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Few day ago when I went to my hometown Sylhet, I met one of my school friends who used to be the first boy of our class. Who always had a distance between us because; I wasn’t that good student at all. He got his under graduation from SUST. So we had a warm welcome and I asked him what he was doing. He smiled back at me and then he gave me his visiting card. I went through it and realized he was in a private firm and his position is “senior”. I was a little bit confused why he didn’t give me the answer directly, but maybe that was the way he loved to introduce himself. “So what are you doing now days?” he asked me back. Well, im working in a software firm – I replied. You don’t have any visiting card? I was like, im sorry I don’t have any. Then he had such an expression like “ohh yeah, you are not supposed to have a visiting card eh!” – sigh!

Lately, I have been going through some profiles of our local developers, reading blogs, attending lightening talks etc. One thing always makes me curious to see what the designation of the developer is. And most of the time I see designations like “Senior Software engineer”, “CEO”, “Software Engineer”, “System Analyst” etc.

I’m lucky that I’m working with some nice people whose background covers Harvard University and Stanford University! I never see them using any designation at the end of their email; I never see them calling themselves CEO! They are not bothered if we have visiting card or not, whether we have any designation or not.

I’m not saying that designation that we are using is wrong! Or we are the only people on earth who use this kind of stuff, but! This is the thing that makes us proud! This is the thing we wait to be! And this is the thing that separates’ us from the juniors eh…

And this is not our fault trust me. This is our system that makes us to run for a designation, because I know, once I’m a developer with a title “senior”, I can get everything right. Whatever I do, I will always be right. I guess we got this habit from our politicians? My “wrong” work/word will always be kept as hidden. No juniors have the guts to say anything against me! Why I wouldn’t fight to be a senior eh? And once I’m a senior, I have to listen or learn from a junior?? – hell no! Sigh ….

Well, not that all developers got the same mentality; I know there are some nice people in our industry. I have that believe these people will make a change in our industry. Few people, I already worked with such as Hasin n Ahsan got some different mentality….and I’m sure I will work with more nice people and this number will increase day by day! Hoping for a better tomorrow in our industry.


Today we celebrated Ahsan bhai’s one year at Trippert Labs…

Ahsan and Carry Catcher

Ahsan bhai and Carry Catcher 😀

More pictures are here : http://www.flickr.com/photos/27505599@N07/

Cheers !

I have been working with some awesome people since I joined trippertlabs. It wouldn’t be possible without hasin bhai, because he is the guy who brought all these nice people under the same roof. Where trippert is standing today with a wonderful team, is a result of his hard work and directly involvement of building an exceptional team here in Bangladesh. With his leadership we have developed a model of software company here in Bangladesh. He is the guy who broke all the barriers between colleagues. Out of his leadership, he was an excellent human being. A guy who smiles with everything and its always pleasure to work with him …………

today we have said “goodbye” to our hero! Certainly, this pain inside can’t be expressible. He taught me a lots of things by making himself an example. I was always inspired by his work and mouth word – I enjoyed each and everyday with him since the day I met him. We worked together in the same table since trippertlabs office started and from tomorrow i’m gonna miss his presence…

A gift for hasin bhai from all trippertians
Happy ending.....

Hasin bhai, you will always be a part of our team. And we will never let go down your team model that you have presented us in Trippertlabs. We will do extra work to make sure that we keep ourselves on the right path  you showed us……I wish you all the best from bottom of my heart. Please don’t forget us….and remember you will be greatly missed !

I started my career with Alliance Creation. They used to do some local work. Now this company is simply dead. There is no existence of Alliance Creation anymore. I saw how this company was dying slowly. But, they had some talent guys including Ahsan , Rubel and Fuad. Now, all of them are taken by some out sourcing firm in Bangladesh. Certainly, this is a threat for our local software firm. I moved to Systech digital which was another company who works on local projects. So, I have a good experience of all problems they have with their developers. Let’s find out some problems that these firms got…

Ø They treat developers as garments employee.

Ø They are not up to date with the technology; most of them don’t even know what’s going on with the web world and whats new there! Indeed they keep using the framework they built like 4-5 years ago!

Ø They don’t ask developers to study.

Ø Companies are maintained or controlled by non-tech guy.

Ø Low payment scale.

Ø They don’t motivate their developers.

Ø Frustrating developers by paying their salary late.

Ø Financial problem with the company.

Solutions (from my very little experience).

Ø Learn how to keep developers. They are not garments employee. Now, developers are in such position that they can live peacefully by freelancing! There is a huge demand for developers from around the world.

Ø Ask your developers to study. Believe that if your developers are not up-to-date, then your company will go nowhere and soon it will see the graveyard.

Ø If you developers are still working on your own built Framework, tell them to change it now! Why the hell they have to use that old shit when there are smarter frameworks (e.g. CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Symphony) out there? And most importantly they are up graded on day by day basis with thousands developers from around the world?

Ø If you are an owner of your software company, please keep your eyes on all current changes and upcoming changes as well.

Ø Increase the payment scale if you think your employee is feeling unsecured! You are already under thread by outsourcing firm here in Bangladesh, one of the reason is that they pay higher salary!

Ø Please, don’t be late to pay your developers.

Ø Motivate them as much as possible. At the same time criticize them when it’s needed.

This is my views about our local software firms. I know maybe you have different ideas and views. I will love to hear from you. So please add your opinion here. I see lots of local firms are slowly dying when web technology is booming day by day. This is pathetic. Only upgrading ourselves from the traditional development method could help us to survive. Otherwise, I see the future!

Day before yesterday, I was coming to Dhaka from Sylhet. A government job holder (middle age) set besides my seat. One thing I really hate when somebody asks me what I do! Because I just can’t get over with a small answer “I’m a web application developer”, it brings lot more extra questions as well. There wasn’t any exception in that case. Once I said what I do, he kept asking me where is company? How many employees you guys have. How many boss you have, how much salary you get. Well I was prepared for that kind of questions so I wasn’t that tempered for a while. He was surprised when I said my company doesn’t have any official website. His eyes were getting bigger and I’m sure he was kinda confused if I was telling him the truth! So what happened next? After a while, I realized he wasn’t satisfied with my company’s background, because we don’t have any official website?!! What the Fuck!!

There wasn’t any intension to show him like, see we have these that blah blah …but sometimes I feel like why not? Why we shouldn’t share this experience so that other can know us and follow the model we have developed. So today I would like to talk about my company called Trippertslabs.

My teacher taught me not to use a word called “best”. Why? Because you never know somebody else could be better than you. So what to use then? He was like “One of the best”. I always have my teacher’s lesson in my mind. Otherwise, I would start this blog like this: “Trippert is the best”.  Why would I say that? There are some reasons:

>> We have got one and only Hasin Hayder in our team as a team lead!

>> We have got 3 Zen certified Engineers out of four in Bangladesh!

>> We have different culture and practice in our office

>> We have expertise for each level of SDLC.

>> Developers with full freedom

>> We have certain work process – our PHP guy doesn’t work for CSS/HTML.

>> We don’t have any hierarchy in the team – we work as a team!

>> We have sessions on particular topics in each week by the developers.

>> Work means fun in Trippertlabs!

>> We work for EA (electronic arts) sports!

>> We have healthy salary scale for developers.

Well, that’s all about Trippertlabs Bangladesh. But Bangladesh team is a small part of Trippert Company. We have 5 more teams around the world. Most importantly, we have 3 Stanford guys in our company!

I was in 2 more software firm before Trippert! I easily can say I have never seen this kind of environment in any other company! When I sit in the round table and I feel like how lucky I’m to be in this team. All talents guys around of me! They were chosen by the man named Hasin. They can’t be any normal guy. Trippet is getting bigger. Trippert has certain goal and dedication to make a change in Bangladesh .Trippert is a heaven of developers. And I can tell you trippert is going to be the pioneer in Bangladesh.

Trippert will always welcome fresher/experienced guy if they have potentiality, eagerness of learning new things. So if you are interested to be in this proud team please don’t hesitate to communicate with us. Or if you want to consult with me personally, please drop me a mail.

Human is main resource of any software firm. Trippert got these talent people who are making this company so unique. Proud to be at Trippertlabs!

I guess yesterday was the best fun day with Trippert since I joined. Although everyday at trippert is a fun…It’s totally a fun work but yesterday was a lil bit different – there wasn’t any work – just chilling! For me it was something different, because I was waiting for that kind of day out. Well, yesterday we all went to Bashaundhara city for whole day. All Trppert’s friends were out. What we didn’t do! Lunch, games, movie – wow! After end of the day, I was thinking which part of the day was best. You know what, I couldn’t separate them! All events were exciting-jumping car, racing games, punching games, riding jet plane, tasty food and a great movie (MI-III). On the other hand, it’s always fun to have some fun with some great people. Trippert’s guys not only just talent developers but also very friendly. Thanks guys, you guys rock !


Today, we have launched our Facebook application called “Kissability”. That was my first independent project from my company Trippert Labs. Well, I’m pretty excited about it. I hope all of you will use this application! Please , report me if you see any errors/bugs in the application.

There are some roles you have to follow. Once you accept the invitation, you must invite 15 friends to get into the main application. Visit here : http://apps.facebook.com/kissability/invite.php

Enjoy the kissability!

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