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Few days back, i sent an email to a person that i wasn’t supposed to, and since then i have been thinking that email service should have this feature when someone send an email and later they realized that it was to a wrong person then he/she gets a chance to delete the email from the sender end. My idea was like as follows… Read the rest of this entry »


I installed my first Linux distro in 2003. to be honest that time I just started using my own computer. Reason behind installing Linux was to see the difference between windows and Linux and well, there was another reason ! At least I can tell my friends that i’m using Linus eh ? 😛

So after clicking on some unknown territory I realized that Linux wasn’t for me, well that time Linux wasn’t that friendly like now days thats for sure.

BTW – after a long time I have moved to Linux and this time I’m doing my all daily activities (official work, entertainment, study) on my favorite Linux distro UBUNTU. Certainly, Linux have come up with such a powerful package that will make you think “why we shouldn’t use Linux instead of Windows?”.

So what is that making Linux so great ? Well reasons could be as follows…

  • First of all It’s free!
  • Better performance than windows
  • It’s friendly !
  • Lots of Plug & play features
  • Secured !
  • No virus tension

and many more…………………..

but to me it’s something different than the points I mentioned above. After installing Ubuntu this time I faced lots of problems (you know i’m a dumb user :P). and there wasn’t any problem that was unsolvable! Main reason was Linux forums ! There wasn’t any problem that I didn’t find in Linux forums even by a wrong query string. Doesn’t it show the users activities on Linux forums and how many people are working behind this ? Let me show two examples that I have solved recently from Linux forums! After installing FireFox 3 I have found out that my “Bookmark” of my Google Toolbar is not working ! It kept saying “loading..” and nothing appears at the end ! So I just searched and found other people were facing the same problem 😀

so here is the solution, how to get Google Bookmark back for Ubuntu FireFox 3.

just simply type the following command and then re-install the Google Toolbar…

sudo apt-get install libxul-dev libstdc++5 gcc-4.2 libstdc++6

Now restart your FireFox and check the Bookmark 🙂

second example will show you what type of Linux user I’m ! 😛 well, often I lose my “Panel” and reasons are unawarely I delete the panel or I do something that makes the panel so weird he he. Like today I was dragging an Image to make another copy but instead of dragging it on the same folder I dragged it on the Panel 😛 as a result my panel got it as Background and all my items on the Panel went faded. Crap ! Now I went to forum for help and here is the solution how we can get the Default Panel back in Ubuntu….

enter the following command at the prompt:

gconftool-2 –shutdown

(Note: There should be no spaces between the two dashes before shutdown.)

Then enter the next command:

rm -rf ~/.gconf/apps/panel

And enter one more command:

pkill gnome-panel

That’s it!

I got my default Panel back 😀 thank GOD ! Anyways, these 2 examples show that we never can get stopped with Linux because forums got all solutions for our problems. So why I give it the most number to make The Linux so great ? Well, this has another good reason that makes you read for your problem, that makes you dig the internet and this is where you learn. So this forums is not only giving you the solutions but also teaching you how to solve a problem and of course it makes you more nerd 😉

God bless Linux !

Recently, my friend asked me how I forwarded Yahoo mails to Gmail. He was telling me how he was facing some problem to get Yahoo emails to Gmail. Oh, then I remembered the same problem i faced. Actually, when you try to get other account (i.e. yahoo) emails to Gmail from Gmail account, probably you will see this bellow message:

There was a problem connecting to pop.mail.yahoo.com POP access is limited to Yahoo! Mail Plus subscribers. Please contact Yahoo! Mail’s support team for more information

Uhm – so you need Yahoo mail Plus eh? Crap!

Ok then let’s go to Yahoo mail, let’s see if we can forward emails to our favorite Gmail!

First of all, Yahoo’s new mail service doesn’t support forwarding yet! So what you have to do is, go back to classic version. Then follow this …

Go to here:

Option -> POP Access and Forwarding

Screen shot from my account

: select forwarding, write down your email (i.e. example@gmail.com)where you to forward your email. Just follow the procedure. A link will be send to your Gmail account to activate it. Once you activate it, you are done 🙂 – now you can go back to your previous version of Yahoo!

Hope it helps!

Recently, I asked my friends why they use Google for searching instead of yahoo search. There were pretty good responses which I would like to share here.

Rakib says:

“Google is fast because of fewer images in the page and also in the search result page. But yahoo has many ads in their page. And google also looks neat and clean, which is very nice to see but yahoo is ugly”.

Milan says:

“Why i use google.com?I didnt think of it earlier. But i could find out a reason that it is really too good for searching with its effective search result. As well as i have lots useful menu available in the top left corner on google.com.

The most useful feature would be the loading time is less than yahoo.com of various feed from google.com

Shakil says:

i use google search engine for searching. Actually i ve nvr thnking like in tht way why i use google not yahoo for searching. Though now im thnking on it n fnd out some points.

  • i feel google is much faster thn yahoo search engine.
  • google has less advertisement.
  • i feel google is more structured thn yahoo.
  • google introduced some novelty features like google earth, google reader, google checkout.

Finally, simply google is best…. and thts no doubt...”

Tarik says:

Google is simpler.

It may be good or bad from yahoo. (Definitely good but how I don’t know!)

Now a day, I would like to say that everybody use to google search!!! Most of the people don’t know why the use this. Even many people don’t know there are many alternative of google.

You can say I say like an illiterate people. But it’s true. How many people properly know about the different between google and yahoo????????”

Well, thanks buddies. I’m sorry that I couldn’t post all of their comments. I just took all important parts of the opinions which carry the most average things.

From the comments few things are cleared ….

  • Google is neat and clean. [So people like to see simple pages].
  • Google doesn’t have any ad
  • Google is faster
  • And Google brings accurate result.

Okay, I agree with all these comments that my friends commented. But how many of us actually tried yahoo search to compare with Google? Do we know if we use this URL[http://www.search.yahoo.com/] for yahoo search it gives us a very simple page exactly like Google? You can try it now! I just feel yahoo might do something like this ….for their homepage they would use www.yahoohome.com and for search www.yahoosearch.com…i know it sounds funny but it does separate the things that are actually making people confused .

Although, I use Google search for searching but I had some confusing experiment [certainly that wasn’t enough to compare something like google and yahoo] other day with yahoo and google. I was searching with a keyword “Bangladesh” and I found google took 16 sec and yahoo took 12 sec! Hey, can you try it now and see the result! Who is fast? I use google for accurate result. Result that I want. I guess this is where yahoo is failed.

I loved what my friend Tarik said. He’s absolutely right that most of the people don’t know why they like Google or why they don’t try with other search engine. Here I’m not saying I like yahoo or other search options but who knows maybe other search could be better in some cases. So why we shouldn’t have a try? What do you think?

My Google

I’m a great fan of Google. There is not a single day I don’t read something new about Google. This company is so restless. Certainly they got some talents who are digging all possible area to rich the Web technology. Sometimes I get amazed to see their innovations and ideas. Have to tell you that their each and every idea being admired by the users. If you ask Bill gates who is your biggest headache I don’t think he will say its “Apple”. Now days Microsoft losing the race against Google and Apple! Ok now let me tell you why im a big fan of Google. I will try to give you some ideas about their features/products [and a comparative study on Google Tool bar with Live and Yahoo tool bar] and stuff. Although it really difficult to collect them all but still…. first of all if you want to know how Google works then please visit this page

Now let’s see what Google is offering for web users:

Google with searching, shopping and browsing the web:

Google with emailing, chatting and socializing:

Google with creating, organizing and sharing your stuff:

Get help connecting with customers through Google

Help locating places and getting info on the go:

Google to your site or intranet:

Reference: http://www.google.com/support/?hl=en

Ok now get some ideas whats going on Google Lab

For latest news visit Google official blog

quick and easy way to find any type of information about the world according to Google. Visit here

Now, as I promised earlier that I would compare Google Toolbar with Live and Yahoo toolbar, here you go. Recently I have noticed that Google toolbar got excellent features. I just didn’t want to use because im a fan of Google. I also compared with Live and Yahoo. Here are features of these three, first have a look at Live Toolbar:

>Start a search from anywhere

>Chart a course with Windows Live Local

>Help protect yourself against phishing scams and viruses

>Make web surfing simple with tabbed browsing

>Personalize your web experience

>Stay informed about topics you care about

>Get instant information from every web page with smart menus

Cool eh ? ok now lets have a look at Yahoo !!

>Spyware Protection eliminates dangerous spyware

>Bookmarks keep your favorites at your fingertips

>Personalized buttons get you to your most used sites in 1 click

>Web Search with instant suggestions as you type

>Yahoo! Mail alerts let you know when you’ve got new mail

Now! Come to the Google toolbar!! One thing I have to mention that Google Toolbar doesn’t have any anti-virus software so they don’t have any option for that in their Toolbar. But wait and see. Im sure they gonna come up with such a thing that will beat all other competitors! they already have pop-up blocker!

>Google Pull down Menu

>Bookmark frequently visited pages

>Google Search Box

>New! Search Country:

>Search Site

>Search Images

>Search Groups

>Search Directory

>New! Search Froogle

>Voting buttons


>Page Info Menu

>Pop-up Blocker

>New! AutoFill – One of the cooltest features of Google!

>New! BlogThis!

>Translator – Another coolest feature!!

To get more idea about all these please visit here :

are you not tired yet ??? well im tired!! i know there are many more stuff that i haven’t collected !! if i run behind them now i wont be able to sleep tonight ! have to sleep bye !!!

Google Reader’s Search Bar Every day I get home at 12am! Main reason of being late is, after office I go to my friend house directly and work there till 11..45pm. But this is not the main story im going to tell you. My friend insisted me to stay with him tonight. We work together. So today we had lots of works to finish. He kept insisting me and I kept rejecting. There was only one reason why I didn’t want to stay that I knew I wouldn’t be able to read my “Google reader” with his fucking slow GPRS connection. You may call me crazy! Well that’s me. I’m addicted to reading. If I don’t read the articles and stuff, I feel I’m missing something.

I can remember, I used to visit my all bookmarked pages. Honestly, I dint have any idea about this kind of reader. Ahsan bhai showed me how to use readers. So I got my sweet Google readers which made my life easier.

If you have passion of reading and habit of visiting sites then Google reader is an excellent friend for you. It’s really fast and user friendly. Very easy to use of course. Its updates all information according to your feeds updates. Recently they added Search bar on the top of the page. I was waiting for this shit for long time. Because I have huge memory problem. I read something and I easily forget where I read it from. So this new feature will certainly help me more.

So again, if you are still not using any readers for reading then please start it from today. You can get it from here I guess you already have a gmail account. Other hand, you just have to sign in the readers and start exploring.

Well, lastly I would like to say one thing that im still missing something in this reader. As im signing in to use my google reader then I should also be able to see my gmail inbox in the reader. I don’t see any option for it. Because if you set your readers as your home page then you don’t want to open another page to log in to your gmail.

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