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আমাদের Trippert এ একটা নিয়ম আছে, কেউ যদি কারো নাম ভুল করে উচ্চারন করে তাইলে লাঞ্চ অথবা ডিনার করাতে হবে! নিয়মটা কে শুরু করছিল, আমি না হয় নাই বললাম…তবে, এই নিয়ম (ফাউল নিয়ম) এর প্রথম শিকার ছিলাম আমি!!!! শাহিদ ভাইকে “শহিদ ভাই” ডেকে প্রথম বাম্বু টা আমিই খেয়েছিলাম। কি আর করা সবাইকে লাঞ্চ করাতে হইছিল। কিন্তু আমার নামটা সবাই ভুল উচ্চারন করে, আমি কিছু বলতে পারিনা 😦 কারন এর জন্য দায়ী আমি নিজেই!! আমার নাম ইংরেজিতে “Junal” বাংলায় উচ্চারন করলে “জুনাল” ই হবে তাইনা, তাই কিছু বলতে পারিনা, কিন্তু আমার নামটা ইংরেজিতে হওয়া উচিত ছিল “Junel”, যেহেতু এই স্পেলিং(junel) টা সব যায়গায় use করিনি তাই আর চেঞ্জ করা হয়নাই।

একটা request  থাকবে সবার কাছে, আমাকে “জুনেল” বলে ডাকবেন, পিলিজ 🙂


Today we celebrated Ahsan bhai’s one year at Trippert Labs…

Ahsan and Carry Catcher

Ahsan bhai and Carry Catcher 😀

More pictures are here : http://www.flickr.com/photos/27505599@N07/

Cheers !

I have been working with some awesome people since I joined trippertlabs. It wouldn’t be possible without hasin bhai, because he is the guy who brought all these nice people under the same roof. Where trippert is standing today with a wonderful team, is a result of his hard work and directly involvement of building an exceptional team here in Bangladesh. With his leadership we have developed a model of software company here in Bangladesh. He is the guy who broke all the barriers between colleagues. Out of his leadership, he was an excellent human being. A guy who smiles with everything and its always pleasure to work with him …………

today we have said “goodbye” to our hero! Certainly, this pain inside can’t be expressible. He taught me a lots of things by making himself an example. I was always inspired by his work and mouth word – I enjoyed each and everyday with him since the day I met him. We worked together in the same table since trippertlabs office started and from tomorrow i’m gonna miss his presence…

A gift for hasin bhai from all trippertians
Happy ending.....

Hasin bhai, you will always be a part of our team. And we will never let go down your team model that you have presented us in Trippertlabs. We will do extra work to make sure that we keep ourselves on the right path  you showed us……I wish you all the best from bottom of my heart. Please don’t forget us….and remember you will be greatly missed !

I guess yesterday was the best fun day with Trippert since I joined. Although everyday at trippert is a fun…It’s totally a fun work but yesterday was a lil bit different – there wasn’t any work – just chilling! For me it was something different, because I was waiting for that kind of day out. Well, yesterday we all went to Bashaundhara city for whole day. All Trppert’s friends were out. What we didn’t do! Lunch, games, movie – wow! After end of the day, I was thinking which part of the day was best. You know what, I couldn’t separate them! All events were exciting-jumping car, racing games, punching games, riding jet plane, tasty food and a great movie (MI-III). On the other hand, it’s always fun to have some fun with some great people. Trippert’s guys not only just talent developers but also very friendly. Thanks guys, you guys rock !


Today, we have launched our Facebook application called “Kissability”. That was my first independent project from my company Trippert Labs. Well, I’m pretty excited about it. I hope all of you will use this application! Please , report me if you see any errors/bugs in the application.

There are some roles you have to follow. Once you accept the invitation, you must invite 15 friends to get into the main application. Visit here : http://apps.facebook.com/kissability/invite.php

Enjoy the kissability!

I guess most of you know that our Trippert labs office has been setup in Uttara, Sector-05. Well, it’s been 3 days since we started our office. It feels great to start working with some great people. It wasn’t easy to setup an office just by 2 days. Thanks to hasin brother, ahsan bhai and manzil bhai who did really a great job. Each and every decision came through our discussion and as a result we have created an excellent environment where we are feeling to stay till late night. We got everything there to make our work fun, and stay there instead of home. This is really a great concept that we have relaxed room. We have DART board to play, cricket bat and ball, and of course table tennis. There are lots of things coming in near future. Exciting eh? And I love the concept of working together in same table instead of working in individual table and most importantly we don’t have any boss!!! We all are friends and family here…..

Well, although last few days where hectic but didn’t really feel it. We all worked with our own hand including cleaning the rooms. So ya, this is our second home.

Here, I’m going to share one picture with you all from Trippert labs inside….hope you all will enjoy it:) to get more flavor of inside Trippert labs plz have a look here : http://www.flickr.com/photos/storyteller

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