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My buddies where divided in to two groups with these 2 mobile sets. I wanted three things in the mobile and I set the budget 15K BDT for that. I wanted to have Good Music service, EDGE and quality Pictures.

50% said I should buy SE W810 and 50% of them were fan of Nokia! I compared these 2 mobiles sets from GsmArean.com and found both of them got same features. My confusions got in worst and I decided to buy SE K790i and increased the budget. But only for quality picture I should spend 5K BDT extra? I changed my mind again and decided to buy Nokia N72!

Nokia N72 SE W810i

Well, I have played 2 days with this set and found it worth 14k BDT, but I would like to compare this set with SE W810i. My roommate got this SE set so ya lets have a comparison between these 2 sets.

Features that  I wanted SE W810i Nokia N72
Music Cool Its better! awesome sounds
Picture Better than N72 It’s ok
EDGE It’s ok Nokia’s EDGE is always better

Well this Nokia N72 suits for me, because my main priority was EDGE and music and I got them here. But one thing I have found negative about Nokia that it’s slower than SE and its talk time length is lower than SE. Current price of SE W810i in the market is 13,600 BDT and Nokia N72 is 14,000 BDT. For me that was right choice because I got what I wanted.

By the way if you would like to see the features comparison between these 2 mobile sets then please visit here http://www.gsmarena.com/compare.php3?idPhone2=1402&idPhone1=1552


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