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I had this argument with my friend that he didn’t send me email when he supposed to! And he would keep saying that he sent me but I didn’t reply on right time? I went to my live email box to have a look at receiving time and then I would take screenshot to make him understand – “see this is when you send me email! ”

Time zone option

He was like hell NO! I sent email at 2.10PM and how come you received it on 7.10PM??? That was really weird – I thought I chose different time zone so I went to change it (option – view edit your personal information – edit register profile). HUH? Time zone is ok! I selected Bangladesh time zone then what the fuck is wrong with it!? Then I emailed my friend Tapos to check if he gets the right receiving time! Holy! He has the same problem.

I guess if you are a Bangladeshi Windows Live user, you are facing same problem. To solve it you have one more option right now! You can select GMT time; it shows you the right time! So when you receive any email you can add +6 hours with your receiving time.

I have emailed to windows live team. Let see what they say. I will inform you all.



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