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SFTP or Secure FTP is not supported by all FTP clients. SFTP uses SSH (secure shell) for encryption which differentiates it from FTP and makes it more secured. Yesterday, I was developing a Facebook application for testing and for my hosting purpose I had to use SFTP client. Although there are few SFTP clients software available but I decided to use SFTP through Dreamweaver . I got some help from goggling and here is step by step process to set SFTP with Dreamweaver.

1. Open your Dreamweaver. From menu select Site->New site


2. Click in Advanced and under local info from left navigation enter a name of your site.

3. In HTTP address: enter your site URL.

4. Click on Remote Info from left nav

5. From Access: select FTP

6. FTP host: enter your server info, for me its “990602a6.fb.joyent.us”.

7. You can leave the Host directory: field blank.

8. In log in you have to enter your account name and password.

9. Make sure Save is selected to save you account password. This will prevent you from re-entering your password each time you connect.

10. You can click on test button to make sure you entered right information

11. Select Use Secure FTP (SFTP) to enable SFTP access.

12. Click OK to save your connection settings.

That’s it ! It worked well for me.

Note: Dreamweaver MX 2004 or upper versions only support SFTP.

I got support from these bellow links:





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