn from a junior?? – hell no! Sigh ….

Well, not that all developers got the same mentality; I know there are some nice people in our industry. I have that believe these people will make a change in our industry. Few people, I already worked with such as Hasin n Ahsan got some different mentality….and I’m sure I will work with more nice people and this number will increase day by day! Hoping for a better tomorrow in our industry.

Today, I have received technical reviewer copies of CakePHP Application Development that is written by Anupom Syam and Ahsanur Bari. Both of them are my colleagues and it makes me proud to think that they are Bangladeshi! Another great thing is that i was also a technical reviewer of Hasin Hayder’s Learning Facebook Application Development.

CakePHP Aplication Development

CakePHP Aplication Development

Learning Facebook Application Development

Learning Facebook Application Development

Certainly these tasks were challenging for me, but i’m proud to be a part of these books. I want others to read these books. So i’m going to gift 2 books (one CakePHP copy+ one Facebook copy) to IUB library. Dr.Anwar already welcomed me, soon I will meet him to handover these 2 books.

I’m thinking..

  • What will be the affect of new facebook design that is releasing next week (14th july).
  • What surprises are coming from f8 conference that will be held on 23rd July.
  • How long Facebook can dominate in social networking. Is there any strategy that Google is planning to beat Facebook?
  • How can I run Nokia PC Suit or get an alternative of PC suit software for Ubuntu!
  • When I can write a review on “Mastering PHP MyAdmin” for http://books.slashdot.org/
  • When me and my friend jewel will be able complete our personal Facebook application.
  • When Google Map will have a closer view of whole Bangladesh.
  • How can I expect less, so that I can become more happy !

But i’m wishing…

  • Every morning I wake up, I go for a walk instead of sitting in front of my Laptop .
  • I can go back to my village to spend sometimes freely, there will be no time limit to get back at work
  • I can spend the weekend with my friends with full of joy instead of sitting home all day and working on personal project.
  • I can go to bed with no thoughts in my mind so that I can sleep at least 5 hours !!
  • I can spend sometimes with my family, at least once in a month.
  • I can talk a little longer with my mom on the phone !
  • I can give more time to my friends (including my girlfriend), so that they don’t blame me for anything !

I wish I can do more things and get out of this life that is making me bored…..but i’m addicted !

Update: i’m going to my home town Sylhet tomorrow(Wednesday night). Hope I can spend some different times over there.

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