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I’m thinking..

  • What will be the affect of new facebook design that is releasing next week (14th july).
  • What surprises are coming from f8 conference that will be held on 23rd July.
  • How long Facebook can dominate in social networking. Is there any strategy that Google is planning to beat Facebook?
  • How can I run Nokia PC Suit or get an alternative of PC suit software for Ubuntu!
  • When I can write a review on “Mastering PHP MyAdmin” for http://books.slashdot.org/
  • When me and my friend jewel will be able complete our personal Facebook application.
  • When Google Map will have a closer view of whole Bangladesh.
  • How can I expect less, so that I can become more happy !

But i’m wishing…

  • Every morning I wake up, I go for a walk instead of sitting in front of my Laptop .
  • I can go back to my village to spend sometimes freely, there will be no time limit to get back at work
  • I can spend the weekend with my friends with full of joy instead of sitting home all day and working on personal project.
  • I can go to bed with no thoughts in my mind so that I can sleep at least 5 hours !!
  • I can spend sometimes with my family, at least once in a month.
  • I can talk a little longer with my mom on the phone !
  • I can give more time to my friends (including my girlfriend), so that they don’t blame me for anything !

I wish I can do more things and get out of this life that is making me bored…..but i’m addicted !

Update: i’m going to my home town Sylhet tomorrow(Wednesday night). Hope I can spend some different times over there.


  • Questions I Ask Myself Daily: liked all the points he mentioned…..sleep less, avoid hypocrisy….get the work done ! and of course honesty
  • Who Will Fill Bill Gates’ Shoes?: this is truly exciting !!! it could inspire any person who has plan about a startup company ..and why not when there are lots of examples around

that’s it 🙂

I have moved to Linux (ubuntu) fully. So my citycell zoom has to be configured here as this is my secondary internet connection. I emailed citycell customer information center to know if they had any easy solution for this configuration. You know i’m a bit lazy …he he ...although hasin bhai’s this post was helpful….but I couldn’t get them all in with my handset mobile nokia 3155 CDMA…

anyways, citycell replied  …and here is the main part they said….

Dear Mr. Rahman,

Thank you for your email. Please be informed that you can use the Nokia hand set as modem in Windows 2000, Windows XP or in windows vista if the set has the data modem inside it but we are very sorry to let you know that you cannot use Nokia CDMA handset in Linux operating system

this is what made me to get this configuration done 🙂 . Anyways, I have configured it and here is step by step solution ……(thanks mahmud and anupom for reminding some important commands)

first connect your CDMA mobile with your Data cable……now, open the command line and type “wvdialconf “. If your CDMA mobile is connected then you will see the result in the bellow….you suppose to see something like this at the bellow of the full result….

Found an USB modem on /dev/ttyACM0.

Modem configuration written to /etc/wvdial.conf.

so you modem configuration written in  the /etc/ directory. Now we just have to configure that file with our user name, pass etc….so let’s open that file with the following command.

sudo vi /etc/wvdial.conf

this command will open the configuration file. After configuring your file should simply look like the following …

[Dialer Defaults]

Init1 = ATZ

Init2 = ATQ0 V1 E1 S0=0 &C1 &D2 +FCLASS=0

Modem Type = USB Modem

ISDN = 0

New PPPD = yes

Phone = #777

Modem = /dev/ttyACM0

Username = waps

Password = waps

Baud = 460800

now simply dial with the command “wvdial” – if you did everything the way I explained it will dial your ZOOM connection and you will get connected 🙂

ohh, to disconnect your connection simply press “Ctrl+C”

thats it !

Certainly it’s a good news for facebook developers. Now, facebook exposing 7-day and 30-day application metrics on the application insights page. In addition, they have also added a new API method, admin.getMetrics, and FQL table, “metrics“, to expose these metrics.

An example of the new API method (admin.getMetrics) that I have taken from the developers’ wiki is here:

// Fetches active users and canvas page views for the two 7-day periods ending June 19th and June 20th. $result = $fb->api_client->admin_getMetrics(1213858800, 1213945200, 604800, array(‘active_users’, ‘canvas_page_views’));

Where first parameter contain he start time in Unix, 2nd one contains the end time in Unix ,3rd one contains the period of length you want to get and the last one is metrics that contains A JSON-encoded list of metrics to retrieve (e.g. [“active_users”, “canvas_page_views”].

So what this metrics is going to include?

  • Number of canvas page views (including the number of unique viewers)
  • Number of API calls (including the number of unique users on whose behalf your application made the calls)
  • Number of active users for the past week and the past month
  • Average HTTP request and FBML render times for canvas pages

Well, I guess now it’s clear how this will help developers to get a clear view of success of their applications. From my point of view I believe this will help me on to understand…

  • Which part of my application users like the most.
  • It will help me to understand the choice of users.
  • Users’ activities with my applications – more specifically what user did with my application!

By the way, there are going to be lots of changes in upcoming f8 conference which will be held on Wednesday, July 23rd, in San Francisco. Let’s see what happen there. Personally, I’m very excited to see all changes or announcement they make. And hope it will all be good for both developers and users.

I started my career with Alliance Creation. They used to do some local work. Now this company is simply dead. There is no existence of Alliance Creation anymore. I saw how this company was dying slowly. But, they had some talent guys including Ahsan , Rubel and Fuad. Now, all of them are taken by some out sourcing firm in Bangladesh. Certainly, this is a threat for our local software firm. I moved to Systech digital which was another company who works on local projects. So, I have a good experience of all problems they have with their developers. Let’s find out some problems that these firms got…

Ø They treat developers as garments employee.

Ø They are not up to date with the technology; most of them don’t even know what’s going on with the web world and whats new there! Indeed they keep using the framework they built like 4-5 years ago!

Ø They don’t ask developers to study.

Ø Companies are maintained or controlled by non-tech guy.

Ø Low payment scale.

Ø They don’t motivate their developers.

Ø Frustrating developers by paying their salary late.

Ø Financial problem with the company.

Solutions (from my very little experience).

Ø Learn how to keep developers. They are not garments employee. Now, developers are in such position that they can live peacefully by freelancing! There is a huge demand for developers from around the world.

Ø Ask your developers to study. Believe that if your developers are not up-to-date, then your company will go nowhere and soon it will see the graveyard.

Ø If you developers are still working on your own built Framework, tell them to change it now! Why the hell they have to use that old shit when there are smarter frameworks (e.g. CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Symphony) out there? And most importantly they are up graded on day by day basis with thousands developers from around the world?

Ø If you are an owner of your software company, please keep your eyes on all current changes and upcoming changes as well.

Ø Increase the payment scale if you think your employee is feeling unsecured! You are already under thread by outsourcing firm here in Bangladesh, one of the reason is that they pay higher salary!

Ø Please, don’t be late to pay your developers.

Ø Motivate them as much as possible. At the same time criticize them when it’s needed.

This is my views about our local software firms. I know maybe you have different ideas and views. I will love to hear from you. So please add your opinion here. I see lots of local firms are slowly dying when web technology is booming day by day. This is pathetic. Only upgrading ourselves from the traditional development method could help us to survive. Otherwise, I see the future!

You are not supposed to understand what this title means 🙂 – so first, let me make it clear. My cousin who lives in Canada was looking for some wedding cards sample for her elder sister’s wed. So she asked me like “hey give me some web sites address from where I can choose the card and you can order them”. Thank god at least she didn’t say like “I will pay online with my credit card”. But pain started as soon as I started looking for a website that shows the samples! I was searching for “Azad products“, “Ideal product“…. After digging with several queries I gave up. And I was shocked in my mind honestly. Didn’t have any answer what should I tell her. I managed her somehow but my agony started from there….

Immediately, I called my friend jewel! Jewel I have got a fucking idea!! What idea, he asked! I was like; well let’s develop a site where we will allow all departmental store/gift shops etc to upload their product to display and then visitors once they visit the site they will get all necessary information according to the categories!!

After thinking a while he asked me few questions like

How money transaction will work?

These store owners, most of them don’t have any internet connection how they will upload their information/products sample?? …etc.

I was shocked again! Pain inside started amplifying. Why we have so many problems man?? Why there are so many limitations. Anyways, I tried to get rid of it by thinking something else at that time. When I failed to give a website address to my cousin she understood that.  Yesterday, she was like ok forget it, can you collect some “gaye holud” shari? This time she didn’t ask me for website address. So today I went to Banani to get some samples of Sharis. I went to Anjan’s . took some pictures of some sharis so that I can email her. When I was talking to the receptionist he was like “well why you are taking this picture, you can see all of them in our website”. I wanted to ask him again like huh ? are sure what you are talking about? He gave me the card and you have no idea what I felt inside. My all pain inside turned into joy once I visited their site. Man, at least I can see some samples eh. It’s a nice site. Not just information but I can see the samples – things that really needy ! now, im pretty sure we have more website like this and im confident we are not that behind- inshallah soon, we can use this information technology like other countries.

I have been waiting for this moment since the day i read this article from scoble’s blog. I was wondering why he cried after seeing a software. Software can make you cry? I couldn’t wait to see that software and what it does. Today I have seen this software that is developed by Microsoft’s Research team. Well, i never imagined that i would see something like this in my entire life. What I’m talking about right? Well, this software makes your computer a virtual telescope. And you know what, just imagine Google map! How we can drag and drop over the map and zoom in zoom out??? Well, you can do the same with “Worldwide Telescope”!!!! This is what i never imagined! Wow, I can’t believe, i have just seen the night sky! The earth! The moon! Things that were seen by astronaut or NASA by all other times? And now I’m seeing them right in my lappy?? I recommend you to have a look at it! Otherwise you will miss something really special.

You just have to download this software which is totally free. For more information and download the software please follow this link: http://www.worldwidetelescope.org/

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