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We always face css issues that work in FF/IE7 but not in IE6! That’s a common scenario. But Javascript? Well that’s too. Yesterday I faced this problem while I was working on an onclick event of JS.

To avoid the link execution I used href=”javascript:fx()” which worked fine in FF and IE7 but when I went to test with IE6 it all went wrong. Weird problem. Had no idea why it didn’t work and after goggling for sometimes I found the solution which was like instead of href=”javascript:fx()” I had to use href=”#” and my onclick was finished with “return false” to prevent the link from being executed. Nice trick! Google is the best!


Few days later, developers have to test one more browser along with IE6, IE7. What is that? Well that’s going to be IE8! These current 2 IE browsers have made developers life hell and I’m sure this new one going to make no change. Although it has some new features that might help the developers but windows users don’t change their browsers by a night. Still 32-31% users use IE6! And those who use IE6 will not switch to IE8 by a jump. That means developers going to suffer at least a year (my guess).

Right now we are working on browsers compatibility. Well our latest Facebook application that is going to be released soon has Firefox compatibility. But not IE7 and IE6. One thing I have noticed that there whatever problem we found in IE6, same problem we found in IE7! Then what the hell IE7 has improved??

Certainly, I’m very naïve in this CSS/HTML area. Anupom had this solution to separate CSS class for each browser. Thanks to him for making this easier. In our CSS file we detected browsers this way; let’s say we had this general class

.h420 {



It worked fine in FF but there was height problem in IE6 and IE7. So we would detect the browsers and according to the needs we would increase/decrease the height of the class. See the example bellow….

<?php if( strpos($_SERVER[‘HTTP_USER_AGENT’], “MSIE”)!== false ): ?>

.h420 {

height:380px !important; //for both IE6 and IE7


<?php endif; ?>

Let’s put the “!important” to give it the priority. It worked fine and I guess this is the cool way to solve this kind of browsers issues. Anyways, what about if we had to separate IE6 and IE7? Well we had this solution as well….

For IE6…

<?php if( strpos($_SERVER[‘HTTP_USER_AGENT’], “MSIE 6.0”)!== false ): ?>

//write your class here ….

<?php endif; ?>

For IE7…

        <?php if( strpos($_SERVER[‘HTTP_USER_AGENT’], “MSIE 6.0”)!== false ): ?>

//write your class here ….

<?php endif; ?>

That’s it 🙂

We are about to release our latest Facebook application from Trippert banner. Almost done but left with only one issue that is IE6 compatibility. Honestly, i’m frustrated to see the behave of IE6 and i wish no users uses IE6 anymore! Simply a shit! I have just gone through browsers statistics and found following result for last 2 months and 2007.

Browsers Statistics

it shows a big amount of users use(30-32%) IE6 which is really scary. if you are windows users then you can use IE7 or Firefox. At least they take less work and less pain for developers to get the buggy things done. and why not when you are getting better performance. So please, my humble request stop using IE6 and start using better browser. You can upgrade your browsers from here. I’m sure it will make developers life way better.

Inspired by: http://www.techcrunch.com/2008/03/25/save-the-developers-stop-using-internet-explorer-6/

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