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Get monthly visitors from Alexa

Posted on: October 27, 2008

Alexa is well known for internet traffic/information about a site and now days they are on top as their data is more accurate. Today, I was researching on some web sites so I needed alexa’s help of course. Alexa used to show the visitors/page view at the Y-axis in thousands previously. But today, I was a little bit confused when I was looking for monthly visitors. Well month view was there but it was just showing something in percentage. Well fine, percentage on what number? I didn’t see any information there and then went through their FAQ and found that it was based on “Total Global Internet users”, ahh interesting! I don’t know what was their problem to show the actual number !

Anyways, for today I found total global internet users were 1,463,632,361

So for, percentage that I had from my query (e.g. 0.02) had to calculate from the total number.

An example of Alexa Chart

An example of Alexa Chart


Monthly visitors = 1,463,632,361 * 0.02 / 100;

Approximately : 2, 92,726 users per month

Well, im still thinking why they didn’t give the actual number? Business purpose? Hmm….


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me complicated too

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